2011 - 2013 - Results

2011 -

Date Event Location Time Pace
5/22/11 Weight Watcher Walk it off 5k Oakdale 44:40 14.22
6/4/11 NRSP Foundation 5K Sunset Run/Walk Kings Park 43:44 14.04
6/12/11 5K AIDS / Cancer Run / Walk Seaford 42:11 13.34
6/18/11 5K Shwachman Diamond Dash for a Cure Sayville 43:37 14.02
6/26/11 Duffield Dash  Ronkonkoma 42:39 13.43
7/2/11 Oakdale Firecraker Oakdale 42:24 13.38
7/26/11 Marcum Workplace Challenge 3.5miles Jones Beach 47:38 13.36
8/13/11 Sprint for the Feinstein Institute Sands Point 42:35 13.42
9/11/11 Angels on the Bay Jericho 40:22 12.59
9/18/11 "5K Run/Walk" for Pediatric Cancer Eisenhower Park 39:00 12.33
9/24/11 Jana Piccola Walk 4 Love Huntington 41:52 13.28
9/25/11 Liz Kelly Run For The Sun Patchogue 39:43 12.47
10/2/11 Merrell Down and Dirty Mud Run Pelham Park 53:50 17.19
10/15/11 Oyster Festival  Oyster Bay 38:28 12.22
10/23/11 Fit for Families Tanger Outlet 37:11 11.58
10/29/11 Pumpkin Run Brightwaters 38:53 12.30
10/30/11 Seatuck Owl Prowl Islip 38:02 12.14
11/5/11 Veterans Day Cross Country 4k Northport 30:50 12.24
11/6/11 Half Hollow Hills Wellness Fair Dix Hills 38:54 12.31
11/13/11 Blue Ribbon Run Oyster Bay 38:23 12.21
11/19/11 Massapequa Park Turkey Trot Massapequa Park 38:38 12.26
11/20/11 Evelyn Knapp Run to Remember Sunken Meadow Park 42:31 13.41
11/24/11 Blue Point Turkey Trot Blue Point 37:56 12.12
11/25/11 Run Your Turkey Off 4k West Islip 29:37 11.54
11/26/11 Can't Means Won't 5k Heckshire Park 39:31 12.43
11/27/11 Rob's Run Syosset Woods 39:36 12.44
12/3/11 Seaford Hot Chocolate Run Seaford 38:32 12.24
12/4/11 Santas Toy Trot Patchogue 38:54 12.31
12/11/11 Habitat for Humanity 5k Bohemia 36:21 11.41
12/17/11 HO HO HO holiday 5k Bethpage 37:01 11.54


DateEvent2012 Time2012 Pace
1/8/12NYS Parks Winter Run Series 2012 - Heckscher 5k38:56/38:0212.14
1/15/12Nike + Virtual 1/2 Marathon2:52.4713.10
1/22/12NYS Parks Winter Run Series 2012 - Caumsett 5k37:33/36:4711.50
1/29/12Freeze your thorns off - Virtual 5k38:1712.20
2/5/12Virtual Super Bowl Run - World Run Day
2/11/12Run for Sandy Virtual Run - 5miles1:00.0012.00
2/14/12Run for the Kids 36:1211.39
2/18/123 x 2 Relay23:3511.47
3/10/12Smithtown St Pattys 5k36:0111.35
3/17/12Valley Stream HS North Spartan 5k34:5211.13
3/24/12Kerry Moran Memorial 5k34:0711.00
4/1/12Cherry Blossom 5k 34:5311.14
4/1/12Jelly Bean Virtual 5k34:5311.14
4/4/12Jelly Bean Virtual 10k1:14:3312.00
4/14/12Doug Wood 2012 Trail Run39:5612.52
4/15/12Mazzola Memorial Race36:4311.49
4/22/12Jeanne Crotty Memorial 5k34:3911.09
5/5/12Friends of Karen34:4811.12
5/6/12River Run32:2610.28
5/12/12Run for the Healthof it35:4511.30
5/13/12McNamee Memorial Run35:0311.16
5/13/12Westminster Virtual Mother's Day Run35:03 11.16
5/19/12Sounds of Silence34:3111.07
5/20/12Judy's Run for Stroke Awaeness32:5310.36
5/26/12Runday 5k34:5811.15
5/27/121, 2, 3 Run for Me33:1410.41
6/2/12Spartan Sprint3+ hours :)
6/9/12NRSP Foundation 5K Sunset Run/Walk34:5711.15
6/10/125K AIDS / Cancer Run / Walk33:3310.47
6/11/12Summer Run Series #1 (5 Miles)57:3011.30
06/16/12Sayville Summer Series Shwachman Diamond Dash34:0510.58
6/18/12Summer Run Series #2 (10k)1:13:5411.54
6/24/12Running, Loving ,Living Virtual 5k33:5010.53
6/18/12Running, Loving ,Living Virtual 10k1:11:011.25
6/23/12Run Around The Lake 4 miles45:3511.23
6/25/2012Summer Run Series #3 5k33:5510.55
7/1/12Oakdale Firecracker34:4311.10
6/30-7/7PhantomRunner  for Habitat for Humanity1:10:4611.23
7/9/12Summer Run Series #4 5k34:0510.58
7/14/12LI Womans Run34:1010.59
7/22/12Run Strong, Think Big Virtual 5k34:4711.11
7/22/12Heart & Sole34:4711.11
7/23/12Summer Run Series #6 5k36:0812.00
7/29/12For the love of the kids2:33:0011.42
7/30/12Summer Run Series #7 5k33:3110.47
8/4/12Earn your Brick37:4512.09
8/11/12Sprint for the Feinstein Institute37:4012.07
8/11/12Run with all your heart37:4012.07
8/13/12Brentwood Cookie Run35:1010.59
8/18/12Hope Runs Here 5k32:4810.33
8/19/12Dirty Sock 10k1:15:5712.13
8/25/12Color RunNot Timed
09/01/12Peter Speranza  Sea Cliff 5K Run36:4911.51
09/08/12LIJ Journey35:1411.20
09/08/12Great Cupcake Race 33:5810.55
09/09/12Angels on the bay34:0911.59
09/15/12Cow Harbor Race1:11:1911.30
09/22/12Liz Kelly Run For The Sun32:5010.34
09/23/12Ocean to Sound Relay1:09:4310.53
9/29/12        Running of the Bull               33:19                   10.43
9/30/12        Merrell Down and Dirty       52:56                   17.02
10/07/12      Diva Half Marathon             2:39:52                 12.13
10/21/12      Run for Little Flowers &      41:26                    13.20
                    Cupcake Classic       
                    (Virtual 5ks combined due to injury)
10/27/12      Brightwaters Pumpkin Run    34:25                    11.04
10/28/12      Freaky 5k                             33:15                    10.42
10/28/12      Phantom runner Virtual Run   33:15                    10.42
                    for Habitat for Humanity
                    (10k changed to 5k and Freaky 5k time used due to Sandy)
11/11/12      Run4NYC Virtual 5k             37:49                     12.10
11/18/12      Massapequa Park Turkey Trot  33:55                  10.55
11/22/12      Fishhawk Turkey Trot              34:04                   10.57
12/03/12      Tink In Training Virtual 10k      1:19:19                 12.45
12/04/12      Amy's Run for Awareness 4M    49:56                 12.30
12/05/12      Snowflakes Virtual 5k    36:39                  11.51          
12/08/12      Great Cupcake Virtual 10k         1:12:55               11.44
12/09/12       Habitat for Humanity 5k             33:23                  10.44
12/12/12       Jingle Hell Virtual 5k                   35:22                  11.23
12/15/12       HoHoHo Bethpage 5k                34:06                  10.58
12/2012        HoHoHo Virtual 5k                     34:06                  10.58


DateEventLocation2013 Time
1/1/2013For the love of the kids 5kVirtual37:14
1/1/2013New Years Resolution 5kVirtual37:14
1/2013Resolution Run (run in 7 parts)VirtualAprox 2:35:00
1/5/2013Princess in Training 10k (ran 7.25miles)Virtual1:25:09
1/9/2013Princess in Training 10Miler (ran 10.13 miles)Virtual2:09:49
1/13/2013Winter Run Series - Heckscher 5kHeckscher33:20
1/2013I Love Running HalfVirtualAprox 2:35:00
1/19/2013Run to the Brewery 10 MilerSayville1:58:18
1/19/2013East My Dust 10MilerVirtual1:58:18
1/25/2013Runs For Cookies Birthday 5kVirtual34:48
1/26/2013Team Athena 5kVirtual34:48
2/2/2013Chilly Cheeks 4.25 MilesVirtual48:03
2/9/2013Run for Sherry 3.25 MilesVirtual43.23
2/10/2013Barking Mad 5.25 Miles on Stationary BikeVirtual21:00
2/11/2013Barking Mad Virtual 7.85 MilesVirtual1:39:45
2/12/2013Tackle The Miles 5kVirtual36:44
2/16/2013Will Run for Beads 10kVirtual1:13:08
2/18/2013Sweet Cupcake Race Supposed to be 10k but did 10 milesVirtual1:55:25
2/21/2013Frosty 5kVirtual33:33
2/26/2013Team Athena 10kVirtual1:21:46
3/2/2013Little Cow Harbor Run for HOPE (Garmin time 43:50)Greenlawn44:17
3/6/2013St Patricks Virtual 5kVirtual34:49
3/10/2013Nike + 10kVirtual1:15:36
3/12/2013Bunny Hop 10kVirtual1:15:02
3/14/2013Pi Day Virtual 3.14 MilesVirtual35:24
3/16/2013VSHS Spartan 5k Run WalkFranklin Sq34:02
3/17/2013Eagle 5k Run/WalkGarden City33:26
3/18/2013Race to Remember 10kVirtual1:13:01
3/20/2013St Baldrick's 5kVirtual32:58
3/23/2013AllState NY Half MarathonFlushing Meadows2:41:26
3/23/2013Jelly Bean Half *Used AllState Time*Virtual2:41:26
3/2013Running Mad Virtual 10kVirtual1:07
4/3/2013Team Athena 5kVirtual39:12
4/7/2013April Fools Half MArathonAtlantic City2:45:50
4/21/2013Jigsaw Run for Autisim 4 miles (Garmin time 44:50)East Islip45:41
4/21/2013Run for Rhodes 5kVirtual35:04
4/27/2013Team Athena 5kVirtual34:17
4/27/2013Alec's Run IX 4 milerDix Hills43:47
4/28/2013Robbies Run 5kMerrick33:58
4/28/2013Sandy Hook Memorial Run 5kVirtual33:53
5/2013No Day But TodayVirtualAprox 2:25:00
5/5/2013Flying Pig Half MarathonCincinati2:45:31
5/12/2013Elizabeth McNamee Memorial 5kWest Islip35:13
5/18/2013Brooklyn Half MarathonBrooklyn2:49:53
5/25/2013Team Athena 5kVirtual45:00ish
5/25/2013Color Me RadTampa45:00ish
6/1/2013LIMA Run for Veterans 5kIslip39:55
6/1/2013Mad about a cure 5kVirtual39:55
6/2/2013Amica Iron Horse Half MarathonSimsbury, CT3:07:57
6/8/2013Sunset Run for the ParkKings Park35:11
6/9/2013Scrambled Legs RunVirtual35:11
6/16/2013Color Me RadPhilly40:00ish
6/16/2013Run for BostonVirtual40:00ish
6/17/2013Summer Run Series #1 - 5 MilerHeckscher58:40
6/29/2013LGBT Run - 5 MilerNYC1:03:19
6/29/2013Glow RunElmont45:00ish
6/29/2013Team Athena SeriesVirtual45:00ish
7/1/2013NYS Parks Summer Run Series #3Jones Beach35:25
7/4/2013Oakdale FirecrackerOakdale38:32
7/4/20134th of July 5kVirtual38:32
7/7/2013Color RunBrooklyn
7/21/2013Heart & SolePlainview36:57
7/21/2013From Fat to Finishline 5kVirtual36:57
7/22/2013Summer Run Series #6 5kCaumsett36:17
7/22/2013Running Nerds 5k ChallengeVirtual36:17
7/23/2013Runner Chick 10kVirtual1:13:00
8/4/2013Dr. Who Run for Boston 5kVirtual37:23
8/5/2013Summer Run Series #8 5 MilerJones Beach57:30
8/17/2013Hope Runs HereSunrise Mall35:00
8/17/2013Discover Hicksville 5 MilerHicksville59:29
8/17/2013Phantom runner Virtual 5MilerVirtual59:23
8/18/2013Dirty SockBabylon1:16:36 (Garmin)
8/18/2013Phantom Runner Virtual 10kVirtual1:16:39
8/18/2013Jill & Jen BirthdayVirtual1:16:39
8/18/2013Spring Bling 15kVirtual2:00:00
9/1/2013Phantom Runner 10 milerVirtual2:18:24
9/1/2013RnR Half MarathonVirginia Beach3:05:32
9/15/2013RnR Half MarathonPhilly3:17:31
9/15/2013Phantom Runner 10kVirtual1:25:50
9/21/2013Great Cow Harbor 10kNorthport1:16:13
9/21/2013Phantom Runner 5 MilerVirtual1:01:19
9/21/2013St. Patty's Virtual RaceVirtual1:16:13
9/29/2013Merrill Down and DirtyPelham Bay
9/2013Into the Light Virtual 10kVirtualAprox 1:15:00
10/6/2013Diva Half MarathonEisenhower Park3:16:27
10/2013Soft Kitty Half MarathonVirtualAprox 2:35:00
10/2013Bazinga Half MarathonVirtual
10/12/2013Rock N Roll 10kBrooklyn1:26:55
10/14/2013Run for HootersVirtual
10/20/2013Runners World WeekendBethlehem2:56:05
10/26/2013Commack Coalition of CaringCommack34:24
10/27/2013Seatuck Owl ProwlIslip35:36
11/4/2013Northport Run for Veterans 4kNorthport29:12
11/8/2013Barking Mad Virtual 5kVirtual39:12
11/10/2013Run for the WarriorsLindenhurst1:16:17
11/10/2013Cherry Blossom 10kVirtual1:16:17
11/16/2013Richmond Half MarathonRichmond, Va2:46:05
11/23/2013Annapolis Half MarathonAnnapolis, MD2:52:11
11/29/2013Run your turkey off 4kWest Islip27:10
11/28/2013Running Nerds Turkey Weekend Virtual Check-In RunVirtual38:21
11/30/20135 Kerry Trail RunCommack38:21
12/1/2013Robs RunStillwell Woods40:42
12/7/2013Jingle Bell Run/Walk 5kHofstra35:16
12/7/2013Rocking around the treeVirtual35:16
12/8/2013Santa Toy Trot 5kPatchogue35:31
12/15/2013Habitat for Humanity 5kBohemia35:43
12/21/2013HoHoHo 5kBethpage36:43
12/21/2013Runningnerds Virtual 5kVirtual36:13 

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