Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Hello? Is anyone still there?


I am really sorry my last post was in September....I do have a draft in there from December but still!!!  I will get back to that one another day.  I figure (and I asked my FB followers and they aggreed) that a good way to get back into posting was to post about Rock n Roll Dublin.  My first time to Europe and my first race out of the US.

A while back Tom won a large gift certificate to Liberty Travel.  (Footnote - NEVER use them)  We were discussing where to go.  We decided on Europe but where?  Then I remembered that there was a half in Dublin so why not there?  We decided on 4 days in Dublin and 4 days in the country.  It did not work out exactly as planned (see above footnote) but it was Ireland and we had fun.

We got there Friday morning and after stopping at the hotel to drop off our bags we headed to the Expo.  I have never been to a smaller expo for a large race before.  I was bummed.  I got over it.  We went to eat and wandered a bit then took a nap.  Saturday was a bit more of the same.  Just eating, drinking and wandering around.  Got to bed early as the race was the next morning.

You may have noticed 2 bibs there.  I did the half and then right after they had a fun run.....untimed but a medal so I was in!

I got up, had breakfast in the hotel, went back to use the bathroom in  my room one last time and went down to the start.  The weather was awesome.  Humid, sure but nice and cool.  Chatted with a few people on the bathroom line and then headed to the corrals.  I did luckily get a chance to see some of my FFTFL Tribe and my friends from NY.  Not too long after we started and there I was running a half marathon in one of the places I had been dreaming about going to since I was a kid.

We ran the first few miles through the city then along a park and finished in the park its self.  I had my Team Chris shirt on - natch - and more people asked me about it and thanked me for wearing it than I think all other races combined.  It was crazy.  Towards the last 5k of the race I started chatting with a woman about it and we finished the race together. Race friends are such fun friends.

I have to say, even with the 2 miles that I walked towards the end since we were chatting I did so much better than I expected.  I had not run more than 5 miles since NOVEMBER!  But I finished in 2:43 with 2 miles of walking and I felt good enough to go back to the park and zoo after!

After the race we went to the zoo and then to the tourist area of Temple Bar to see my friend's cousin play/sing.  He was awesome.

The rest of the trip was more touristy and less...I mean no running.  I planned on running in the country when we got there but the hotel was not where we expected so that didnt happen.   We Went to Belfast, Waterford to see the crystals being made (amaze), went to a castle to hang out with hawks and owls and even went to Blarney Castle twice since the grounds were so beautiful.

All in all it was great trip and we learned what to do next time we go :)  I am only putting in 2 other pics because I am sure people are sick of seeing them (There were over 400 just from my phone LOLOL)

No trip is complete without the essentials.........I mean my blog got its name somewhere.

CANDY!!!!  Not even close to all of it either!