Thursday, September 22, 2016


Happy Fall!!!!!

I don't know about you but it is this time of year that I love running the most.  Granted it is still too hot right now here in New York.....but it is coming!!!  My race calendar is so full every fall but I don't mind.

This weekend I have a 10k on Saturday and then the Ocean to Sound Relay on Sunday.  My leg is #3 and 6.3 miles.  I am looking forward to this.  I ran it back in 2012 and had a blast and this year I am running with BGR so of course it will be fun.  It was actually my very first race recap and second ever blog post.  You can read it here if you want.  

Then if my favorite month of the year OCTOBER!!! It really is the best month.  It has my birthday AND Halloween!  My 2 favorite holidays which I celebrate all month long.  Plus I always had the best parties.

All in all in October I have 4 half marathons, 1 10k, 4 5ks and a bubble run.  If anyone local wants to celebrate my birthday at a 5k 10/23 is the day and I will be at the Freaky 5k in Wantagh.  They have candy and water stops and lots of costumes.

I think this is what I will wear for it.

November is quite busy as well but fewer miles.  2 half marathons, 4 5ks, 1 4k but best of all I am volunteering at NYCM again at the Mile 16 water stop with BGR.  I had so much fun last time!

The schedule opens up after that, just a couple of 5ks in December then nothing really until March when the spring races start.  I don't mind winter running but nothing beats the fall!!!

Are you excited for the Fall?  What is your favorite running weather?

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

It is almost Fall, the best time of year to be a runner!

I am not going to apologize - aaagggaaaaiiinnnn -for being MIA.  It has become like a broken record.  I honestly just lost my blogging mojo.  (And if I am honest - my running mojo too)  I would like to blame the horrible summer weather but lets be honest, my last post was February.

If you follow me on Instagram you probably know what has been going on but a recap in pictures is always fun, right?  I know I prefer to look at pictures than read LMAO.  #lazy  Lets just do some monthly highlights, shall we?  :)


I did not do much running but I did complete the Sayville/Smithtown Running Co Winter Challenge of minimum of 1 mile a day for the month.  I did 82!

It was a leap year this year and that means one thing....I get a wedding anniversary!!  So we headed to Belize for a week again.  1/2 in the jungle and 1/2 on the beach.  I had the most amazing views when running on the beach again.  God, I just love it there.  Only bad thing to happen was I got a CRAZY bad sun burn 2 days before we left.  I forgot to reapply my sunscreen and read almost an entire book outside LOL

Happy Anniversary, lets climb in a hole LOL

Where bad sunburns happen to good people

My view while running.  #nofilter


 I mostly did walking during March.  On the treadmill and also at Belmont Park.  One day there were a bunch of soldiers doing some sort of training there.

I did have 2 races that I did with my Team Chris teammates and 1 virtual run that I did on the treadmill.  I am pretty sure they were the only running miles of the entire month LOL

Little Cow Harbor 4 miler.

Just a couple of BGR at Little Cow Harbor.

Smithtown Running for the Green - St Paddy's 5k

Pi Day Virtual and dinner :)


April did get me moving a bit more.  Plus there was more traveling to be done!

First up was Hot Chocolate Philly 15k.  Headed out with BGR LI again.  The weather was cold and rainy but we had a great time!  Plus Katie came down too!!!!

The very next day was the Team Chris day of Eva's 7 Marathons in 7 Days honoring Veterans.  I did plan on running the last 7 miles with the group but I am slow and I just couldn't keep up.  I did not realize there was a group behind me so my new friend Susan and I just hopped into Colleen's truck after about 2.5 miles.  I did ride in a support truck on one of the other days as well.

The next week I headed down to North Cakilak to hang out with Jerry and run Rock N Roll Raleigh again.  We did a lot of hiking on Friday and Saturday then Saturday night Jerry dropped me off at my hotel for the race Sunday. I was hoping to run faster again this year to get the special prize again.  It was clooooooose but I did it.  I am already registered for next year but I doubt I can run it faster again LOL.

The next weekend was cheering Katie for her first Tri and the Patchogue 5k.  My calves were killing me for the whoel damn race and I got a flat tire on the way there.

I just HAD to get the giant heads......

The last weekend in April were two 4 mile races.  I kind of hate this distance, it is too close to 5k but not 5k....does that make sense?

Alec's run

Fellow Runner 5.  I love meeting online friends in real life :)

Jigsaw 4miler
I was not feeling great this weekend and after these races I got so sick.  I ended up at urgent care more than once.


I was supposed to run the Long Island Half on 5/1 but I decided to throw a 40th birthday party for Tom instead.  I had planned on doing both but that was silly.  The weather sucked so bad but it was still fun and my friend Michelle has an amazing food truck that I had cater the party.

This pretty much sums up our marriage LOL
The following weekend was a rainy 5k that I always mean to do but have always had something on the schedule.

If the day is dreary, dress like a light bulb.

The following weekend was a local 11 mile hike.  It was tough but such a good time.  I wish I took more (any) pictures LOL

Next up was a 3 race weekend.  Saturday morning was a 5k in Massapequa and I forgot to take pictures LOL but that night was a 5k in Center Moriches with Fran.  It was her first 5k and we got to run together, she was not happy when I dragged her through the finish line.  The big problem is I started to finish sprint when we hit 3 miles on my watch but the course was long so we had a 1/4 mil sprint.  I am glad we are still friends LOL

Sunday was a local and hilly 4k.  No pics.

Wednesday was the first run in the Run Nassau Series.  I volunteered and ran.  It was my first time with this series and when I signed up I thought qall the races were 5k.  Nope. LOL.  #1 was in Long Beach and was 4 miles.

Volunteering before the race.

Saturday was The Grid.  Of course the best race of the year.  I did the two 4 miles but not the 1 mile this year.  I got to pull out a great sprint to the end with Kristin too.


The first race of the month was the 2nd 5k I ever did and the first one Fabiana joined me for.  I was so happy she was running it this year too.  And with Keith there we had an OG Mothley Shues event.

2011 vs 2016
The next day I headed to Rhode Island with Team Chris for the Newport 10 Miler.  Always a good time!!  They gave out medals for the first time this year and I like to think it is because Team Chris had their own medals made last year :)

David Learner 5k - This is pretty much when the weather started making me NOT want to run at all.  It had been hot but now it was suffocating.

Team Chris

The next weekend I headed down to visit Gabby for DC Pride.  It was hot but we had such fun!  I had my Pride Socks gear on from head to toe.  (More on this later)

Summer Run Series started on Monday nights with 5 miles in Heckscher Park.

Team Chris

Me and 2 of my favorite ladies in the whole world.  BGR

Next was Run Nassau #2 - 5 miles in Cedar Creek.  SOOO HUMID!

Queens 10k was up next.  I was there with BGR so before the race was such fun buuuuuuut it was a horrible run for me.  Everything hurt, I got a huge blister at mile 2ish and the weather was VILE.

I skipped the next Summer Series run.  It was hot and the course is tough and my feet and ego were still hurting after the Queens 10k that I had no desire to do another 10k.

Run Nassau #3 - The only 5k LOL  Old Bethpage.  I had never run here and the course was tougher than I expected LOL.

Massapequa Firecracker was next - I like this because it is at 5:30 pm so no getting up early LOL  I wish I got a pic with the Coopers!

Summer Series #3 at Belmont Lake Park

June 29th is Chris' birthday so we had another run on the grid course like last year.  It wasn't a fundraiser this time just a birthday party.


Oakdale Firecracker - It is always like running on the sun and this year was no different.  I was happy to see my younger twin Danielle there too :)

The next weekend was the Women's Run.  It was hot but there was no sun so that was a relief!

I am her rainbow and she is my unicorn <3

BGR - After a mat workout before running - what?!
Summer Run #4 Bethpage Park - I like this course but the parking situation is insane and trying to get out is frustrating and forever taking.

Color Vibe 5k - Eisenhower Park.  I had not planned on doing this but it was not in Brooklyn so how could I miss it.

Yes this was BEFORE - We could not be trusted with our color packs LOL

The next weekend was the Airbourne 5k - I was super excited since KT and Rich were coming down to do this and the Tough Mudder the next day.  It was so damn hot I stopped running after the first mile and just walked the rest with Maria.

Tough Mudder was a BLAST!!  I already have a team set up for next year!!  5 Miles and a bunch of mud in Bethpage!!  Here are some pic in backwards order LOL


Summer Run Series #7 got moved from Robert Moses to Heckscher Park.  I was not mad at this, I am not a fan of Robert Moses.

That weekend was the first of 3 10ks of the Dark Stride series.  Night time races are my favorite!!  It was at Cedar Creek.  It was super humid even at 9:30 at night!  It was a tough course in spots.  Race Awesome is doing these and they really are Awesome.  I love that the finish tape gets put up for everyone <3

The last run of the Summer Series is the 5 miler at Jones Beach.  It is part sad to see it over and part thankful that it is over.....  This was also when we got to say Bye to Aly who moved to North Carolina that week.

After Jones Beach I did not run or walk for almost 2 weeks!!  Nothing until the Hope Runs Here 5k.  The temps were OK but the humidity was killer!

Then another week of nothing before the Jamesport 5k (I signed up for the 10k but I was not ready for that!)  It was a great day with some of my favorite people PLUS I came home with potatoes and LOTS of plants :) Getting the plants from the race to Colleens house was easy...but then in my beetle it was a different story LOL

Well that brings us to September and I have to say it has started out really well.  Saturday I had my very first 1 mile race.  I had no idea what to do.  It isnt really a sprint but it is.....sort of.  I was expecting something in the 11s based upon where my running has been but I had a hope/goal for something in the 10's.

The next day was a 5k over in Glen Cove....which FYI is not flat, LOL.  The weather was great and I of course went out too fast which bit me in the ass when there was a giant hill at the end but it was my first 5k under 35 min in quite some time so I will take it.

A couple of other things going on.  

I rejoined weight watchers, we got a bow flex so I have been doing a bit of strength training and I joined a kickboxing gym that I am headed back to today after a 2 month hiatus.

I found out that I am anemic thanks to the suggestion of a friend to get my levels checked based on some of the problems I had been having.  So I have been on an iron supplement for about a month now so we will see how that goes.

Some super sad news from this summer is that my long time running crush Bill Benson passed away. The running community on Long Island will never be the same.

But on a lighter note....I was chosen to be a Brand Rep for Pride Socks.  So for 3 months I get to take pics of me in my favorite socks and give a discount code out so you can wear them too.  My discount code is candygigi

The Brand Reps for Pride Socks.....I feel a little different than the rest LOL

So how has your year been going?  Any big plans for the fall??