Wednesday, November 4, 2015

How I FINALLY hit the 100 mile mark for a month......

Sorry I have been MIA recently but I have been running a lot of races and I finally had a monthly mileage of over 100 miles!!!  This will be mostly pictures but it will not include Marine Corps Marathon as that deserves its own post or maybe even two.

The first weekend of the month I had my second weekend in a row that had a 10k and a half marathon.  Saturday was the Entemanns 10k, I was thiiiiiis close to signing up for the half but I think I am still not ready for a back to back halves weekend (In this case is it halfs?)  Any who, it was a chilly and rainy morning.  I got there super early as to park outside of the race area so I could leave right after I was done.  I saw my friend Laurie at the start we chatted and we were off.  The rain was that rain where it is just annoying....kind of misty not really rain.  I started with a 2:1 run/walk but that didn't last but I was able to keep to a 1:1.  I actually finished the 10k as my friend Nicole finished her half!!  She is amazing.  I finished in 1:14ish which is not my best but not my worst time so I was pleased.

Sunday was the Diva half marathon.  This was my third time running it.  I was originally planning on running the Paine to Paine trail run but I decided not to do that with a marathon just a few weeks after.  I knew this year was going to be fun.  It was going to be my friend Alana's daughters first half marathon.  Plus Divas are always a big race for BGR and that is ALWAYS a good time!!!  After the 10k the day before I had a bacon and egg sandwich and it made me sick so I did not eat again that I was totally unfueled for the race.  I was struggling to keep to the 1:1 and after mile 8 I could hardly run at all.  It was taking all I had to ensure I stayed under the 3 hour time.  I got a bit of a boost at mile 11.5 when I saw that Colleen was not too far behind me.  I knew that even with a sinus infection she was going to get a sub 3 for the first time and I was so excited!  I crossed the finish at 2:47, found Caroline and Steve and waited for Colleen.  She did infact nail a huge PR.  We had to rush over to the stage as Caroline got 3rd place in her age group!!!  How awesome is that?!?!  She is TEN!!  You can see in the pictures below how awesome my friend Steve it...he ran the race with Caroline since none of us could keep up with her LOL  You can see in the picture what a proud dad he was as she crossed the finish line <3 <3

The next weekend was Rock n Roll Brooklyn.  I was super excited for this weekend since Gabby and Tina were coming up for this race as was my friend Dave.  There are many things to complain about this race.  Even though it was a Rock n Roll race it was a MESS.  I will leave it at that.  Luckily we stayed at an airbnb right next to the race and a few of my friends met us there and we walked to the race.  Weather was awesome and being with my friends was awesome.  I didn't get a chance to use the bathroom before it as there were not enough so I couldn't go until mile 8 so the first half of the race hurt!!  I saw Marla and ran with her for a bit and spent most of the race with Kasedee which I needed.  I was happy to get in under the 3 hour mark but not by much I will say....2:55  This race was also my Team Corey race for the year.  Rock n Roll Philly got moved to Halloween so we used this one instead.  I was bummed I didn't get to spend time with the team.  There is always next year :)

The following weekend I decided to do 2 5ks.  It was going to be just one but the one on Sunday was at could I pass that up?  The first one was a 5k in Oyster Bay.  The weather was awesome and the course was pretty but hilly.  I do love downhills!  A nice surprise was the awards were 5 deep so my 5th place finish got me a plaque!  Score!

The next day I got 5th place again but the awards only went 3 deep.  Good news was my friend Jen got her first ever AG award when she got 3rd so I was not mad.  It was a straight out and back course and they let dogs on the course and they had shirts so I loved it!!  Plus a tie dye shirt!!

Ok I think I will leave it there.  The following weekend was Marine Corps Marathon and that will take some time!  Then the week after was Rock n Roll Philly.  104.8 miles for the month!!  WooT!!!

How has your running been going?  I just love the fall!!  You?


  1. Sounds like a great month! 104 miles is definitely worth bragging about!

    1. Thank you!! October is always my favorite :)