Monday, September 21, 2015

Suffolk County Half Marathon Recap

So last year when I went to PA to run the VIA half marathon I forgot my shoes.  I ran a half marathon on shoes I bought the night before.  IT WAS VILE!  I already suffer from Neuromas and this made it feel like I was running on hot knives and coals.

The thing is the course was awesome as was the course support and really EVERYTHING ELSE about the race I loved.  I mean any race that gives a bib and a medal to a dog is a winner in my book!!

Well so when the registration opened MONTHS AGO I signed up.  Then my friend Kim couldn't go so I would be there alone...not a big deal but still a bummer.  Then I got an invite to my cousin Cindy's baby shower the day before and THEN they announced the Inaugural Suffolk County Marathon/Half Marathon would be the same day.

Pretty much EVERY one of my running friends was doing this race including most of Team Chris.  I am not sure what took so long but I emailed VIA and asked if I could defer and I could for a small fee of $25.00.  Totally worth doing a half that was 30 min from my house with all my friends.

The summer weather has sucked for lack of a better term. Race day was not different.  We arrived at the race at 6am.  YES 6am!!!  Team Chris was the sponsor of the dog tag memorial so we got there early for that.

Most of the team pre race.

It was already hot and humid and we didn't start running until 8.  I started the race with my friend Marie but we got separated around mile 2.  I kept having to fix my sock but I just kept moving forward.  I was sticking to a 1:1 because I just couldn't do a 2:1 after the 2 or 3 mile mark.

My favorite part was that I felt like the mayor at this race.  It was an out and back so I got to see 99% of my friends at some point and got hugs, high fives and cheers the whole way!  Plus a lot of my friends were volunteering and there to cheer too!!  One woman actually asked me at one point if I knew everyone at the race :)  LOL

After the half way point I was struggling and started walking 2 and running 1 - my splits show it too!  The water stops by this point had run out of cups and I was hoping they would get more since there was an entire race of full marathoners who needed water too!!

I knew the full runners had to be struggling too as the first runner did not pass me until mile 12ish and they usually start to pass me around mile 10.  I crossed that finish line and hung out to watch the rest of my friends finish.

Thanks Jeff

Thanks Alanna

Thanks Jeff
Grabbed my medal and some pictures with some friends and headed to the Team Chris Tent.  My Aunt was down from MA for the baby shower so she and my mother met me at the race but we decided to head out to lunch before she had to get on the ferry home.  It took over 1.5 hours just to get out of the park.  That was HORRIBLE and really my only complaint about the race - well that and the lack of cups.

Thanks for my sign Taylor <3

I can't wait to do this again next year but *fingerscrossed* it is moved to October :)  Cooler temps and the fall colors we get here in NY would be awesome!!


  1. That stinks about the cups but I am glad that it was overall a great race for you to do! <3 And October races are much more fun LOL

    1. Thanks!! October is always my highest mileage month.... :) Miss you!