Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hamptons Half Marathon Recap

To be honest I do not even remember when or why I signed up for the Hamptons Half.  It is put on by the same people who do the Bridgehampton Half which I swore I would never do again.

Any way even though East Hampton is also on Long Island where I live it is about a 2 hour drive from me so Fran and George let me crash at their place again.  They are pretty much the mid point between me and the race.  I didnt get to see George since he had to work late which was a bummer.  I was in bed by 10 since I wanted to leave by 5:30.

Parking was limited according to the web site for the race so I wanted to get there by 6:30.  The ride out was uneventful but the sunrise was beautiful.  No pictures since I was driving....

I got to the school, grabbed my bag, bib and hit the free stuff table before going back to my car for a bit.  It was nice and chilly.  Not too long before the race started I met up with Tara, Tracey, Susan and Andrew.

I knew I was going to be running this race alone.  I have been having a rough go of it and need to refocus.  Right from the start EVERYTHING hurt.  I was trying to stick to my 1:1 but even that was tough.  My legs hurt, my lungs hurt and I had side stitches.  When I got to the first water station it was still packed up.  By the second (1st) water stop I was seriously thinking about pulling out of the race.  You can see from this picture I was totally faking the smile.

The course was pretty but boring, I finally hit a bit of a stride around mile 5 or 6 when we got to a dirt road.  I really liked that part except when the cars went buy kicking up all the dirt.  Like Bridgehampton the roads were not closed but unlike Bridgehampton the cars were only using the left side of the road and going slow.

Around mile 10ish there was a short out and back so I got to see and high five Susan.  You can tell from the pictures I was still faking it.  I was hardly running at all by this point....maybe 45 - 50 seconds at a time is all I could muster.

The first and second place marathoners passed me around mile 12-12.5.  That is when I realized this was the most quiet race I have ever done.  There were hardly any spectators and they only seemed to cheer for their runners.  I also noticed that  (at least by me at the back of the pack)  I was the only one thanking volunteers and the police directing traffic.  Not one other person near me cheered for the marathoners either....really?

My stomach was a disaster, I think I drank too much gatorade since I was sweating a lot more than I expected to. I came through the finish, waved to Mike, Andrew and Terry, hit my watch, grabbed a medal and water and just kept going to my car.  I needed to be home.

I was pretty surprised at my finish time after how much I walked, 2:45:xx.  I know this is slow for most but for me it is at the faster end of my average 2:45-2:55 range.  My PR is 2:38:26 (Bridgehampton 2014) which I would like to beat this upcoming weekend at Diva...but I really do not see that happening.  Even to get a course PR I would have to beat 2:39:52 (1st ever half marathon, 2012)

I went home and relaxed since I had a 10k the next day.....recap to come :)

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