Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Glimmer Gear is Amazing. (And PATIENT)

OK so FOREVER ago I was contacted by Ali from Glimmer Gear.  I was sent a bunch of  slap bands to be worn at night for safety.   Once it got warmer I grabbed a bunch of Team Chris members and we got together to test them out.  The pictures are not that great since iPhones and night pics never mix well.

Some wore them on their wrists and some on the ankles.  I just ran around watching to see how they worked.  I have to say the ones on the ankles were best.  Some people (myself included) swing our arms in front so the lights could not be seen from behind.  All in all they are amazing and you need to get some.  For the slap bands I do suggest the brighter colors, the dark blue ones were not that bright.

Glimmer Gear has so many great products you NEED in your life.  Check them out here .  they have everything from slap bands to hats to arm sleeves with lights to dog collars!!

Sorry this took so long Ali!!

*Disclaimer - Ali sent me the bands at no cost and all opinions are mine and my team mates.

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