Monday, July 13, 2015

Spartan Sprint 2015

Ok so a few years ago I did the Spartan Sprint with some friends and it was so fun!  3 miles and a bunch of obstacles.  We took our time and it was a great day.  So fast forward to mid 2014 when my sister in law Denise said she wanted to do one.  We decided to do the same one in Tuxedo because it was tough but not too bad.  We got a pretty big team together (3rd largest of the day) and decided to head up again this past May.  By the time the event rolled around we lost half of our team for various reasons but we still had a big group.  So that morning we headed up. (Manda and Rebecca are not in the before pic because Rebecca's son was doing the kids run)

Now I knew I was going to have a tough time because I hurt my wrist the week before so I taped it up and wore a brace.  I also contacted the race to be sure it was OK that I did not have to do burpees if I could not do an obstacle.  It was fine since I was not in a competitive heat.

We headed to the start area, got our stuff and we were off.  You start off jumping a wall just to get the the start line then you start by running up hill.  It was a super hot day and our heat started at 12:30.....poor planning.  Luckily Denise's friend Yetee (I am sorry if I spelled that wrong) was with us so she got some great pictures.  Plus she is super fun to hang out with.

It was a crazy hot day and pretty early on Brian and Lisa went ahead.  Going up and down the mountain was the toughest part, the obstacles are always a relief believe it or not LOL.  Pretty much right away I noticed that the course was different than the last time but that is fine and fun to change it up buuuuuuuuuut just as we hit the mile 3 marker as we were voicing out that we were happy to be almost done when someone it is 5 miles.....

I had seen a map when we got here but I assumed since it was a ski mountain all the lines were the ski lifts and know what they say about assuming.......

Tom was cramping really bad because the water situation was horrible.  A few of us brought bottles but since we thought it was only a little over 3 miles it was still not enough to only have 2 water stops.  It was super hot.  Once we did get almost to the end it was the rope climb and his leg just seized up and he fell after hitting the top so he was DONE.  I tried very had to get him to do the last up hill, 2 wall climb and jump the fire with us but he was not having it.

So the rest of us headed up the mountain AGAIN then got to climb some walls and jump the fire on the way back down.  We finally got those damn medals...took some finisher pics and headed to the car to get cleaned up.

BTW Spartan Races let you have your pics for FREE!!!!!

After we cleaned up we headed out for food and went home.  It was so much harder and I wish my wrist didn't hurt - OH I really hurt it bad at the javelin throw but after it felt 100% better....who knows  why.  I had not planned on doing this one again but a few of the people who couldn't make it deferred to next year so I will head back with them.

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