Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Newport 10 Miler - Team Chris Edition.

Team Chris was going up to run the Newport 10 miler in Rhode Island as a big group so Colleen and I decided to go too of course.  We drove up and after checking into our hotel we met everyone else over at Kerry house for a BBQ.  We were missing Flat so we made sure he got to come with us and he traveled safely.

We had a lot of fun ate too much and I discovered homemade Baileys for the first time...YUMMO!  My cup may have been a little too big but who is to say?

I also got to meet Shadow or as I have decided it is spelled Shadoux.  She is fancy like that and I am madly in love.  She is a tiny little flower.  HAHAHA

Colleen and I headed back to the hotel and went to sleep since we had to get up at the butt crack of dawn and we all know how much I like that.....it is my favorite.......NOT

Well we got up WAAAYYY too early and we all met in the hotel lobby and then headed to the race.  We were the biggest team there which was cool.  I was hoping to PR the distance but I was not sure of that would happen.  It was actually only the second time running this distance.

I decided to try and stick to a 2:1 or even a 3:1 when I could.  It didn't seem that hot when we started but it got pretty hot pretty fast for me.  The course was hilly and sunny but pretty nice.  I found my next house along the course LOLOL

By mile 6-7 I was fading very fast.  Holding to the 2:1 was hard and I did a lot of 1:1s and walked up all the hills and got to run down the hills.  As we came around the armory Dave was waiting outside to run us to the entrance to the armory and even though I said no don't run with me (I Was grumpy to say the least) he ran with me.  When I got through the door I saw Kate, Kerry, Susan and Andrew.  I wave and started my sprint - I needed to be done.  Kerry passed me a baton and I sprinted...... I needed to beat 1:58:18 to PR.....

I hit my watch and it HAPPENED.  Thank goodness because I didn't feel like being annoyed LOL  I had medals made for our team since I feel like 10 miles calls for a medal!!  I just kind of felt bad for all the other runners who came looking for theirs and we had to say no..... oops.  We grabbed some photos after the whole team was done and Colleen and I headed back to the hotel to shower as we were heading right out.

Colleen and I had 2 stops to make before we got back to Long Island....Lunch at Cracker Barrel of course and the one of the most amazing places I have ever been........

All in All as with every weekend away with Team Chris we had a blast and can't wait for the next one :)

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