Monday, July 13, 2015

Historic Half Marathon - Finally!

Hey Everyone!!  Sorry I have not been pretty MIA lately.  I had gotten pretty good at writing my recaps right away but then I missed one and then it just snowballed from there.  Right now I am sitting in a beach house in Nags Head NC for the week with family and since I do not like the beach what better time to catch up that now?  Plus I am bummed that I have a bad rib right now so I have not run in over a week and even though I brought my running clothes with me I am not sure I will be able to.  *sadface*


I was excited for the Historic Half, I knew Colleen and Alanna loved it and it was going to be my first race away with them.  Unfortunatly Alanna ended up not being able to go but MCM is great and allowed her to transfer her bib.  I texted my friend Chad who lives right in Fredericksburg and he said he would do it as his first half!  I tried to get him to do Richmond with me a few years back but he didn't and said he regretted it after.

Colleen and I flew down to BWI and Chad and Piper picked us up to take us to our hotel.  I did not realize how far BWI was from where the race was so we ended up renting a car to go back on Sunday.

Piper was sleepy
Once we got back to our hotel I was way over tired so I was acting like a fool and horizontal running in bed.....if I couldn't sleep neither could Colleen!!!

The next day we got up and headed to the expo.  It was small but of course well run, you don't expect anything less from the Marines.  I was pretty excited that I got my bib from Sid.  Pretty much anyone who runs on the east coast - especially in the DC/Va area knows Sid.  He is a veteran who runs marathons with a flag.  He has been on my blog before in my Shamrock recap and also RnR Va Beach.  We got out packets and wandered the expo for a while.

We stopped at the booth for Run to Remember.  Colleen had contacted them about Chris and what we do as Team Chris but they never got back to her.   The girls we spoke to at the booth said she figured it was a misunderstanding and to try again.  While we were there they told us of a board that would be along the course at the Blue Mile so we filled out signs to honor Chris*.

*more on this later.

We went to listen to David McCallum talk about the USMC Scholarship fund he and his wife started and then signed autographs.  I was DYING!!!  I love him.

The rain started and by rain I mean a torrential downpour.  We headed to Amy's and had dinner, acted like dirty old ladies and then to a place for gelato.  We were beyond full but we just went back to the hotel to relax since we had to be up super early for the race.

Race morning came and it was a million degrees and a million percent humidity.....I am not exaggerating - I checked.

After giving Colleen a heart attack by not wanting to head out to the start line until 10 min before the race start to meet up with Chad and get going.  She likes to be there super early.....LOL  We hopped into the corrals and almost right away we were off with the first of many Hi Fives.

Chad and I split off from Colleen pretty early, she was doing a 1:1 and we were sticking to a 2:1.  Chad was feeling pretty good and I told him he could go ahead but he said we would stay together and I get that for your first half when you are not sure what to expect it is better to have someone who knows what is to be expected.  He was getting a bunch of weird looks as he was running in a t-shirt and sweat pants.  It was super hot and humid so I did not have high expectations but even with all the back and forth across the course to hi five every marine we saw we were making pretty good time.  Mile 3 was such a tough spot I was scared for Hospital Hill.  Just after mile 4 I saw Sid.  I just love that man.

I didn't take many pictures along the course because it was just too hot and humid and we were just chatting and having fun.  Hospital hill came and went and it was not even as bad as mile 3 so I am not sure what all the fuss is about.  It was not easy by any means but it has its own t-shirt at the expo LOLOLOL

Right after Hospital Hill came the Blue Mile and the wall of all the bibs that were filled out at the expo as you would remember from earlier.....Chad and I spent like 10 minutes trying to find the ones Colleen and I made for Chris and THEY WERE NOT THERE!!  I was pissed as there was room left on the wall.  So we headed on our way.  I did have to get one picture of Chad with a sign because they were made for each other.

Just as we were passing mile 12 I realized we were going to get in well under 3 hours which I never thought would happen with the weather.  I was pretty happy!  We saw one of Chads friends right before the finish and I told him to go for it so his first finish line was just his.  We got a finish photo and headed back to his friend to wait for Colleen.

I was getting nervous after a few minutes as I did not expect Colleen to be too far behind us but luckily the race at live tracking.  I could out later she helped a runner that collapsed and had to get medical for her and bring them back....she is such a good egg.  She lost her PR to help someone else. While waiting I finally got to meet my friend Darlena from Run Find Your Happy Pace.

Once Colleen came and finished we got some more finish photos with super cute Marines and I found some of my BGR ladies I had met along the course and got a photo.

We showered and ate then headed home.  We already plan on heading back in 2016 lets just hope the weather is better.

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