Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Flying Pig Half Marathon Recap.

As most of you know that the 2013 Flying Pig Half Marathon was my favorite half I have ever run.  I could be the whole weekend we spent with friends or the fact it was the first half I did solo or because I met a new friend on the course.  Who knows but I knew I would do it again.  2015 was that year.  Certain things were going to be different this visit but that is life right?  Tom was going again which is always a bonus too.

So super early on Friday we headed to the airport.  It was Tom's birthday too.  We flew into Dayton this time as Southwest does not fly into Cincy.  Once there Jacque, Jess and Sanders picked us up and took us to our hotel.  While Tom napped I headed across the street to the expo.

I wandered a bit but was good and  didn't buy anything.  I did get to see the folks at the Adams County Marathon and they gave me some candy and soap that was handmade.  You will remember that I gave away an entry to their race awhile back.  I was supposed to run last year but with it a week before Wineglass I deferred to this year....and now I have had to defer to next year.  They are really awesome about it!

Later that night Tom, Becky and I headed to Eli's BBQ for dinner.  It was fun there.  and I found my new favorite soda....it is a local to Cincy one.

Saturday was a ton of fun!  Becky picked us up and we headed across the bridge to Kentucky to go to the aquarium and have lunch.  I got to hang out with some penguins.....BEST DAY EVER.

The aquarium as a whole was great.  We then headed to the candy store and a place that we just HAD to try.  Tom & Chee.  Everything looks pink because we ate outside in a tent that was red....lol

We wandered around the book store for a bit and then headed back to the hotel to clean up and Becky dropped us off at Jeff's house.  I met my new boyfriend there....his name is Hercules.  

We headed out to dinner then Jeff and Nici dropped me off at the hotel to get to bed early and took Tom out for a bit.  I got my stuff all ready and tried to fall a sleep.

As with most nights before a race I hardly slept. I was up at 5:15 and headed out the door just before 6.  I got to the "Pig Pens" just as the sun was coming up so I went to the bathroom and texted Jeff.  He and Alicia were at her corral so I just hung out at mine...I luckily saw my friend Susan and got to start the race with her.  (Blogger fail as we did not take a picture)  Just before 7am we were crossing the start line.

Pretty much right away I was not feeling the run....my legs were heavy and I was having a tough time with the 4 bridges in the first 3.5 miles.  I decided to just have fun, interact with the other runners and spectators more and take pictures.

As I was nearing the big hills I was having such a good time.  I even met up with some BGR's along the way!!  Hey Angie and Anissa !!!!

The giant hills started then and even though I hate hills the view is great and I was just moving forward.  Once we started down hill I started to feel good!  I really like to run down hill.  The whole race I figured a course PR was out of the question but when I saw my splits drop under 12 min miles I decided to try to see if it could happen.  I still was chatting and high fiveing and taking candy from spectators but I was trying to move a bit faster.

The last stretch to the Finish Swine seemed to take forever and I didn't think it was going to happen, I wasn't even sure what the exact time I had to beat was...2:45 something......  Well just before the 13 mile mark I just went for it, I had to run around a bunch of people but I sprinted and missed Becky who had made me an AMAZING sign!!

I crossed the line and hit my watch and it said 2:45:19....Could it be?  Did I course PR?  I got a text with my official time....2:45:16.  I stopped to look up my last years time even before I got out of the finish area....I DID IT!!!  Course PR of 15 seconds.  Not a big one but given that I didn't even think it would happen I was psyched!!!

After the race I got to meet up with Alicia, Jeff and Aiden to chat for a bit which was nice.  Becky found me and I told her I was going to walk back tot he hotel to shower.  It is only a mile from the finish to the hotel but it is UP HILL!  LOL

After I showered and of course posted on FB Becky met us at the hotel, we checked out and headed to lunch.  We then stopped at Jeff's for a bit to say Bye and then she dropped us at the airport.  It was a great weekend.  


  1. Congrats on the course PR! Looks like a fun race!

  2. Way to rock a PR! I can't believe it's been a whole year since I ran FP! So much fun but yeah that course is a tough sucker!

    1. Thanks!! It was funny at the top of the first BIG hill into the park I thought I was at the top and thought....Wow that was so much tougher last time....then I made the turn HAHAHAHAHA

  3. Awesome job hauling butt at the end there to get a course PR. Holy crap, that's some elevation gain!

    1. Thanks!!! It is but luckily it is in a beautiful park so the views help :)

  4. Nice job!! Looks like a fun race. Congrats on your PR!