Sunday, April 26, 2015

Long Branch Half Marathon.

I was a bad blogger again and did not take a lot of pictures......Sorry.

So after RnR Raleigh I did not run for 9 days....why?  I have no clue, I just didn't feel like it.  So this past Tuesday I ran to and from Weight Watchers.  It hurt, my legs were so tired.  No reason for it either.  So I ran 2 miles on Thursday and Friday on the treadmill and pushed my pace for the short distance.  Plus then I could start breaking in my rainbow Mizunos BONUS.  I just got my hair dyed on Wednesday so my sweat was super fun.  LOL

Saturday I headed down to the Dirty Jerz.  I was spending the night at Kim's house, she lives about 40 min from the race.  I got there in time to head to dinner, but not before I got to play with the dogs and Nala the cat.  (Nala was camera shy)



We went to dinner, then walked the dogs and had ice cream.  We tried to go to bed early but neither of us slept well.  Then we had to be up a dark o'clock to be out the door by 6am.  The drive there was quick and sad.  After we went through the toll booth there was a Canada goose just standing there in the center of the road, next to him was a dead one.  I still can not stop thinking of them.  I wanted to stop and chase him/her to fly away but I would have gotten hit by a car.  RIP Gooses.

We got to the race, found Eileen and CA inside but headed out to the porto potty line.  There I got to see a bunch of my friends which was awesome.  We were online until well after the race started LOL.

The weather was perfect but I went into this race with ZERO expectations after the shit show my running had been all week.  I just tried to run a couple of minutes then walk 1.  I was playing leap frog with my friend Angela who was doing the full for the first 5 miles then I stepped into a hole and twisted my bad ankle.  I guess it is better than the good one, right?  I just kept moving forward.  When I hit 9 miles I saw my friend Jen who was unable to run.  It was nice to see a friendly face along the course.  I realized then I was doing pretty well.  If I stepped it up I could PR but I knew I was already giving it my all.

At mile 11.5ish we hit the boardwalk and I was remembering the wind from last year and how crazy it was.  This year it was there but it was just cooling not too bad.  I tried pushing a but but I just didn't have much left.  When I crossed 12 miles I knew that while a PR was technically possible based on my splits but I just knew it wouldn't happen so I just wanted to course PR.  Last year was 2:40:41 so I was hoping to beat that.  I was fading fast but the crowds were great and I was able to squeak out a sprint at the end...I hit my watch and was happy to see I did it!!!  YAY

NJ Marathon has the best bling!!

Course PR - not by much but I will take it!!

After the race Kim's husband Jon dropped me back off at my car and I headed home.  There was some traffic on the NJ Tpke when I had to pee which gave me a belly ache but other than that it was an uneventful drive.  Got home and showered and relaxed for a while.  I can't wait for yoga tomorrow and this weekend I will be headed to Ohio for the Flying Pig half marathon!!!

How was your weekend?


  1. Congrats on your PR! I love your rainbow shoes!

    1. Thanks!!! Not a distance PR...just course but I will take it :)