Sunday, April 5, 2015

Hot Chocolate 15k Philadelphia

Just in case you never read the title of this blog.....I am a huge fan of candy.  Chocolate being one of the tops of the list.  So when I learned of the Hot Chocolate run I . WAS . IN .  !!  Bonus, there was a 15k, which is a distance I never ran before and BLING.

A bunch of my fellow BGRs from Long Island were headed down but not until race morning and there was no race day pick up so I offered to get everyones bibs.  There were a few of us going to the expo so I knew it wouldn't be an issue.  So Susan and I headed down on Friday and met Kim, Morgan, Eileen and Carol Ann at the expo.  The expo was TINY but the bib pickup was the best I have EVER experienced at a large race expo.  You went to line, they printed out a sticker with all the info and put it on a bib.  We then went to the next stop and got the already packed swag bags.

I am a bag lady sometimes..... 

Chocolate covered marshmallows.....yum!
Only so many bags can fit in a beetle LOL
Susan and I had lunch at Rangoon after the expo, hit up Reading Market and went to the hotel to check in.  After a light dinner and the usual packet and race outfit pictures we headed to bed.

Race morning we had to be up super early since we had to drive to the race and it was POURING. we kept an eye on the weather and it looked like it would clear up so we both just wore short sleeves and I left my arm warmers behind.

5:30am photos are not
We got to the race area, found parking pretty close to the race and headed to the BGR tent to drop off all the packets.  I loved meeting the BGRs in person and got a million hugs.  I missed the group picture when I went to pee - FAIL.  I also met up with Kim, Morgan, Eileen, Carol Ann and Suzie.  I was looking for Marla too.  It was clear but it was FREEEEEEZZZZIIINNNGG and windy.

Before the race even started Susan decided to hang back with me.  I planned on doing the 2:1 run/walk but still have fun.  The weather was perfect so we just kept running along but we took pictures and ate lots of candy along the way.  We lost Kim early on as her PF was acting up but Morgan stuck with us.  The sheer amount of BGRs along the course was amazing and one of the reasons I wanted to be part of them was in full force.  The support and cheers for the whole 15k was AMAZING!

I did finally find Marla for a second on the course but luckily again at the finish.  I grabbed my bonus BGR bling and we all got our hot chocolate mugs and took a couple of picks before headed back to the hotel to shower.

Once we showered Susan and I met up with Kim and Morgan at a place that I saw on TV years ago that serves a fried PB&J sandwich.  I have always wanted to get it.  What better way to celebrate a candy run?  LOL  Luckily it was only OK.  Glad I got it but we each got one and it would have been better to get good food and then share this......

After lunch we headed home and if I had not eaten enough crap already I had the pie from Reading Market for dinner......then a night cap before going to bed at 9:30 LOL

Sooooooo Siiiiiiick.....
All in all it was a great day.  Running with some of my favorite people, in my favorite city to run in and even if it made me sick...LOTS OF CANDY!!!


  1. I believe I felt like you did last night after enjoying several amazing Belgian chocolates and my s'mores dip for dessert. No. More. Sugar. Ever!

  2. LOL I love your nightcap drink. Oy glad you had a nice run even though all the food!

    1. Thanks!! I really kind of like that distance. It was over pretty much at the point of a half that I am "done" :)

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