Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Rock N Roll DC Recap

This is going to be a post with very few pictures along the course which is not like me but as I am sure you know it was POURING for this race.  I have some pics my running buds took and said I could use here.

All week before the race I was sick.  I tried to fight it......I lost.  I thought it was allergies....I was wrong.

Sinus infection as told my my GP on Wednesday.  Got my Zpac and took the day off of work.

Friday I had a pretty early flight for me so after breakfast I headed to the airport and got to BWI.  My friend Paul who lives in Baltimore was picking me up and last minute joining me for the run.  We headed to DC, checked into the hotel and met Kim and Eileen at the expo.  We didn't stay at the expo just got our packets and Eileen and I stopped at the BGR Concierge booth.

We grabbed a very late lunch in the hotel and went to the room to hang out for a bit.  Had to take pics of our outfits and get ready for the super wet race we were going to have the next day.

A bit later we headed out for a light dinner and gelato.  On the way to the tapas restaurant we saw Chinatown......granted it wasn't Chinatown in Philly but we needed a selfie of course.  All of a sudden I wanted Burmese food and not tapas.  #pavlovsdog

Race morning Eileen and Kim got up super early and headed to the start to find the BGR Bag check for our stuff.  They did not find it so they dropped our stuff with the regular UPS bag check and came back to the hotel.  We waited until the last possible moment and headed to the start.  The first corrals had stated by the time we got there so there was no lines at the porto potties - WIN.  We waited for our corrals to get to us and jumped in.  The plan for me was to have my watch go off for a 1:1 but play it by ear.  It was raining hard and the course was going to be hilly.

Thank goodness Kim brought us rain ponchos!!!  I couldn't keep my hood up but the hat was awesome at keeping the rain out of my eyes!

Right after the start I headed to the side of the course as to not be in the way for my walk breaks.  Right away I was feeling pretty good.  For the first few miles I was running for 2-3 minutes and walking 1.  I was running solo as Kim and Eileen were running straight and this was Paul's first and he made me promise to not worry about him.

Just before the 5k point we did an out and back on a bridge, I looked for Kim and Eileen ahead of me and Paul behind me but never saw anyone.  To be honest I am not sure what most of the course looked like.  I was just trying to keep out of puddles and pot holes so I was just watching the ground.

Just before the halfway point was "The Hill".  My plan all along was to walk it.  However that was not going to be the case.  That is where they put the Blue Mile.  First come the photos of the fallen and then their families holding flags cheering us to run the hill.  I ran until I passed the very last flag and then almost puked.  It was so hard but you just can not walk there.  In Raleigh the Blue Mile is on an uphill too.....do they do that on purpose?  I wonder.

I was afraid the rest of the race was going to be a shit show after that, I just knew I used up all my energy on that mile.  I took a few 1 min runs but then started to feel better.  I would run down all hills no matter how many minutes but I would also walk up the hills.

No pictures but a few notable things.  Brown dog in a raincoat <3, Man with a pittie puppy and her/his mom watching the action, 2 bear dogs smooching and a bunch of people giving out beer, shots and meat.

Just before mile 8 I got a text from Kim, they were just passing the 10k mark because they had to wait for over 10 minutes to pee.  I was shocked that they were behind me.....then at mile 11.5 I got passed by my friend Alicia who said she saw me at mile 4 when she was waiting forever for a bathroom.  I need to stop but never did.  I didnt want to wait on line and I can never get my clothes back to the right spot if I am sweaty and then there is A LOT of chafing in really bad areas.

At mile 12.5 I finally took off the poncho just so it would not be in my finish line picture.  I crossed, got my medal, chocolate milk and photo.  I headed to get my BGR Medal and sweatshirt out of gear check because it was so windy and I was FREEEEEEZING.  I then tried to hide from the wind and cold under the bridge and waited for everyone.  Once Kim and Eileen were done I sent them on their way and waited for Paul.  I felt so bad that for his first half he had cold, rain and hills.  I went the merch tent and waited for him.  He finished and we headed to the metro and back to the hotel to shower.

All in all it was a good weekend.  I actually did much better than I expected.  Even better than Key West on a flat dry course!  Plus a race weekend with friends is always a win, right?

It is kind of hard to see but the blue is the elevation....tough one!!  But I was pretty please with my splits and then Smashrun also let me know that this run was better than I expected.

The 14:28 was the crazy hill....not bad for me at all!

Ok so for the professional pictures I swear I tried to smile and they did not feel like they were as pathetically fake as they look.  I will be buying a couple of these so I am not stealing LOL


  1. you're so speedy quick, I dread writing my recap so I am stalling! Loved having a race weekend together and looking forward to Sleepy Hollow!

    1. I have been so bad at blogging as a whole I knew I needed to get it done and done NOW or it would not happen.....

  2. I am glad you conquered that race! I have such a fear of running in miserable conditions. You made it look easy!

  3. Way to go!!! It was a tough day with all that rain - congrats!

  4. Awesome job! It was a tough race with tough conditions! Congrats!