Thursday, January 8, 2015

Vegas Baby!!!!! Bringing Gabby into the madnes

Another day another big post.....WHA?????

I am not sure when the decision was made but a while back I talked Gabby into doing her first half marathon with me.  I am pretty sure the fact that there is one in Vegas and at night is what cinched it. That girl loves everything Vegas.  I mean when she looks in the mirror this is what she sees....

Well the logistics of this trip were a bit to handle but my pro plane scheduling skills got her from Florida where she lives, me from NY where I live to Baltimore where her boyfriend Chris lives and out to Vegas on the same flight.

I learned that Chris also loves Vegas and does a lot of gambling so he was going to handle the whole hotel room situations.  BONUS.  When we landed in Vegas the hotel had sent a car for us.  They sent a limo #ballin  Thank you Chris and your apparent gambling problem.  #cgp2014

We got there Thursday night so we just had dinner with my friend Aakin who has lived there for the past few years and went to bed early.  Friday we just went to the awesome breakfast buffet and hung out for the day.  It was freezing in Vegas.

Breakfast of Champions.

15 Black for Chris

I love him.

Since we went to sleep early since we were tired from a day of flying and were are form the East Coast we were up early.  We headed to the expo super early but it is good we did since the line was FOOORRREEEEVVEEER and the doors weren't even open was like a MCM flashback.  We met a man on line from Canada who was tall, dark and big nosed with an accent.  I was in love.  We learned he worked for Westin hotels as a running concierge.  So when you travel Montreal and stay at his hotel and want to have someone who knows where to go to take you running that is his JOB.  What?!?

The expo is the same as any other Rock N Roll Expo so I was just mindlessly wandering when either Gabby or Chris said to me "I think that line is for someone important"  I looked and it was MEB!!!!!! I jumped on that line immediately!!  I love him!!!  I wanted to show him the picture I took of him at the NYC Marathon in 2013 when I volunteered.

While waiting we were told he had to leave and that we probably wouldn't get to meet him but we did not get off line and I MET HIM!!  He was so sweet.  He knew where I took the picture because he said it was obvious he was hurting since his form was off.....WHAT?!?

I could fit him in my pocket.

After the expo was dinner and I relaxed when Gabby and Chris went gambling.  Saturday was a more of the same but that night I had the 5k.  Chris and Gabby went down there with me but then went to have some "alone time" while I was running.  The 5k was totally unorganized corral wise which is very unlike the RnR series.  Everyone was fighting to get into the first few corrals.  I guess because Meb was up there but it was crazy.  The weather was a bit warm and humid but not too bad.  The 5k was pretty uneventful but by the end my stomach was killing me.  I think because I was vacation eating and then had to run.  So I headed back tot he room and went to bed right after my shower.



Sunday was race day for Gabby and I.  She was getting nervous I could tell.  I was trying to not talk about it much to try and ease her nerves.  We had lunch at an awesome place.  One question is "When did I become the type of person to order a hummus platter for lunch?"

Brooklyn Bowl for the win!!
Before we knew it we had to get ready.  Chris left us alone for that.   It was chilly but I figured I would get super warm so I just wore a shirt and shorts.  I planned on wearing the long sleeved from the 5k under but decided at the last second to skip it.  Bad choice.  After a super long wait for the monorail to the race I made Chris buy me a long sleeved shirt from the MGM gift shop LOL.  We then headed to the start.  I was trying to meet up with my friend Susan but it never happened.  The first corral went out at 4:30 and it was after 5:30 by the time we crossed.  This race is HUGE!!  We were in corall 40.  Just before the startling I saw a grey hoodie on the side of the street and I picked it up and put it on.  I was freezing.

We were finally off when it was dark.  That is when I remembered my camera hates the dark.  HAHA

Half a mile in and Gabby had to pee.  So we stopped at the first porto wasn't a long wait so no bigs.  We had decided to do a 1:1 since Gabby had been sick and her training didn't go as planned. I did 1:1 for Wineglass and hit the 13.1 mile mark at 3 hours so I figured that would work and I like the 1:1 since you don't have to think.  After the first turn around we headed back towards the strip.

At about mile 3 we pass the finish line.  The volunteers were passing beers through the fence LOL.  Gabby had to stop for one.  She even got photobombed by Elvis.

We were keeping good time and were just having fun.  We started passing Downtown Vegas and the pawn shops and wedding chapels.

This is on a TV show I was told.

We hit the 10k mark at about 1:20 so I was STOKED.  We just kept moving.  Gabby was getting tired but was having fun.  We stopped again at mile 8ish.  And even though it was needed it was a bad idea.  Right after this we went into a boring area and Gabby got kicked in the nuts by the walk just before mile 9.  She was trying hard to be positive but I have known her for over 20 years PLUS I know the wall.  When we got near Fremont Street her spirits were up for a bit.

Once we got back to there strip she was really struggling.  We were mostly walking by this point.  I was going back and fourth between tough love and acting like a fool and being a cheerleader.  We finally finished and stopped at the medical tent.  Gabby's IT band was SCREAMING.  We got our medals, took pictures, got food, got my remix medal and headed back to the room to shower.

After we showered we went to dinner and did some gambling.  The rest of the trip was just as fun.  Tuesday we headed home.  Saw some famous people in the airport.  Just as I was about to go up to him his flight got called.  He was having such fun talking to fans.  Fun Fact - Carrot Top flies Southwest.

Well I know it was tough for her but I think Gabby had a great first half marathon and I am sure she will do another.  Actually as of right now she is thinking about doing the Dopey Challenge with me and my friend Kim in 2016!!!!  I would like to do Vegas again but if I am going to Disney in Jan 2016 I need to same some dollahs!!


  1. Yay! You guys had so much fun on the route! That was my first half as well. Since I live her I will be doing Vegas again! Congrats on supporting your friend and running a great race!

    1. Thank you and congrats to you too!! Such a good time but Vegas always is for me :)

  2. My niece got married in one of those chapels!

  3. I am SO laughing that you picked a random sweatshirt up off the ground. Girl be desperate! Congratlations on the run and congrats to Gabby on her first half!

    1. Right?!?!? I could not believe I did that HAHAH

      Thank you!!