Thursday, January 22, 2015

Philly Half Marathon

It has been a few months but I can say I had one of the best times for a race weekend for the Philly Half Marathon.  It was my second time away with Team Chris.  Friday after work I headed to Kate's house and we jumped into the van and went to pick up Flat and headed down to Philly.  Yes I didn't fly to yet another race!!!

I seriously just love this picture......
We got down there and checked into the hotel.  After we dropped our stuff in our rooms we grabbed dinner.  I of course went in the most healthy direction.

One thing I noticed was there was a room that was boarded up.....what could have happened?  Death?  

Before Team Chris

After Team Chris

Saturday we all headed to the expo.  It was huge but fun.  We got a bunch of free stuff and bought a ton of stuff before walking around a bit.

That night we grabbed dinner then headed back to hang out in the lobby of the hotel in our PJs.  I was happy to be there because I saw a bunch of people I knew that were coming to town to run.  Finally it was time to go to bed.  Danielle was sharing rooms with me so I wanted to spend some time with her too.

View from our room.

Seriously what happened in this room?!?!? #penguinsdown

Race day outfit
On race morning we all met in the lobby and Dave met there too.  I love running in Philly because he joins me.  We had not run together since Wineglass.  The plan was that Dave, Katie and I would start together and run for a bit together.  We stayed a threesome for about 4 miles.  Dave and I took off and spent the next mile or so together and then I was on my own.  The weather was perfect.  I was feeling pretty good so I just kept moving forward.  It was nice to have the Team Chris cheering section and also Tim jr along the course.  The course was not the same as RnR Philly.  It was nice to have a change.  I saw my friend Lisa towards the end and then I got to see her finish and grab a photo together.

Katie did amazing, she took about 45 min off her time.

Dave smiling as he finished as always.  He also PRd the crap out of this race!

After the race I went back to relax and shower as I waited for the full marathon runners.  After we hung out ate and then headed home.  We really had the best time and I can't wait to do it again!!

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