Thursday, January 22, 2015

Key West Half Marathon

As many of you already know.  Tom and I love Key West.  When I did Ragnar in Feb 2014 I found out that in January they had a half marathon.  So while I was there I registered and booked our room for the race weekend. Fast forward 11 months and we were headed down one more time.

We got down there just in time for happy hour at the Inn we always stay at.  It may be over $300 a night but it is awesome, breakfast and happy hour every day and the pool is open 24 hours.  Oh and no kids allowed.

Friday we just did what we love.  Walked around in the beautiful weather, ate, relaxed and enjoyed spending time together.  Tom was bummed because as it seems to always happen our favorite places close down.  It was also extra crowded this time.

Taco Truck at 10pm
Even doing laundry is better in Key West

Found at the rare book store.....

Saturday I walked the whole 3 minutes to the expo.  It was crowded but it moved fast.  It was tiny but I got my stuff and luckily I was able to buy socks and compression sleeves since I forgot mine.  The shirt is pretty amazing.

Sunday was race day and even thought the weather had been perfect since we go there I woke up to 70 degrees and ONE FUCKING HUNDRED PERCENT humidity at SIX IN THE MORNING!!  Race start was 7am so I headed out my door at 6:45.  Got to the race, peed and got to the startline with time to spare.  LOL.  Just before sun up we started.

The first 2 miles were in the town and for some reason seemed to be the loooooongest miles ever.  Just as the sun was coming up we hit the beach.  Luckily the sun NEVER came out for the whole race.  The humidity was suffocating.  Along the water there was a nice breeze though.

Miles 3 through 6.5 were along the water and then we just turned around and headed back along the water.  Miles 9 - 13.1 were through the town but along a different route than we took out.  I didn't take too many pics because I was so sweaty and that sometimes messes with my camera.  I did stop at the mile 0 sign.  The girl who took my pic also took one of me fixing my shorts that is funny.

One thing I love about grey days is that neon colors are even brighter in the grey!!!  We did some weird loopy turns in Mallory Square then headed down artist row and across the finish line.

I didn't stay at the finish fest because I could get a nice breakfast and a seat 1 block away.  Plus it was so crowded and since there was only 1 stop with gatorade along the course I needed something more than water.

The rest of Sunday was lunch and then relaxing on the porch in my new favorite hammock with Tom.    Of course the sun came out and the humidity dropped significantly....... #alwaystheway

Monday we did the usual tourist things like the aquarium, Hemingway house and the butterfly conservatory.

Tuesday we actually got to have lunch with Tom's sister.  We walked around for awhile before she got there.  We saw some fun street art too.

After lunch with Denise, we headed home.  All in all it was a great weekend.  However, I think it will be our last trip to Key West.  It has just changed too much from out first few trips there and seems too commercial and crowded now.  We will be heading back to Belize for our next warm weather trip either over Christmas or in February for our anniversary.  We were married on keep day so next year will be our 2nd and also 8th anniversary so we need to have a fun trip.

Because of Belize I will not be running Disney in January, actually I think I am kind of over all the crazy traveling.  Starting in 2016 I am going to stay closer to home.  I will travel once or twice a year I am sure but not once or twice A MONTH.  There are plenty of races close to my home I just don't need to travel.  I think I might be a little burnt out on it too.

Just think of the money I will save too......


  1. I know what you mean about places you love not being the same. We've been going to Seaside Heights for 17 years. I would walk around town and people would just smile and say hello, drivers were considerate, people were having fun on the boardwalk. Once MTV started filming there it's now just like Long Island. Kinda sucks.
    But I'm glad you had a good time!

    1. Oh man that stinks....I know how much you love to go there :(

  2. Oh gosh I love Key West. I think that's the best race shirt ever! I'm such a heat/humidity weenie I'd probably collapse if I ran there.

    1. To was crazy humid but only during the run LOL Figures right? At least on sun :)

  3. But who will I live vicariously through if *you* don't travel??? ;)

  4. Great recap! I had a blast there too! Too bad we didn't 'run' into each other. I too enjoyed the course, but not the humidity. And yeah, KW has changed over the years. I wish I could've seen it in the 70's when it was really bohemian.

    1. Then or even back in the height of the Hemingway days :)