Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Being on Team Chris is more fun than it has any right to be. Marine Corps Marathon Weekend.

Ok so you all know I am honored and lucky to represent Team Chris when I go to races but before Marine Corp Marathon weekend I had never traveled with them.  If you ever get the it.

So months ago my friend Dave told me I should run MCM with Team Chris.  With Wineglass at the beginning of October and the fact that I was only going to do 1 marathon #oneanddone but he told me there was a 10k too.  I went back to work and signed right up.

Fast forward to the last weekend of October I hopped a plane to DC.  Well to Baltimore and then a rental car to DC.  I never thought about DC Friday afternoon traffic so it took FOOOORRREEEEEVVVVEEEERRRRR to get to the hotel.  I didn't go to the expo just to the hotel to get ready for dinner.

We all went to a Team dinner at a local restaurant, went to the finish line area which is at the Arlington Cemetery and then came back to the hotel to hang out.  I went to bed kind of early because I knew I wanted to get up super early hop on the metro and get to the expo before it opened.  I heard lots of horror stories on the crowds.  

It is good I did because I was there 45 min before the doors opened and the line was already HUNDREDS of people long.  However I did get in and out pretty quick.  When I left the line was all the way back to the metro station.

Saturday was a nice relaxing day.  The hotel was covered in Team Chris banners and decorations.  I just hung out with the rest of the group and the weather was perfect.  That night we had a pasta dinner at the hotel restaurant and head to bed.  My friend Jen was getting dropped off by her boyfriend and she was running the 10k with me the next day.  Plus I had to take my usual outfit pictures right?

We chatted for a while before we feel asleep then we got up early to head to the metro and the start of the 10k.  We started near the Smithsonian.  

The other members who were running the full :)

Off we went we decided to do a 2:1 run/walk and just have a good time and enjoy the course and experience.  Right at mile 1 I saw the Red Felt Running Club's cheer section LOVE THEM!  We just kept going chatting and loving every second of it.  Jen took pictures along the course but I have yet to see them *hint hint*

Before we knew it we were at the finish.  Not my fastest time but it was a great time on the course.  We got our medals and selfies with GORGEOUS Marines.  We went to get our finish photos take and I ran into my friend Jen so of course more pictures had to be taken before we headed back to the hotel.  The photos that say proof were also bought so posting them here is OK :)

After we finished we headed back to the hotel to shower quick and then head back to the race course. Jen went to the Red Felt Cheering Section and I went to mile 22-23 since I thought I would miss the Team Chris runners since they are so fast.  I had fun watching the runners.  I got to see my friend Danielle, Chris and of course Team Chris.  After I saw Erin who was doing her first full I went back to the hotel.  I didn't get any pictures of my friends #fail but I was just too excited to see them.

After I saw everyone I headed back tot he hotel to see them when they got back, congratulate everyone and head back to the airport.  I didn't tell anyone at the time but as I was watching the runners and thinking about what the weekend stood for I knew right then that in 2015 I would be running the full marathon.  

All in all it was an amazing weekend.  I had such fun time but if you think this sounded fun just wait until you hear about Philly :)  #penguinsdown


2 weeks later I had another 10k to run.  Again with Team Chris but this one was local.  Not too eventful.  I did get myself a shiny new PR and of course spending the time with Team Chris is a great time.


  1. I would love to run MCM someday, I didn't know they had a 10K! Congrats on your 10k PR

    1. It was an amazing experience!! Come on down in 2015 :)