Saturday, October 11, 2014

Wineglass Marathon

I know I never wrote about Team Corey/Rock and Roll Philly but I will.  I promise, I just want to put my marathon post out there. is going to be loooooooooonnnnnnnggggggg

For weeks before the race I was FREAKING THE F#$K OUT!!  The fact that my training was so lacking I was just terrified.  I posted in a few places on line, that was full of strangers, my concerns.  I knew all my friends were behind me and had full faith so I knew I wouldn't get anything but support from them and I needed complete honesty.  I got it and it was all very supportive and helpful.  I was shocked because I have been seeing a lot of horrible things recently in groups but everyone was awesome!  I started comparing it to my first half marathon which was exactly 2 years ago from my first full.  I was undertrained for that and I survived, right?  LOL

Yeah I survived.
So Tom and I headed up to Corning on Friday.  I didn't want to go up the day before to avoid extra stress.  We got up there easily and headed to the expo.  It was super well organized but it was tiny and cramped.  Plus Tom hates expos so we just got my stuff, I got a jacket since it is my only marathon and it was only $45!!  After that we headed to Hands on Glass to make pumpkins.  Tom made a classic one and I made a glow in the dark one.

After we had some BBQ for dinner and went back to the hotel.  Tom fell asleep pretty early but I couldn't sleep of course.  Saturday we got up and it was raining so we didn't rush to get ready but then headed to Bath to have breakfast/lunch.  We drove around a bit and saw some interesting things.

Seriously...this is where horror movies begin.

We then hung around for a bit and met up with Nicole, Colleen and Alana while waiting for Dave.  We all went to dinner and wandered around Corning looking for the finish line.  I was a bit dramatic once we found it.

We headed back to the hotel and got ready for the morning.  It was going to be much cooler than I had expected but I was prepared.  I was glad Kim told me to get her packet even though she had to miss the race because of her injury.  I wore her race shirt (SCANDAL) under my short sleeved shirt even with my arm warmers!!!

Sleeping was as expected not easy and I kept waking up.  I had to put my phone in airplane mode because I kept getting good luck texts even after 11pm...I love you all but do not text a runner past 9pm!!!!  LOL  Got out of bed just before 5:30 and checked the weather......BRRRRRRRR

I made Dave the coffee I promised him and had some tea while we got ready and headed out to the shuttle to the start.  I was happy that Jeff saw us and he gave me a good luck hug.  Of course he took a picture of us freezing LOL

We waited on line for the shuttle and then had the 1/2 hour ride to the start.  Once we got there we got right on the bathroom line.  There were not enough bathrooms so we waited for a long time in the cold.  I had to pee so bad my stomach hurt and I almost peed myself I won't lie.  After that Laurie, Chris, Dave and I headed into the overflowing barn to keep warm.

Bought this......didnt steal.
We headed to the bag check/start line to drop our extra stuff and meet up with Danielle, Jen and Kris. I was also looking for a girl I met online who was doing this as her first too.

The are started late by about 15 minutes but before we knew it we were off.  Holy Crap this was happening.

The first few miles went pretty fast.  We stuck together, kind of running our own and then meeting at each mile marker.  (Jen has those pictures) I was glad I kept my one sweatshirt because even running I was still cold.

Just after mile 8 I realized the stopping and waiting was starting to hurt so I just ran my own race going forward.  Dave and I had discussed the night before that if one of us felt good they could go ahead.  I also knew that Danielle would get it and she was helping Jen and Kris pace their first full too.  I just kept my run:walk to 1:1 and kept putting one foot in front of the other.  It was quiet on the course but I did chat with a few people along the way.  One girl was running her 46th full marathon and the day before was her 100th half!!!!  CRAZY!!

I hit the half way point just after the 3 hour point so I was both pleased and scared.  This was just a bit slower than my usual half marathon time and I still had to do it again!!

It was a chilly and grey day but I was glad, heat and sun suck the life out of me.  Once I hit the 14 mile mark I knew I was entering uncharted territory since my longest run ever was 14 miles.  The whole run I kept seeing fuzzy caterpillars trying to cross the street so I would pick them all up and put them on the side of the road.  I think I saved about 50 through the whole run.

The picture below is around the 18 mile area and this is where I actually started to get choked up.  I was still feeling pretty good and I was still doing my 1:1 run:walk and get through.  This is about where I realized I was going to finish a marathon and it was a strange feeling.  A great feeling.

When I got to mile 20 the course was crappy but I knew I only had a 10k to go.  I sent a text to Tom and to Alicia since I knew they were both waiting at the finish for me.  Around mile 23 we entered a park that was nice and I was still on my was crazy I was still moving.  I will say that last 3 miles were the longest part of the whole marathon.  I was so excited but I was wondering where the hell is the finish damn it!!!  I crossed the bridge back in to downtown corning and knew it was one more turn and there I would find the finish line, I made the turn and saw it.  I got a second wind and started running I heard my name being yelled.  It was Colleen, Tom, Alanna and Nicole....then again on the other side of the street and further up....wait what?!?!?  Everyone was there.  We had a huge group there running and they all waited.  I through my jacket to Tom and high fives some guy and crossed the finish line of a marathon.  It was AMAZING.  Alicia came to the finish area and gave me the biggest hug ever!!  There may have been a tear or two there.  I saw my friend Chris who was there trying to BQing.  He killed it!!  He needed 3:30 and crossed in 3:22!!!

We all cheered on the rest of the finishers.  Danielle, Jen & Kris crossed the finish line holding hands <3.  Then right after came Dave.  I was so excited and proud of him.  We all hung out near the finish line and took a ton of pictures of course.

We headed to lunch, I couldn't eat anything other than french fries but it was nice to chat about the half with Nicole, Alana and Colleen and to hear about Dave's experience with the full.  I decided to juts shower and head home with Tom instead of staying one more day.

I am so happy with how the experience turned out.  I felt good after, didn't hit the wall and finished faster than I expected by about an hour.  I expected it to take 7 hours.  I had a secret hope to finish in 6.5 hours and I finished in 6!!  (moving time was even under six!!!) PLUS my second half was faster than the first half!!!  WHAT?!?!

People keep asking if I will do it again and the answer WAS and is still NO.  One and Done.  Especially since it went well I want to end on a high note.  


  1. Gigi I am SO SO SO proud of you! You did it girl!!! I have a question though, with your garmin, did you turn the GPS on to get your results? My battery starts draining after about 2 hours on and I was just wondering how you handle that (I just have the forerunner 15 though so that may be the difference there!)
    But seriously you rocked this race! I'm so so so happy for you and you deserve this!

    1. Awwwwwe thank you so much!!! I really appreciate that! <3

      I have the Garmin 620 which has a long battery life. GPS is on the whole time.

  2. AHHHHHH! That is awesome! Go you rocking that marathon's socks off!
    And I love the medal. What a fabulous one and done. My first marathon experience was so miserable that I often think about trying it again just to see if I can have a better experience. Good call on leaving it on a high note!

    1. Thank you!!! Yeah I am glad it was a good one so I am happy to be done!! The only thing that I wish was different was I wish it was a bigger race so I wasn't so alone on the course.

  3. Sweeet! Congrats :) and thanks for saving the caterpillars lol

  4. congrats on your first marathon! it's the best feeling ever to cross that finish line :)