Saturday, September 20, 2014

Ok Time to Catch up.........

Ok so I am so far behind on blog post the last one was about a half marathon in July!!!!!!  Sooooooooo lemme see what have I been up to?  I am going to skip over the getting hurt and not training properly for the marathon I am doing in 2 weeks.....

So there was Neon Dash.....pretty much a color run at night with black lights.  So much fun with my Motley Shues!!!

Then some local races.....3rd place in my division in one of them too.

Pretty Muddy in Chicago....Bonus I got to see my friend Christine who I have not seen for years!!!

Ran my longest run ever.....14 miles.

Dyed my hair purple and yellow/green.

Went out to PA to run the VIA half marathon....forgot my running shoes and ran in a new pair of shoes.....I think my feet STILL hurt.  Gorgeous course great friends will do it again for sure.  Met my new boyfriend Alvin the dog who ran the half marathon, had his own bib and medal!!!

Dyed my hair EVEN more purple......

I think I will leave it there.  I still have to talk about the ROC Race, my fundraising for Team Care for Corey and the virtual run I put on and Rock n Roll Philly where we run for Corey (I am in the hotel in Philly right now typing this)

Sorry I was so lacking in posts for a while but I hope the pictures of Alvin make up for it.  <3


  1. Alvin sure is a cutie! I have said it before and I'll say it again.. I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!! Great job on all the races/runs and good luck on that upcoming marathon!

  2. Good luck in your marathon! And congrats on placing in your division! That's really cool. :)

  3. Aw, Alvin the running dog, I just love it.

    And I LOVE your hair! Awesome sauce!

    1. Right!?! I want a dog now so bad.......

      Awe thanks!! :)