Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Catch up post.

I have not posted in a couple of weeks and I have so many things to write about but as happens life has gotten in the way and since I want to write about marathon training as it happens with (hopefully) weekly posts on each week.  So this post is going to cover the Superhero Half Marathon, I Did the Grid 4 miler and the Color Run.  They will each be quick so I don't bore you with a super long post and I am sure I will forget stuff too.  LOL

The Superhero Half.

I was excited for this one because I would be staying with my running bud Kim yet again.  We always have fun.  A lot of people dress up as super heroes for this one but Kim had a great idea to dress like a soldier as they are the real heroes.  She made signs for us to wear pinned on our outfits with soldiers names on them.  She is so crafty.

So the Thursday before the race I tripped over nothing while on a walk with Tom and really twisted my ankle.  I have never been the graceful one.

So Saturday in the early afternoon I headed out to NJ to meet up with Kim at the hotel.  There was a bit of traffic as is the way of the Cross Bronx Expressway and the GWB at all times.  Luckily she was able to get my packet for me.  We went to dinner and picked up some snacks and just went back tot he hotel to eat cupcakes, set our stuff out and hang out.  We actually didn't have to be to the eace super early for the first time ever!!!

We got to the race to meet up with the other Kim who was coming out from LI and I was so proud of her, she had not been training but she was coming out and she was going to do it for her superhero....her mom.  We also met up with Eileen and Dawn too!!

Island Girls Running - In Jersey

The race was pretty small which was going to be nice.  No corrals or anything we all just went to the corner to line up and we were off.  Right at the beginning a girl fell and she was very hurt I think because she was screaming....poor thing but I saw she was with 2 people and then I saw a Police Officer heading her way.

Thats me in the middle of a Kim sandwich LOL
I knew this was going to be a loooooong run.  I was planning on walking anytime my ankle started to hurt.  Just after the first mile I saw a porto potty that I had to visit....I had to pee so bad!!!  I told the Kims I would catch up.  I caught Kim L. first we chatted for a few and she was going to walk so I went off to meet Kim P.  It was a beautiful day and the course was gorgeous I must say.  Sort of hilly but not bad.  The first half was past houses and the second half was in a park.  We were walking a lot due to my ankle and then it was just hard to get running after all the walking.

We were just having a great time as usual.  Running, walking, chatting and taking pictures.  We finished in over 3 hours so the end was not a good one.  We crossed and there was NO WATER!!!  We went to the gazebo where the food was but no drinks at all!!!  We waited for the other Kim to finish and we headed out.  Normally here is where I would post some of the professional pictures that were taken but out of thousands of race photos there was not one of us.  This stinks because I buy at least one pic from each half marathon even if it is a shit time but there were none.  We just went back to our cars.  We went to the hotel showered and headed home.  I won't be doing this race again but I loved being there with my girls.

I Did the Grid

I would never properly explain this race and the meaning behind it.  You see my Team Chris shirts and this race is because of Chris.  To learn more about Team Chris and Cpl. Christopher Scherer go HERE  So I am just going to post here what is on the website:

Our son, Christopher, was born and raised in East Northport and grew up playing in the neighborhood he fondly referred to as “the Grid.” On the first day of Memorial Day Weekend participants of all ages can experience four miles of the grid streets of East Northport while running, jogging, walking or cheering from the sidelines, all starting and ending at Pulaski Road School.

On this morning of the race we ask that you promise not to forget, nor let your children or their children forget that Chris and his fellow warriors died so that we might live fee.  To honor Chris and all of the men and women who have given their lives in service to the United States of America we ask that you give up any personal awards for this day. Instead each race bib will have the printed name of four fallen heroes from either Operation Enduring Freedom or Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Each participant will carry those names and upon completion of the course will ring a bell four times to signify that each Airman, Coast Guardsman, Sailor, Soldier or Marine named on the bib will be remembered for making the ultimate sacrifice.

While the sacrifices we will make training and completing a 4 mile run or walk may not be equivalent to patrolling and fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan,  if we dedicate every step to these extraordinary men and women, hopefully they will know how much we appreciate how their efforts, and, too often, their sacrifices protect us here at home.

As the members of Team Chris complete each mile, we will be proud of Christopher, proud of our military and proud of ourselves for “Honoring the Fallen and Supporting our Troops.”

Your participation would be greatly appreciated!  One hundred percent of all donations go to purchasing supplies for our servicemen and women serving in harm’s way, helping our wounded warriors and veterans.  Thank you.

The rainbow of Team Chris

There were 3 runs.  A competitive 4 miler, a 1 mile fun run and then a 4 mile run/walk.  I did the first one with Team Chris and it was kind of somber as I thought about the boys - YES boys who's names were on my bib.

After the first run I met up with the Island Girls and decided to run it again with Renee and Niqui.  

Just after we started we caught up with Colleen so it was the 4 of us for a bit.  Niqui was feeling really good and wanted to see how good she could do.  I am pretty sure her goal was to get in under an hour but then we decided I was going to push a bit and she what she can do.  We stuck to the 3:1 for most of the run with just a bit more walking at the end.  We finished in just over 51.  It was her fastest miles ever.....so I was thrilled for her!!

Color Run Queens

For the Color Run we don't need anything but pictures.  I will just say we had an AWESOME TIME!!!!  I know the pictures are out of order but they are being a pain in my ass......... LOL


  1. LOVE the Color Run pics, and our selfie at Superhero! can't wait to race with you again!

  2. I really want to do a color run I hear great things! The super hero run looks great too nice medal. Confessions of A Mother Runner

  3. Aww great pics and great races! I'd love to do a superhero one!

    1. The costumes were great!! You would have loved it!!!

  4. I'm glad you were able to participate in such a meaningful run, but sad they even have to hold such an event.

    The color run looks like a blast!

    And I absolutely HATE when races run out of water and/or food at the end. There are slow runners out there, people!

    1. The worst part about the running out of water we saw people who WERE NOT RUNNERS of the race with boxes full of snacks and drinks that were for the runners.

  5. I can not believe they did not have any water, that is just crazy. I did go to one race event where they ran out but they had a hose available to fill our bottles or drink from directly until someone arrived with bottled water - it was better than nothing and we did not care after running.