Monday, May 5, 2014

Long Branch Half Marathon

I am realizing that when I don't do my recap right away I seem to not know where to start.  Then that makes me put it off longer. *See right there....I started reading a different blog and watched Total Divas on DVR*

So anywho.....last weekend on Saturday afternoon Danielle came to my house and we headed down to Long Branch to the NJ Marathon/Long Branch Half Marathon Expo.  We got there really quick and the expo was tiny so we were in and out pretty quick.

After that we headed to our hotel.  We were staying at the same place but with different people.  I was staying with Kim and Eileen again (YAY).  The 3 of us headed to dinner where we were meeting Coleen and her BF.  I do not remember the name of the place we ate but it was cool.  It was Italian, Kim and I ate Bob Ross LOL.

We actually got a free dessert (that was amazeballz) and our drinks for free because the waitress dropped Kim's drink all over us.  When we walked back to the hotel is was pouring.  We ended up having an awesome thunder and lightening storm that night.  We went to sleep early as we had to be up at the ass crack of morning (4:00!!!!!) and Kim and Eileen had run a half marathon that day.

We were up and out the door so early that we go to the race before the sun.  It was super cold out!!  We hit the porto potties and made it to the Half Fanatic picture which was at 6:15.

I am glad Kasseedee made it to the picture so we could wish her good luck on her first full marathon!!!!  We checked out stuff and headed to the corrals.

Kim and I were going to hang together so we just went behind the 3:00 pacer. The last corral was so crowded were were well behind the fence.

We were going to do the 3:1 run/walk that we did for the April Fools Half.  Somewhere in our first mile we saw Lisa so she joined us.

We stayed together for about 2.5 miles and I was apparently going to fast because I hit a walk break and they were gone.  I popped my headphones in and just kept going.  At mile 5-6ish I caught up with the 2:45 pacer.  After running along with them for awhile I came to the realization that I started AFTER the 3:00 pacer so if I caught the 2:45 I was actually ahead of a 2:45 time..... I decided to not go crazy but to try to keep running since I might actually get a PR.  My PR is from my first half marathon ever - 2:39:52.

The weather was perfect, the course was lovely (except a little town that was kind of run down) I was feeling good too.  I was doing pretty well sticking to the 3:1 run walk since the douse was pretty flat.  The only hills were the bridges.

I was starting to get really tired around mile 11 and I just kept telling myself it was almost over and a PR was in my sights.  THEN we turned onto the last mile along the FUCKING water.  The wind was killer!!  

This had to be the looooooongest mile or so EVER.  I was so annoyed at myself  when I had to walk a couple of extra times.  I just couldn't run into the wind.  Then I finally saw the finish line.  I tried to sprint but I was spent.

I crossed the finish line and looked at my watch.........

I missed it.

By LESS than a minute.  I was pissed!

I was pretty stoked when I saw my splits to be honest.  I have not seen numbers like this in a while.  While I know for most people this is slow, for me is it awesome.

I went through the finish chute and went to grab my bonus medal.  We got a second one if we ran the half in Queens in April.  I went to try to eat and take my bling photo and actually saw Eileen and Clare in the huge crowd.

I was trying really had to not focus on the what-ifs for missing my PR and just enjoy the day with Eileen and Clare.  Luckily the bag check people let me get Kim's bag since my sweat shirt was in there!  It was windy and cold if you were in sweaty clothes.  We saw the first marathon finishers cross the line in EPIC times of like 2:28 or something amazing like that!  Not too long after we saw Kim and Lisa coming down the final stretch with smiles on their faces!!  We took some more pictures and hopped onto the shuttle back to the hotel to get showered and back to the race to see Danielle, Colleen and Kassadee finish the full.

Trying to get back to the finish line was not the easiest!!  We actually missed Danielle's finish!!  She PRd with a 4:32:03!! So awesome, I was so excited for her.  Her stuff was in Shannon's car so we had to head out.  I didn't think we would actually make it to get her stuff and then get back again...... So we just got gas and headed home.  

All in all it was a great weekend.  I had fun with my running buds as always and even met some new ones ( Clare & Lisa ).  Plus there was a dance party that I guess I went to but forgot all about LOL

I of course bought this one!


  1. Another amazing race with you, if only for the first 2.5 miles! Can't wait to run with you again <3 <3 <3 Superhero, look out!

  2. Another great job. Looks like such a lovely route. Love your outfit, as always.

    1. Thanks!! I really did enjoy this course. I am already registered for next year!!!

  3. Great job! Look like a beautiful course, I may have to sign up!

  4. Great job girl! I know how disappointing it is to miss a PR by just minutes. :( But you'll get it. Love the pic of you dancing!!