Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Frederick Running Festival

This past weekend was the first time I registered to do a multi race event.  The Frederick Nut Job.  This is the Twilight 5k Saturday night and then the half marathon on Sunday morning.  The thing is May at work is a bit crazy and I have missed many days already (I have a very understanding boss) to travel for races.  So this meant I had to fly down on Saturday drive the hour from Baltimore to Frederick, check into my hotel, change my clothes and get my stuff from the expo.  The 5k started at 6pm but the expo was over at 5.  I made it with plenty of time actually LOL  The expo was run very well but it was tiny.  Not too long before the start of the 5k I heard my name called and it was Trish.  She is Danielle's friend who was staying with us in the hotel.  Danielle was not too far away, she had to drive down from NY.

Bib and 2 tech shirts

5k outfit.
Something wonderful happened at the start of the 5k that I have never seen at any race before.  EVER.  The national anthem was sung and EVERY SINGLE PERSON took their hats off and either was quiee or sang along.  It was amazing.  My plan for the 5k was to go super slow.  As we started running on the track it started to rain, this was not good.  I only had 1 pair of shoes.  It stopped pretty quick.  The course was a simple out and back but it was not flat.  I didn't take it as easy as I planned since I was actually feeling pretty good.

5k time 35:25
After the 5k we heeded back to the hotel then out to dinner.  We got Greek food that was DELISH!!!  We had to be up super early (I need to find a hobby that starts later in the day) We had to leave at 5:30  in the morning UGH!

The Best Western was awesome and had bagged breakfasts packed for all the runners and the continental breakfast was open.  We heard the traffic and parking was going to be crappy but we got there super fast and had great parking.  We hung out in the car to keep warm and hit the porto potties a few times.  The race was going to start at 7am so just before we headed to the start line.  Danielle to the middle and Trish and I had decided to stick together since we have a similar pace and both do the 3:1 run/walk method.

Trish and I at the start

Fellow Toughie but I was too shy to say Hi lol

We took off running and we were having a great time.  Frederick is beautiful I must say.  We went through the down town and some suburbs before I even realized I wasn't taking pictures.  Trish and I were cruising having fun and making great time.  Trish mentioned how we were going faster than she had ever had before.  Just before the half way mark we started running past a gorgeous park and some of the most beautiful houses I have ever seen.

Around now is when Trish (who is diabetic) realized her sugar was way too high.  And then it crashed down way to low.  I can admit now I was FREAKING OUT INSIDE!  I had no idea what to do.  Should I make her stop?  Should I find a medic?  I figured she has lived with this for ever so I would let her tell me what she wanted/needed.  She ate some stuff and we walked more now but can I say she was a rock star.....still chatting up the spectators and the other runners.  We were having a blast.  She kept telling me I could go off without her but I would never do that.  Our plan from the beginning was sot stick together and now with her not feeling well I doubly couldn't leave her.  I would spend the rest of the race wondering if she was OK.  The course was still lovely and we even met a friend Megan.  She was fun, I love meeting people on the race course.

We got back onto the track for the final quarter of a mile and we ran it out.  We even sprinted to the end to pass some guy that was ahead of us.  Danielle was at the finish line waiting for us of course.

As you can see we made the best of it LOL - Actually we were having an awesome time!!  BTW we did not plan the matching outfits - great minds just think a like :)

That is Megan in the middle - she was awesome!!  I just wish this picture came out better LOL

Not sure what happened here but I like this picture :)

We headed back to the hotel to shower and we all headed our separate ways.  Trish went home, Danielle went to visit her son on her way home and I went to the airpot.  All in all it was s super fun weekend.  Frederick was a great race and I will do it again one year.....but not 2015 as I will be heading back to The Flying Pig!!!


  1. I <3 running with You next time ill bring more snacks:))

    1. Ok good!!! We will do it again - it was too much fun not to!

  2. You girls are racing machines! Looks like so much fun. Congrats on the Nut JOb and I'm glad Trish is ok.

  3. Woo hoo on the Nut Job! That's nuts. (sorry couldn't resist)
    Glad Tish recovered. You're an excellent running partner for sticking with her. No woman left behind!

  4. Reading all these recaps of Frederick is making me really wish I hadn't skipped it this year!! Sounds like you had a great day!

  5. Well done #swirlsister! Nice pics too. I've never done Frederick but it's on my list too! Deborah @ Confessions of A Mother Runner

  6. LOVE the pics and your outfits were fabulous! Can't wait til next weekend <3

  7. Looks like another awesome race, your recaps make me soooo jealous!