Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Rock and Roll Raleigh Recap

Ok so it has been so long this recap will be a bit off I suppose.  It was supposed to be a 4 day weekend for Tom and I but he ended up with a severe tooth/jaw ache so he ended up staying home.  So Friday I headed down alone.  I was staying with my friends Jerry and Shannon.  I was so excited since I have only seen Jerry once since he moved out of our house.  After picking me up at the airport Jerry and I headed to a burger place in Durham for a late dinner and then headed back to the house.

Jerry and I were up early and he took me hiking.  It was beautiful!  First it was up a mountain and then at an old race track.  We took some pictures.

After hiking we went and picked up Shannon and headed to the race expo.  Since it is a RnR race it was the same expo as every other RnR race.  I met a new friend while there :)  We also went to a flea market that had some of the most interesting items for sale.  We also hit up an art museum.

After the expo we went and got dinner and then they dropped me off at my hotel since I had to be up early.  I didn't realize just how early until I messaged Jolene.  I was FINALLY going to meet her in real life and I was so excited.  She and her husband were staying at the same hotel and offered me a ride in the morning at 5:15!!!  So I laid out my outfit for the next day.  It was my first time wearing my Team Chris shirt!!

Race day I was up super early and headed to the lobby to meet Jolene and Terry.  Luckily the hotel opened the dining room early and I was able to grab a banana since I forgot all food/fuel for race day. We drove down to the race and luckily we left as early as we did as the traffic was crazy!!  We parked and just hung out until it was time to line up in our corrals.  Jolene was much further up than I was and Terry was coming back to my corral to meet up with a friend of his.  Of course there was more photo taking.

Sorry this is blurry guys

Pretty soon we were off....it took quite a wile for corral number 20 to cross but we finally did and the hills started right away LOL.   The start of the course was in downtown Raleigh before we headed into a more suburban area.  Not before getting blessed by a priest - I love the South.

Run Bitches LOL

The Daily Planet.
There was a bunch of horn players on the bridge - it was awesome!!!

The course was super hilly but I loved it.  Half way through the course I came around a bend and saw a Half Fanatics banner.  I stopped when I saw that it had everyones names listed.  We then went past some beautiful houses and I saw the greatest sign!

There were A LOT of fanatics at this race!!!

I was trying to stick to my 3:1 run walk as much as possible.  I stayed in front of the 2:45 pacers until I stopped for the Half Fanatic banner and then with every up hill after they kept getting further and further away.  It was getting HOT.

Boys in kilts.....yes please!!

Cool tattoo place.
When I was about half way done I sent a text to Jerry to let him know that I would be done in about 1:5 hours.  I just kept running as much as I could.  There were bands as all RnR races have but the ones on this course were pretty bad LOL.

 Right after these pictures we entered some sort of campus (Jerry told me what it was but I forgot)  This is where we hit the roughest part of the race....and not the course.  There were pictures lining the left side of the course of fallen soldiers and then flags.  I had to stop reading after the first few because of course I couldn't walk during this part and it was just so heartbreaking.

We then were headed back into downtown Raleigh.  Last water stop was a BGR water stop so you know I had to take some pictures of my favorite ladies!!!

I made the turn onto the final stretch and Jolene was waiting and ran with me a few feet and told me she was proud of me <3 I just love her, I needed that.  Jerry was also there to cheer me on!! What a wonderful finish.

Jerry took me back to my hotel and I showered and checked out.  We then met up with our friend Emily and her roommate.  We had a wonderful lunch and then went to more museums.  I will say going to museums in the south and into Civil War exhibits is very different in NC than in NY!!

After a while we had to say bye and head back to Durham to Jerry's.  We wanted to nap before dinner.  I was not able to sleep but I did relax for a bit.  I also registered for RnR DC LOL.  Next up Shannon, Jerry and I went to dinner and it was awesome.

The next morning Jerry and I took Loki for a walk. It is really nice where they live and there are fun things in their neighborhood.


Loki want a rawhide?

This would never last in NY!
Then on the way to the airport Shannon and I hit up Stitch.  Holly Aiken makes custom vinyl purses that are AMAZING.  We had the hardest time deciding!!  We both placed our orders and finally got out of there.

 My flight was delayed but not too horribly.  I didn't care.  I had a great time from start to finish. I can't wait to go back for another visit!!!!


  1. What an awesome race and recap! I just love that idea of a little neighborhood library! Too cute! And I just love a random dinosaur in the neighborhood!! Wish we had that down here! LOL

    1. It was fun!!! Traveling for races is great but visiting friends makes it even better!

  2. Whoa dinosaur!
    Looks like a fun race and recap.

    1. It really was a fun one!! I will probably go back again!

  3. Awesome job chica! I love that just married couple!! That would be so hard to run by all the signs of the fallen soldiers. :(
    I've never heard of Stitch, those purses are so cute!

    1. Thanks! It really was a great weekend!! http://hollyaiken.com/ for the bags!!!

  4. Nice race Gigi! How great you met Jolene. I've been trying to run with her when I make it to NC but so far no luck. I'll be there this summer though.

    1. She was just as lovely in real life as you would expect if not more :)

  5. Awesome recap! And thank you for including the photos of the Blue Mile. I am a member of the wear blue: run to remember and we love it that people honor in some way the sacrifices of these young men and women.

    1. Thank you. That was such an emotional part of the course. I did see many runners in the Wear Blue shirts too! <3