Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April Fools Half Marathon

Two weeks ago I was heading back down to Atlantic City to run the April Fools half marathon again. Last year I had such fun with my friend Gina so I was really looking forward to it.  Plus I was going down with some of my IGRs!!  I was also staying with Kim and 2 of her friends this year in the Revel.  Bonus - Fran and Janice were going to head down and see me cross the finish line and we were going to have lunch and gamble!!!!

So Saturday I headed over to Danielle's and waited for Jeff and Alicia to pick us up in Kristine's van. We then grabbed her and headed down.  We had such a fun drive down.  Long rides are always more fun with friends.

View from the back-back seat

I look crazed in this picture.....

We got there just before 4pm when packet pick up was over.  We met up with Susan, Jen K and her mom in the hotel then Kim, Colleen and Eileen got there.  We took a couple of pictures and I headed up to the room with Kim, Colleen and Eileen to get ready for dinner.

Island Girls Running Photo Credit - Jeff Littwin

Kim, Colleen, Eileen and I headed to Carmines for dinner.  It was about 1.5 - 2 miles down the boardwalk.  It was good to get my legs moving after being in the van all day.  Dinner was great but of course both Kim and I forgot to take pictures.  On the way back we saw the sign for Miss America so we just HAD to pose.

We got back to the hotel and tried to get to sleep but there was a birthday party in the next room.  I still do not understand why they were not in the casino or club making poor choices like you are supposed to do in Atlantic City.

When I woke up in the morning Kim and Eileen were already up and had been down to the beach to take sunrise pictures.  We all got ready and headed down to the lobby to meet everyone.  It was COLD!  I was second guessing the fact that I didn't bring anything warm to wear.  I also must have been in a mood when I picked my outfit.  For me this is a very bland outfit.....

We met up with all the ladies and Jeff took some more pictures of us.  Jeff is great, he takes pictures, holds all our stuff and knows whats best for us.  I couldn't decide if I was going to run in my Digital Running jacket or not since it was so cold and he just flat out told me to take it off and he was right.

We headed to line up and I took some picture.  Kim and I had already decided to stick together like in Queens.  She promised to push me a bit but at the same time she was having foot issues.  Colleen started near us but we lost her pretty soon :)

We started off with my usual 3:1 run walk.  I had to pee right away.  Luckily the boardwalk bathrooms were open and no line.  Kim kept on going but slowly so I was able to catch back up to her.  It was a beautiful day and we were having fun.

Around 3.5 - 4 miles down the boardwalk we saw the lead runners coming back down.  They were on the opposite side of the boardwalk than the lead runners were last year.  They did change the course a little bit so we did not get to see the lead women.  We headed off the boardwalk and started looking for our friends.  Pretty soon we saw Jen Q who I assumed was in the lead of all the IGR and then right after was Danielle then Jen K, Eileen Alicia, Kris, Colleen and Susan.  We made stopped by to say Hi to Lucy and then I had to pee again.....so crazy I never have to pee that many times during a run.

I remembered these girls from last year they were clowns.  Too cute.
Kim hit up the bathroom and we decided we needed to step it up a bit to keep it under 3 hours.  Kim wanted under 2:54 if possible and this is where it was great to have her.  I was fading very VERY fast as I always do when I hit mile 10.  I sent a text to Fran to tell her when we would be crossing so they could find me and Kim said no more walking if possible.  When she sets her mind to something she does it.  Thanks to her our fastest 2 miles were our last 2 miles.  And once again we got to cross together and it was great!!!

Thanks Janice for the picture!
We crossed together at 2:53 even.  I didn't see Jeff as we crossed because Danielle was screaming for us from the medical tent.....  ????

The medal is pretty but it is tiny.

When we finished we found out that Jen K was in the medical tent and so was Kris!!  They are both OK but I hate to hear that.  There was NO FOOD left and I was in a rush.  I ran back to the hotel while Janice and Fran waited for me in the casino.  I got read said goodbye to Kim, Colleen and Eileen and then met up with Janice and Fran.  We grabbed lunch and played the slots for a while.  Susan then met up with us and we went to the Tropicana.  Susan ate we played more slots and thenSusan and I headed home.  It was a long ride - this is why I fly but when you are with friends it is fun.

All in all it was a great day.  I know a few of the girls will be heading back again next year but 2 was enough for me.  Next year I will be headed somewhere else :)

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  1. Thank you for the kind words Gigi...I adore you. Although, you did forget my photo credits this time...lol. I am just teasing you.

    1. I put that "Jeff took pictures of us" before all the pictures you took :) We would be lost without you!

  2. Awesome recap! Of course, you were running with me, so it had to be great, lol. I had a great time, looking forward to our next race together!!

    1. Me too!!! Long Branch here we come!!!! I think I may have to push you for that one since you will have run a half the day before LOL

  3. Love the Miss America photos. Can't believe you guys convinced me to do that. LOL! Nice meeting you GiGi! Fun times! Beautiful Weather!! Great weekend!!

    1. Stick with me lady and you will be doing lots of silly things :) I can not wait to hang out again!!

  4. Oh what a really pretty run along the boardwalk! Glad you had a nice race and it was a wonderful recap! Hope your friends were ok!

  5. Your pictures are great! Looks like a fun race. I've never been to Atlantic City...maybe I need to race there some day!

    1. Thanks!! It is a fun race, this was my second year doing it!!

  6. Looks like such a fun race. Love the bling!

  7. Cute medal! Sounds like you had a good time at the race.