Monday, March 10, 2014

Ragnar Leg 3

I have been afraid of this post for awhile......

Nick 2.4 miles
Brad 9.0 miles (including the 7 mile bridge)
Angela 9.6 miles
Rich 4.2 miles
Gigi 5.2 miles
Kristen 2 miles

Ok after we all slept in a field we had to drop Nick off for his leg and head quickly to the next exchange because he is so fast and he only had 2.4 miles to do.  As expect he got to the exchange super quick and was so excited because he was done!!!  Brad was off to tackle the bridge as the sun was coming up.  His view must have been amazing.  We could not stop for him at all but we drove past him a couple of times to cheer for him.

We got to the next exchange I was excited I got to meet Brian from Digital Running in person.  His team started 2 hours after us and they caught up LOL  Angela was nervous for this leg as it was super long and we were all so tired.  Plus the sun was up now so it was getting very hot very fast.

She ran a long hot and unsupported 9.6 miles and ran out of water!!!  But she KILLED IT!  You can see the determination in the photo of her finish.  BAD ASS

Rich took off and we headed to the next exchange for my last leg.  I was still feeling crappy and I know this is going to be TMI but I also got my period while Brad was running so I was in bad shape. I asked the team to not wait for me to take off or stop for me.  I was in a bad place and was getting grumpy!  

I took off for my last 5 miles and finally the scenery was beautiful.  My leg had a few bridges in it but halfway across the first one I started throwing up again.  Fan fucking tastic.  I tried drinking water but I just could't keep it down but if I didn't drink I was dry heaving.  I sent a text to Angela to let them know I was going to have to walk pretty much the whole way because I was getting sick.  So now on top of everything else I was crying......ugh.  My teammates passed me and I waved them on.  I guess about 5 minuets after that they got my message because they came back and made me get in the truck as I hot just about 2 miles.  I knew it was for the best but as soon as I was in the van I broke down for a good few minuets.  I know they were not mad but I could not help but feel like I totally let them down.

Kristen took off to finish my leg for me and then Nick took her last leg for her.  Everyone was being so great and I would be lying if I didn't say I was a teary again just writing about it.  I did post on Facebook that I had my first DNF and all I got was support in return.

As you can see everyone is amazing and I was so grateful.  I was afraid to look at the runners on van 2 when we saw them at the last major exchange but they were only concerned for me and were not mad.  Such a relief.  I am not sure why I was so scared.  I know if it was any of the other runners I would not have been mad in any way and only want to be sure everyone was OK.

We then headed to Key West.  Tom grabbed me from the van and took a picture of a very tired van full of people.

They all ate and I headed back to my hotel with Tom to shower and get some crackers and ginger ale to try and settle my stomach.  After that we all headed to Key West HS to take the shuttle over to the finish line.  That way we could all cross the finish line together, get our medals and hang out some more.

The best Ragnar team ever.  <3

Thanks to my wonderful teammates this is mine!!!

I will say while we were in the van I was talking with Rich and Kristen about how I was so excited I did this but it will be a "One and Done" thing.....I am not 100% sure that I still feel that way.  I do think I want to try another one when I am a stronger runner.

Coming next Hanging in Key West......


  1. Wow! Great job! Don't beat yourself up too much. Florida heat and humidity are horrible.
    I would love to do a Ragnar race one day. They sound like so much fun!

    1. Thank you!! It really was a great time (except for the running lol)

  2. Yea the humidity is no joke at all. You did great! DNF or not, I'm proud of you!!!

  3. This must have been so hard to write! You did an amazing job and should be proud of yourself for lasting so long in such horrible weather!