Monday, March 10, 2014

Ragnar Leg #2

I am so sorry for the delay in this post....I have been in such a rut!!

Ok so we left off with those of us in van 1 taking naps and showers at Angels & Brad's.  Van 2 was keeping in touch with Angela so we would know when to head to the speedway.  We got there with some time to spare so we hung out and wandered around a bit.  This is the 2nd major exchange so there were a lot of vans and people just sleeping everywhere!

My amazing van mates <3

The Digital Running Team 

Once I saw this van THIS had to happen!

Van 2 arrived just a bit before we expected Susan to finish up her first leg.  We were waiting when we found out that just as the runners thought they were done they had to run a full lap of the racetrack which I still think was not correct because the 1 mile to go marker was a mile before so we all think that Susan ran an extra mile.

Looking strong and PISSED

Our next legs were quite a bit longer than our first ones and it was really fucking hot now that it was the middle of the afternoon.

Nick - 8.8 miles

Brad - 4.7 miles
Angela - 8.2 miles
Rich - 11.8 miles
Gigi - 7.1 miles
Kristen - 7.8 miles

Nick had pretty much NO shade at all for his speedy 8.8 miles so we tried to stop often to give him water. He then passed off to Brad for what we thought was going to be an easy 4.7 miles but it was so damn hot and he had to run down a dirt road along a canal so it was hot, humid, dusty, no wind or shade. It was vile! He then passed off to Angela for her first of 2 super long legs.

She took off and was running so strong that when we stopped to offer aid she told us to keep going she was doing great. We drove ahead to took advantage of the pretty sunset to take some pictures.

Probably my favorite picture I took the whole trip!!!  Angela loving her run!

We headed to the end of Angela's leg because Rich had to get ready for the longest leg of the whole relay and it was getting dark fast. Angela flew into the exchange and Rich was off in the blink of an eye!!

We then stopped at Dunkin Donuts so I could get some food before my long leg. I grabbed a bagel and cream cheese and we drove to the next exchange. Brad and Nick napped a bit when Kristen and Angela were trying to calm my nerves. Rich came in and I headed off down the road for my long leg. I was originally looking forward to this leg because 7 miles is a great distance but what I pictured Key Largo to look like was not in any way what it looked like. One huge problem was that the shoulders of the road were all torn up for construction so I had to spend the entire time staring at the ground in front of me to watch my footing and I have never run with a head lamp before so the shaking of the light was a bit strange. It was also still hot and about a quarter of the way I threw up. The cream cheese was not a good idea apparently. This happened a couple of more times so I had to walk more than I would have liked but I finished in about 1:35. Kristen took off and we went to her half way point.....there I threw up a few more times and called Tom to say good night, he was still in Islemorada on his fishing trip. Kristen got too us and yelled 6 KILLS! She is amazing !!! We then headed to the next major exchange to say Hi to van 2 and wait for our next break as van 2 went off running.

After Kristen came in we decided to not stay at this major exchange to shower and rest because it was packed. This was not the best idea because the next major exchange was a field. Yup a field. So we headed to the Circe K and we all washed up in the bathroom there and then went back to the field.
Brad, Rich and I slept in the van. Nick slept on a picnic table and Angela and Kristen slept in the grass. Not ideal.

Next up Leg 3....


  1. The word on the street is that Ragnar got permission to run on the Speedway track the morning of the relay. That's why the extra mile was unannounced.

    1. I think running the track is awesome but as a surprise was not cool!!!