Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Key West Post Raganr.

Just a quick post about the few days after Ragnar.  Tom and I stayed in Key West as we love it there.  Well of course Sunday the temps dropped at LEAST 10-15 degrees from when we were running LOL.  We had a really great day just wandering around with Nick, Brand and Angela.  We tried to find out favorite Mexican restaurant but apparently it has closed down....BUMMED!!!

The most popular shirt in Key West that Sunday!!!

We still made the best of it and found an OK Mexican place.  We walked more and ran into van #2 also :).  They had to head back to Miami so mid afternoon we said out goodbyes.  Tom and I stayed in Mallory Square for a bit but it just gets too crowded there!!

Isn't he cute <3
The following morning I woke up early and went for a run.  I needed to finish up the miles I missed on my last Ragnar leg.  I knew if I left Key West without doing it I would be mad at myself forever.  It was a beautiful morning.

Sunrise in Key West

Tom went on a fishing trip and we just spent the rest of the time relaxing.  I did some laundry, sat by the pool reading and just hung out.

Who knew?  I know it is just a marketing measure but I had to get it LOL

We didn't want to go home but we knew we had to.  So Wednesday afternoon we headed back.  THIS is where the problems started.  The quick version because it was not fun.  There was a broken latch on our plane out of Key West.  This delay caused us to miss our connecting flight out of Orlando.  Not usually a big deal except there was a HUUUUUGE storm hitting the Northeast and that was the last flight out.  We were stuck in a hotel at the Orlando airport.  Not fun.  It was 50 degrees so we couldn't even go to the pool.  Many said go to Disney but we were already spending an additional 250 bucks per night on the hotel so Tom worked, I went on the treadmill and watched Honey Boo Boo marathon.  We were there an extra 2 days.

But even with the hiccups during the trip I will always remember this trip as one of the best of my life.
Still my dream house.


  1. OOO I just loved the pics! So glad you had a great trip/time!

    1. Thank you!!! Key West will always be my favorite!!

  2. Replies
    1. Would you ever do another Ragnar? I dont want to do this one again but the one in Cape Cod is tempting.....