Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ragnar Leg 1

Ok so when we last left off we were getting up at TWO IN THE MORNING.  Everyone knows Gigi and mornings are not friends but I was so flipping excited!!!  Brad and Nick were already loading the truck when I got up so I got dressed and went down to help.  We were on the road by 3am to pick up Kristen and Rich and then head to the start line.  We tried to take pictures but with the darkness and the huge lights it was not easy.  We went to the security meeting and got our stuff.

 After a bit of back and forth trying to take pictures Nick had to head to the start line.  They took the time to announce all the teams which I thought was pretty awesome!

Our first legs:

Nick - 5.7 miles
Brad - 4.4 miles
Angela - 2.4 miles
Rich - 4.0 miles
Gigi - 3.6 miles

Kristen - 2.7 miles 

At 5:10 Nick took off like a shot!!  Holy shit he is fast!!!  We rushed out to Nicks half way point to wait for him.....when we were on the way were realized he was in first place - BY ALOT!

We then headed to the first exchange to wait (not very long for Nick to hand off to Brad). I am not familiar with Miami at all but I do know a very shady area and that is where Brad had his first leg so we stuck close to him as much as we could.  Last year one female runner was almost mugged!!!

The next hand off was to Angela for her first leg and it was still dark!!!  Brad kept a good lead with the exception of one girl.

Angela's leg was short so we headed fast to the next hand off as the sun started coming up.  Well it was getting lighter but there was 100% humidity in the form of suffocating fog.  It was HOT too!!  Angela of course arrived at her hand off almost right after we got there and handed off to Rich.

This was pretty much when the absolute panic set in.....these people were fucking fast and it was so hot and humid what the hell am I going to do?????  At this point we were ahead of schedule and everyone was so excited about that and I knew it was not going to be the case for much longer.....

We got to the park where my leg started and we took some pictures.  I think Angela and Kristen knew I was freaking out a bit and were trying to calm me down.  I can not say enough how awesome my teammates were.

Well then Rich came speeding into the park and I had to just suck it up and get ready to run.  He slapped the bracelet on me and I followed another runner out of the park.  We were both a bit confused as to where to go but we followed the paved path not the dirt path out.

My first leg was not in a very pretty area, it was just some houses and then strip malls.  I was hot and it was so humid I didn't even take my camera out to take pictures of some of the most beautiful spiderwebs I have ever seen.  I got stopped a few times for red lights that seemed to take FOREVER but I was kind of grateful because I was having a hard time breathing. Soon enough I was headed into the park to hand off to this smiling face.

I was sweating like crazy and not happy with my time but as always I felt good after I was done and my team cheered me on.  We headed out to get to the first major exchange to meet up with van #2 and see Kristen finish her leg super fast too!!  It was great to meet our other teammates.  I can say my one problem with the whole relay aspect is that we are more like 2 separate teams of 6.  I wish we could have hung out with them more.

One super lucky thing for us is that Angela and Brad live right by the next major exchange so we were able to head back to their house and eat/shower and nap.  I also got to hang out with their kids and meet Brad's mom  and grandparents who were just awesome.  They all headed out to lunch so we could actually nap for a little while.

To be continued.........


  1. That was everyone's complaint about our trip, too- not enough time together!

    1. Seriously! But with out the separate vans we would not have had any time off.

  2. WOW!! I want to do one of these!!! Great job on your leg in the hot, humid weather.

    1. I want to do one but not in florida again lol. Maybe SoCal or Napa or Cape Cod.....

  3. Oh wow Gigi! This looks like so much fun! Humidity sucks though!

    1. It was awesome EXCEPT for the humidity you are right!!

  4. woot i"m doing another relay this march and you just got me all jazzed up for it!

    1. Thats awesome, which one? I still have to post my other 2 legs and the finishline posts LOL