Friday, February 14, 2014

Ok lets back up a little.

Last week was chock full of Ragnar preparation.  I had to get my outfits figured out for my 3 legs and then for the time in the van and my time in Key is better to over pack right???

Thursday I took off work because we had a flight down to Ft Lauderdale so Tom could drop me off at Angela and Brad's house before heading for the drive to Islemorada (sp?) to do some fishing while we were running.  

Our flight was delayed so I went and got my nails done in the Ragnar colors to occupy myself.  Otherwise I would drive myself crazy.

The reason I chose which runner to be LMAO.....

It was finally time to go and once we got on to the Northern State Parkway I realized I forgot my of course I had to go back and now I got myself in panic mode that we would miss our flight.  Of course we didn't......but I hate being rushed.

Our flight then was delayed some more so I knew I would be missing the team dinner.  I felt so bad that we were going to be so late because I knew Angela was waiting up for me.  Once we finally landed we then had bit of an issue with the rental car and it took waaaaayyyyy too long to get our car.  I realized that I had not eaten since breakfast so we stopped at a supermarket to get some food in me.  When we got out of the rental car something smelled like it was burning.  That is when Tom realized that the car was so new they had not even taken the tire wrappers off....

Tom then dropped me off at around 11pm......there was some chatting and then we all tried to get some sleep because the 2am wake up time was going to be there very VERY soon......

I think I slept a little but before I knew was 2am.

To be continued......Leg #1.......... 


  1. Oy! Talk about cutting it close! Damn winter '14!!!

  2. Oh man, I hate feeling rushed going to the airport. That stinks!
    Love the manicure!
    Can't wait to hear the rest!