Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend.

I had 4 races on the schedule for this weekend.  I have done the Thanksgiving 4-peet in the past and it is a lot of fun.  Only difference is that this year it was in the low 30's temp wise. It wasn't snowing, it was actually very dry and clear but FRRREEEEEZZZZZIINNNNGGG.  So when I woke up on Thursday and I was not feeling well I decided that I was not going to just suck it up and go because I didn't think there was going to be anywhere inside and warm to wait and I was right.

This was not how I wanted to start my day.
Instead I slept another hour and then got up to start cleaning and cooking for Thanksgiving.  First thing I saw was FIVE dead fish in my fish tank.  UGH!!!!  I had no idea what happened.  Other than that the day was uneventful and we had a nice night, my mother, brother in law, cousin and his wife came over.

Friday I did get up and even though it was still cold I headed out for the Run your turkey off 4k.  The day did not start well, I found 2 more dead fish in my tank THEN I forgot my watch and chapstick.  I thought I could get more chapstick on the way but forgot my wallet too..... ugh.  I checked in and was happy to see a bunch of friends there.

Me  & Joe

Ladies of Team Chris & I
(I missed getting pictures with my IGR's)

The race started late and I was trying to use my Nike+ since I forgot my watch but my music wouldnt play so I had to stop to mess with it.  BTW The gloves with the pads so you can use a smartphone are BS.  I finally got it up and going so I took off.  It was cold but once you were moving it felt good and it was a nice and sunny day.  As I came around the final 1/4-1/2 of a mile I really wanted to walk but there are students lining the course cheering you on as you enter the HS track so you just can't stop there.  Also Jennifer and Jennifer had both finished so they were there cheering me on for my final sprint across the finish.  With a 2:27 min PR thank you very much :)  I know it is just a 4k but I will take it, as it has been a long time since I got a PR at any distance!  I got to hang out for a bit as both Jennifers and Kate placed in their age groups.  After I rushed home to figure out what was up with my fish.  I think that some uneaten food that had gotten under some decorations started to rot and raise the ph in the tank to a dangerous level.  I decided to just get a new tank and hope the last catfish and 3 frogs would make it through the transition.  I headed out got a new tank, decorations and water treatments. 

Lucas Approves.
Saturday's race started at 11am....LOVE THAT!!  It was still chilly but not as bad.  This was a trail run that I had not done before so I did not know what to expect.  I made sure I had everything and headed out the door.  Met up with my IGR ladies got a picture and headed to the start.  This race was a late start too...WTF?  The course was tough I am not going to lie but trails are a nice change. 

It doesn't seem steep but it was and there is a log at the top to jump over.  We did this TWICE.
It kicked my ass but I had fun towards the finish.  My friend Jeff takes MANY MANY race photos and he was there.....I decided to show him some love :)

Photo Credit Jeff Littwin
I had a tattoo appointment in an hour so I had to haul ass out of there with the late start and my 38 min time I was pushing it.  One last picture and I was out. 

IGR ladies - Photo Credit Jeff Littwin
I actually got home, showered and got to the tattoo shop in time.  My friend Regina did some more work on my ally flower and rainbow.  It goes around my elbow so it was super painful and no I couldn't finish LOL.  I hate how much they hurt.  I just like how they look after.....kind of like running.  I hate it during but love how I feel after..... Oh and since many asked what an ally flower was, it is to proudly show my alliance with the LGBTQ community.  Straight Ally

Well then came Sunday......I am still laughing about this.  I got up on time, got out the door on time, remembered everything, found a good parking spot, not line for bathroom or check in....such a good day.  Well I had about a half hour until the start so I headed to my car to wait.  As I was sitting there playing a bit of Quiz Up - my new addiction.

if you play let me know!!

I heard announcements but they were muffled as I was in my car in the parking lot.  I looked at the clock, just about 9:15, I had 15 more minutes, right? ...... the answer to that my friends is NO.  I heard the horn and was confused.  I figured it must have been the kids run, wait there was no kids run....I looked in my rear view mirror between the cars and saw people running.  I hopped out of my car and ran across the parking lot, I saw someone walking and asked "Did I miss the start?"  He looked at me strange and said Yup.

As I saw the runners disappearing into the woods I took off running TOWARDS the start.  I decided half way to just cut the field and catch up to them.  All while trying to plug my headphones in.  I didn't even think to hit my watch until I got to the woods.  *headdesk*  I stopped just to get my headphones in and took off.  I started passing people and I won't lie I started to feel better.  Then to my surprise I met up with my friend Jessica.  She is a coach for Rolling Thunder which is an amazing program here on Long Island.  I was happy to see her and decided to stick with her and Mikey for the rest of the run.  As we all know I would rather be with people then alone on a course any day.  We had fun and it was great to see Mikey charge across the finish line!!  I also found out my friend Laura was running so I got to see her cross the finish line and chat with her and Keith for a bit, we used to run together all the time but she chose Deck Hockey over running for awhile

How I felt about her choice.
When I got home I decided that since it was World AIDS Day I was going to do what Bill Ransic did for the NYC Marathon.  (He started last and Timex donated $1.00 for everyone he passes)  Well I passed 22 people so I donated $50.00 to amfAR.  I figured something other than a funny story should come out of this weekend. 

Sooooooooooooo how was your weekend?  Any running?  Funny stories?


  1. Ack! Sounds like a crazy weekend! Sorry about the fish and missing the start!

    1. Thanks!! Crazy is better than boring......right???

  2. I love my shout outs via such an awesome chickie!

  3. For using a touchscreen with gloves: I bought some conductive thread to sew into the fingertip of my gloves and it worked great. If you have cloth gloves pass them off to Lorena to give to me and I'll put some on for you.

  4. Great job, sounds like a crazy weekend. You did a lot more than me, I was lazy after turkey.

  5. Wow you had a very busy Thanksgiving weekend!!
    That sucks about your fish. Hopefully the ones left survived! And your cat is adorable. :)