Monday, November 4, 2013

Runners World Half Marathon.

A while back I discovered the Runners World Half Marathon would be the weekend before my 40th birthday.  What better way to say goodbye to my 30s?  Bonus it is only about a half hour from my some of my most favorite people on this planet.  Danielle or as she is now known "Racer Girl" of course said she wanted to do it too but she wanted to do the hat trick.  (5k & 10k on Saturday and then the half on Sunday).  I called Jessica and asked if we could stay with her that weekend and of course we could.  Fast forward to June and we are out there for Tyler's graduation party......why he decided to become an adult I will never know or approve of for that matter....but that is a different story.  Well one of my friends, Adam was there and we talked about running as over the past few years he has become a runner too.  So he signed up.  BONUS!!!

The Friday before the race I took off of work and as soon as Danielle got out of work we headed to PA.  The usual 2 hour trip took us over 4 due to traffic.  We were stressed, hungry and annoyed when we got to the expo.  I expected an well run super expo machine.  Nope it was lame.  I am hoping because we were late and that all the people we had to deal with were tired is why it was no fun.

After the expo we headed to Jessica's house and hung out for awhile.  Danielle went to bed early as she had to go to her first 2 races of the weekend early in the morning.  That night we all went out to dinner to celebrate my birthday and Peyton's birthday too.

Race Day:

We were up early and headed to the race.  We were there super duper early and it was cold.  As we were in the car I looked on Facebook and I found out that the woman who cared for me as a child passed away.  I was heartbroken but I didn't want to bring down everyone's spirits so I didn't say anything.  She cared for me and other children for many years but the special thing was that for a couple of us we became parer of her already huge family.  (She had 8 kids of her own and still took in others)  She was like a grandmother to me.  I am pretty sure that every child she cared for is a better person now because of it.  The last time I saw her was at my wedding, I was so happy she was able to come.  It wouldn't have been the same with out her.

Mrs. Dunn, Margaret (her daughter and the person I always looked up to most) and me
OK now back to the event.  We checked out stuff and walked the long walk to the start.  Danielle and I missed the Half Fanatics picture yet again but we found our friend Kim right away.  The plan was for the 3 of us to spend the race together having fun.

I love this picture of Adam and I we have been friends for almost 20 years and never in that time would either of us thought that one day we would be getting ready to do a half marathon together.  It was AWESOME!!  Fun fact...we all stayed with Jessica and Brian for this and I was the Maid of Honor and Adam was the Best Man in that wedding <3  Awwwwe.

It was a chilly but beautiful morning.
We all went to the start, said good luck to Adam (he is fast even when hung over lol)  We actually stayed at the back of the pack.  I expected so many more runners.
Seriously we were at the back and this is how close we are to the start.
Just a few seconds and a quick high five from Danielle to Burt Yasso (JEALOUS) and we were off.  Let me say the course is BEAUTIFUL!  I love small towns and Bethlehem PA is gorgeous.  We knew it was going to be a super hilly course and both Kim and Danielle ran the 2 races the day before and Danielle had been nursing a sore leg so our plan was to run easy and walk up every hill.

We just kept going chatting with each other and everyone along the course.....THIS is how I like to spend my long races.  Danielle and Kim were excited when we came to this big star LOL

I am not even sure what was going on here.....
Then more beautiful scenery and fun people along the course.  For the first time every I actually had to stop and use the bathroom.....chafing UGH.  Never wear pants for the first time to a half marathon....rookie mistake!!!

Looking up a very long hill....doesn't look too bad right?


as a matter of fact......

A dreamhouse.
We then came to a water stop put on by a running skirt company and if you tweaked on camera you got a free skirt....we all did but they only had one left so Kim got the skirt.  (I Was told to email them and they would send me one but I did and never got so much as a reply)  We also saw some more half fanatics on the way back the other way.

Who knew I was supposed to live in Bethlehem PA????

I was bummed at the 7 mildish area because I realized that when I went to the bathroom at mile 4 I accidentily shut my garmin off....must have hit the button when i used my arm to open the door.....porto potties are gross.  When we were close to mile 10-11 Danielle and Kim got so excited because we were coming to a cemetery they say the day before....they were laughing like little girls it was so funny.  Why you ask......well this.

Ribbed for her pleasure.......LMAO
By this point we were fucking done with the hills and after every one we were assured there were no more.....cops, kids and an Australian guy....LIARS!!  The words I promise no more hills was said more than once....LIARS!!!

I did order this......
We crossed the bridge and headed for the finish...I was losing steam fast and my tailbone was killing me.  Old roller derby injury LMAO.....(but serious it was hurting bad)  The final mile felt like 3 I swear!!  I was so happy to be done and Danielle was too as she cartwheeled across the finish line.  You can see it a little in one of these pictures but you can also see that I was just very happy to be done thanks to a picture from Adam who finished about an hour before us LOL

I didn't get a chance to say bye to Kim but we will run together soon!!!  We went back to the house, showered and headed home.  Thank goodness the traffic was not too bad for our return trip.  All in all I had a great time at my last race in that age group!!!


  1. Great recap and awesome pictures! I am thinking of doing the RW Hat Trick next year but in Boston. We will see...

    1. That one scares is in June and I hate the heat!!!