Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Richmond Half Marathon

I am not sure when I registered for the Richmond Half Marathon but I am sure it was probably while looking at the Half Fanatics site and thinking about mooning up.  Originally I was going to stay with some friends when I went down but they went and got pregnant on me and were due to have a baby the week of the race. 
On 11/12/13 they went and had a beautiful baby girl so I guess I can forgive them LMAO.

I flew down on Friday and Gabby drove down from Maryland to get me from the airport.  We checked into the hotel and headed to Carytown.  There is an AMAZEBALLZ candy store there that I had to go to.
If there is a candy you think you might want it is here.
We grabbed food, went shopping at some fun stores and grabbed some Fro Yo before heading back to the hotel.  The stores in Carytown are so fun but there was one problem......

I laid out my clothes for the race and we watched some TV and I tried to fall asleep early.

I got up while it was still dark out and looked out the window.  It was pouring.  I kept looking at the weather on my phone and it kept saying it should be stopping...outside said a different story.  I missed yet another Half Fanatic photo but went down to the lobby of the hotel to wait for the start which was only a couple blocks from my hotel.

I waited until the last possible second before heading out to the rain to get to my corral.  It was chilly but not freezing because I had a sweatshirt on.  Gabby came with me took some pics and grabbed my sweatshirt from me.

It took me about 15-20 minutes to get across the start line and I was off.  

I decided early on I was going to try as hard as I could to stick to the 4:1 run/walk ratio.  I did run the first mile as per usual to not start walking until it thinned out a bit.  Man it was POURING.  Not too long after we started the marathon started so we go to see the fastest runners pass us before we hit the 2 or 3 mile mark where we turned right and they turned left.  By this point the rain slowed to a drizzle.  Temp wise it was pretty perfect, not too warm and not too cool.  After 4 or so miles on main roads we turned into a neighborhood.  There was NOT ONE person out in their yard to cheer us on.  As a matter of fact I had yet to see any spectators since we left the start area.  At the turn around there were a couple of people but then no more.  We came out of the neighborhood and just kept going to a really pretty park. It started getting a but hilly but I was doing pretty good at sticking to my 4:1.  I did walk up any hills but other than that I was doing well and felt pretty good.  I hit the 10k mark at 1:13 and this is faster than my recent 10k times.  I had to go to the bathroom since the beginning but every porto potty had looooooong lines but just after mile 8 there was finally one with only 2 people.

It was good I stopped, Gabby and Chad had walked up there from the hotel and caught site of me coming out.  I said Hi, posed for a pic and took off.  Chad ran a short bit with me and I told them I would meet them at the finish line.

I was right behind this family most of the race they were so cute.
I was actually feeling pretty good from miles 8 on.  The rain stopped and I actually started seeing spectators.  I was walking a little bit more than 1 minute at a clip but I was still keeping a good pace.  Just before mile 10 were were told to keep to the right.  The first marathoners we catching up to us.  I finally took my camera out (I hadn't been taking pictures because of the rain)

This guy was so cute and he smiled and waived after I took the picture.
I put my camera away and just finished out the race.  I wish I took it out as I headed down the hill to the finish but I was just enjoying the fact that I was finishing at the same time as the 2nd female finisher.  Just after the finish I got my medal and blanket and a big hug from one of my Team Tough Chik teammates who was waiting for a friend (we both kicked ourselves after when we realized we didn't get a picture)  I grabbed a water and a banana and headed back to the hotel....UP HILL the whole way LOL.  Gabby and Chad just got back to the hotel so I met them there.

The medal is beautiful.  The water is blue.

Chad and Gabby left me alone for a bit so I could take a shower and call Tom.  I relaxed for a bit and posted to Facebook of course.  We then headed back to Carytown to eat and shop more.  Chad dropped us back off at the hotel and we went to relax for awhile.  I checked my splits an was pleasantly surprised with them.  With the exception of when I went to the bathroom and saw Gabby and Chad and mile 12 which was only 2 seconds over, I was under 13min miles and a few were even under 12 for an average pace of 12:33!!!!!

And Done!

I can say I think this was good race, it is called the friendliest race and on a good weather day I am sure it is.  I have some friends who are thinking of doing it again next year and I think I might koi them.  

I was going to discuss the issues with getting home but really it was weather and hanging out in the airport for 6 hours....on and off the plane...what can you do?

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