Monday, November 4, 2013

NYC Marathon.

As you may know yesterday was the NYC Marathon.  I was lucky enough to be able to volunteer for it.  I was to be stationed with some friends at the Mile 16 water stop.  This is apparantly "THE" water stop to work at.  It is the first one when the runners hit Manhattan for the first time and it is huge.

My friend Colleen was the one who told me about it so I followed her lead....she likes to be early so yesterday morning I was on a 4:50am train into NYC.

My Marathon nails

Thank goodness for daylight felt like 5:30 not 4:30 when I took

Looking back I am happy we were on that train because I ran into my friend Brian (the fireman from RnR Philly) who was running for the FDNY.  I was happy I got to wish him luck and let him know where we would be.

We were to the stop before the sun came up an we were SOOOOOOO excited to find out that the stop was run by some ladies from BGR!!  Now you know how much I love and admire the BGR Ladies.

Black Girls Run - We learned that we can be apart of them even if we are not Black Girls!!!  WIN!!!!

The sun started to come up and we started to get set up.

We got our badges and put on our uniform for the day.....LOL  Coleen said we look like Candy Corn.....that is a win in my book.

Soon the wheelchair division started coming inspiring.  One rider rolled through the station blowing kisses the entire way.

We were informed that the Elite women would be coming through shortly and we really started to get excited!!  The police escorts and the trucks with the clocks came through first then the runners.  I have very fast friends but I have never been this close to the amazing machines elite runners are.

The elite men came next.  There was a bit more excitement then. More trucks with camera crews and police escorts.  I noticed that the men stay in packs more.  The women did not take and fluid from us but a couple of the men did and the first few were like they gave us a gift....a lot of high fiveing when one was taken from runner even stopped and asked a girl for a good luck kiss so cute!!!

I was excited when Meb ran by and I think Colleen might have squealed LMAO!  My picture of him may be my best from the day.

The runner who needed a smooch :)

And after this is when the unthinkable camera DIED!!!  UGH!!!  I was so bummed but then the runners started coming in fast (no pun intended)  I have never seen so many people in one place.  I knew Brian and my friend Stefanie were in the first wave after the elite runners so they would be coming soon.  I did't see Stefanie but I did see Brian, give him gatorade and a high five (so excited)  After that I saw and yelled for my friend Rob and I thought he didn't hear me but he told me on Facebook that he did.  They all finished extremely well with Stefanie being the 13th American woman over all and FIRST in her age group!!!  Amazing for her first marathon!!!  I told you I know some fast people!!!  It was a fast paced day and awesome.  I kept checking my tracking app for Danielle, June, Dawn, Sheryl and Laurie.  I saw Danielle and Denise first, got a big hug and kiss from Danielle and hugged Denise who was rocking her very first marathon!!!  I missed Dawn and June but I then saw Sheryl.  I have been following her blog for awhile now and we have been Facebook friends for quite some time but we have never met in person until this moment!!

She always has her camera thank goodness!  Look at that face so happy and perfect even at 16 miles of her first marathon!!!  Not too long after this I looked at the runner taking my cup and it was BILL RANCIC!!!!  I was so excited I did jump up and down and do a little dance I will not lie.  Not only is he GORGEOUS but he started dead last and for every person he passed Timex was donating a dollar to breast cancer research.  AWESOME!

I love him.
Then we saw the smiling face of Laurie......we all got big hugs and told her she was doing amazing.  She said she was having the best time!!  So amazing!!  Here is a picture I stole from her Facebook page of just before she got to us.  I could never dream to look this good let alone after 15 miles of running!!!

We were told that in a little while there was going to be a man named Jimmy coming through out station and the Today show was going to interview him there because he is the first person with Downs Syndrome to finish the NYC Marathon.  Even before he got there we all got a bit teared up and then he came running in.

This picture was from the Best Buddies International Facebook page of Jimmy getting to mile 16.

Not too long after Jimmy ran off to finish his marathon, the water stop started packing up.  I won't lie this made me sad.  There were still runners coming through and they didn't leave one table up, not even water.  These people had been on the course for HOURS now and we had to leave??!?  What??  I understand that it is NYC and you can't close the roads all day BUT STILL!  We checked out, got our tshirts and headed back to the train.  After we got back to the island we met up with Sue and had a great dinner because we were starving.  I was home and in bed by 9pm!

I can't wait for next year!  I want to try to get to give out the medals but if not I will be at mile 16 again!!!


  1. Your nails and these pics are fantastic! What an epic day. How great of you to volunteer. I'll be running NYCM in 2014!!!

    1. I will see you there!!!!! Either at mile 16 or the finish <3

  2. You caught some awesome shots!! I loved spectating NYC this year, too!