Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Annapolis Half Marathon

I wanted to do one more half marathon in 2013 but I didn't want it to be too cold so I found one in Maryland at the end of November.  It also had a 10k so I knew I could get Gabby to run at least part with me.  I posted I was doing it and found out Susan, Danielle and Dawn were doing it too!!  BONUS.  I flew out after work on Friday and Gabby grabbed me at the airport.  We went straight to Annapolis and checked in.  We grabbed food and the girls met us back at the hotel.  Susan thankfully got our packets.  We all laid out our outfits and got to bed early.  We had to be up super early!!

I knew it was going to be cold but I needed to have my Dr Who shirt.

We were up early and it was FREEEEEEZZZZIIINNNNGGGG.  We got to the race location pretty quick and it was nice and small.  The start was right in the parking lot.  We hit the porto potties which were DISGUSTING.  The smell could knock you down and there was no toilet paper.  We went back to the car for a bit then headed to the start.  It was a nice and small race so we were across the start in about 5 minutes max.  

Gabby and I were going to be able to stick together for the first 5 miles.  The first mile or so was around the area where the race started but then it headed across  bridge to the cute part of Annapolis.

This is the woman who sang the national anthem for the race and she was having the best time smiling and taking pictures.

Not too long after this was the first water stop HOWEVER...they were out of water.  Luckily it was not hot out but the cold and wind made it very dry.  We ran through the main area of Annapolis and there were maybe 5 spectators total....what the hell is up with that.

At the end of this area there was finally a water stop ....with water imagine that.  The course did a few little loops and parts when you run down a road to a cone and come back....strange but one part about this that I like is you see the other runners.  We saw that woman from the bridge and I found this picture on her Flickr.

Photo Credit Flickr set of WebSphinx
We headed back over the first bridge and it was time for Gabby and I to split up.  She got to go left and finish and I went right to go to all the hills.

Photo Credit Flickr set of WebSphinx

 I put my headphones in and decided to try and make up some time but not go crazy and burn myself out.  There were quite a few surprises.  I am not sure why I never thought about hills but there were a bunch.  I walked up them usually but took advantage of the downhills!

Miles 7-9 were down and back on a side street.  It was pretty and I got to pass Danielle and Susan.  

Photo Credit Flickr set of WebSphinx

Photo Credit Flickr set of WebSphinx

I was feeling pretty good until mile 12, that last up and back on a street and then through the parking lot killed me.  I crossed the finish line and got my medal and space blanket but NO WATER again.  I had to go to the tents to get way underripe bananas and water.  I grabbed my race shirt and socks and sat down in a bus stop enclosure.  I checked my splits and was pleased to see how much time I was actually able to make up.

Gabby got pictures of Susan and I crossing the finish line.

The half way mat was at mile 7 not at the half way mark but still send half was 20 min faster!

No mad at the fact if I didn't stop for pictures I would have been closer to 2:45

I told you there were hills in that second half!!!

Happy I got the average back under 13!!!

The professional pictures were posted today and I actually liked them.  I ordered some so I am OK with posting these screen caps of them.

I loved doing this race with my friends but there was a lot about this race I didn't like.  The course was silly with all the turn arounds, it was over ¼ a mile long and apparatnly as posted on their Facebook page cones in one of the turn arounds were wrong.  Running out of water is never acceptable especially at the the finish line.  The medals and shirts were the same for both races (not a huge deal but still) and more/cleaner porto potties WITH toilet paper. 

After we got back to the hotel and showered Gabby and I headed back to Rockville where she lives.  We got some Silver Diner and then went back to her place to hang out and watch a bunch of episodes of Psych and it may be my new favorite show.

The next morning we got up, hit Starbucks and I headed home.  I was through the airport and home in 3 hours total.  Southwest and LIMA are better than any other!!!  This was the last long race and race to travel for until Phoenix in January.  I am looking forward to the local 5ks I just wish it was going to be more than 27 degrees LOL.


  1. Love that you sported your Doctor Who gear during the race! Great pics too and now I've got the REM song "Don't Go Back to Rockville" stuck in my head!

  2. Nice job on your half! I love having negative splits for the end of a race. Go you!