Saturday, October 26, 2013

Rock & Roll Philly

Ok I know it has been FOREVER for me to get this post up.  Life has just gotten so busy recently.  So my last post told you all about Team Corey and one of the reasons I was running this half marathon.  The second reason was to hang out with my friend Dave and hopefully help him finish his very first half marathon.  You probably remember Dave from my Color Me Rad trip to Philly over the summer.  Well he had a friend who was registered for the race but couldn't run so he decided to take her bib.

As with all races I had to be up super early.  The sunrise outside of my hotel was pretty and I liked how my before picture came out.

I ran down to the lobby to meet up with Dave and the rest of Team Corey to all take the long walk to the start all together.  By the time we got to the start it was warmer so I put my arm warmers in my bag to check and we hit the porto potty and then the start line.

For it being his first half Dave seemed super calm.  I think that is just his demeanor....he is just a very chill person.  I think this one of the things I like the best about him.

Not too long after this picture we were off.  I set my watch to have us run 4 minute them walk 1 minute.  The first part of the race was through a seemingly historic part of Philly.  Dave was telling me all about the buildings we were passing and I think it was helping pass the time for both of us and we were genuinely having a great time.

At around mile 4 we were coming back around to the start line and I didn't have my camera out but I saw the Team Corey spectators so I yelled to them and we got a huge amount of cheers and then right after was Corey and her mom, I don't think they realized who we were but one day Corey will be out there running with us and that is what mattered!!!

When we got to this sign we were about 4-5 miles in and I think Dave was pretty excited as he never ran this far before.  We then started running along a river.  This course is so beautiful.  The 4:1 ratio was getting to be a little much for Dave so we changed it up to 3:1.  He was so awesome, I know he was getting tired and I think second guessing himself but yet never once complained or even stopped smiling.

Right about here we were about five miles in and Dave started to experience something every runner has dealt with and dread.....CHAFING!!!  I think he suffered for a bit before he asked me what was happening.....I told him we would stop at the next medical stop and to just lube it up with vaseline and he would be good to go....I am not sure he believed me but he did it anyway LOL

Dave pre vaseline

While Dave was in the Porto Potty I thought of Corey.....

Right after the vaseline stop was the turnaround and we crossed a bridge.  I am also pretty sure that Dave's wall was on that bridge.  I saw it in his face but he wasn't going to let it get him down.  He really is such a trooper!!!  I remember the wall of my first half and it is the WORST feeling ever.

I am pretty sure in his head he was thinking "We have to go allllllll the way back down there?!?!"

Back down the other side of the river.  Just as beautiful.  The weather was perfect, we were chatting with people along the course and I was hanging with Dave.  I was having the best time ever.  I decided then that I would rather spend ever long run with people having a good time and not give a shit about the clock.  I texted Christine that we were crossing the 10 mile mark and out ETA since I was sure all of Team Corey was done but I knew that they were all waiting for us.  Everyone was so awesome.  Dave was doing awesome, I know he was hurting, I was getting tired myself but we were having a blast!

After this little waterfall we went around the bend and up the only hill to the finish.  I think he may have wanted to kill be but I am sure he was also pretty excited.

I purchased all the photos here.  
As were were walking to meet up with the rest of Team Corey I took my usual picture of my finisher medal....something seemed off but I wasn't sure.

Once we met up with Team Corey we headed back to the hotel.  while walking I was chatting with will remember him from the Team Corey post and the Ocean to Sound relay case you forgot who Brian was here is a photo of him that Christine sent me to put on the blog.......
No not all NYC firemen look like this....LOL  Yes we all want to be Christine right now huh?  LOL
ANYWAY I saw his medal was different, and being the awesome guy he is he offered to trade me since he and Christine keep their medals together.

Much better.
Apparently someone stole a bunch of medals so they were giving out generic ones.  They did send the real ones out and since Dave didn't get a time since he lost his chip I gave him mine since I had one from Brian already.

All in All this was probably one of my favorite races.  Everything was great, the trip down with Christine and Brian, being part of Team Corey and spending the day with Dave.  I couldn't wait to do it again.


  1. You got some awesome photos! What a great run for you and Dave! And team Corey. Crazy about the medals. Who would want to steal a bunch of cheap medals? So bizzare.

    1. Right?!?!?! Who knows why people do some of the things they do.....

  2. Way to go Gigi and Dave! Dude, you should have totally run up on the steps of the Art Museum (or wherever it is) and done the whole Rocky pose!

    1. Thanks!!! We will have a replay in March in Va Beach for the Shamrock andI can't wait!!!

  3. Looks like an awesome course, definitely going to try for this one next year!!!!

    1. I think you would love can be a super fast course!