Sunday, October 27, 2013

Rock and Roll Brooklyn 10k

The second weekend of October was going to be so fun!!!  The Rock n Roll 10k in Brooklyn on Saturday and then the RoC Race on Sunday.  It is no secret I love the fun runs with mud or foam or color or blow up slides all of it!!!  The government had different ideas for us though.  The RoC was postponed due to the gov't shut down.  I was so bummed because I wouldn't be able to do it the following weekend PLUS a bunch of people were in town for the race and NY Comic Con so they couldn't the next week either.  But we still had RnR right?

I headed out to the hotel right after work on Friday and I can admit that I am sometimes I shouldn't be the one to pick a hotel LMAO.  The hotel was nice but we will just say the area was not.  Matt met me there as we waited for Gabby and Dan to arrive.  I decided to hit the gym and I mention this because that is first thing when arriving to a hotel has never been to find the gym.....

I realized that as per usual my outfit was full of neon....BONUS!  The gym was tiny and there was no display on the treadmill LMAO.  I did a quick mile and we waited for Dan to arrive and then ordered dinner and watched Murder Channel for a while.  I set out my clothes for the next day.

We were up early and headed out when it was still dark.  We had a 2 mile walk to the start.  I realized part way there that I forgot my watch which bummed me out because I was planning on running with Gabby and doing the 4:1 run walk ratio to help her with her first 10k.  We got there pretty early and met up with a bunch of friends.

We met up with Danielle and headed over to the start line.  The fasties went up ahead and Gabby and I headed to her corral.  Dan stayed with us for the start before his gazelle legs took him up to the fasties LOL

Gabs and I had a nice run on a beautiful day through the park.  I pushed her to run a little more than I think she wanted to but no more than I knew she could do.

We even floated across the finish line.
Danielle waited for us and we met up with everyone else before taking some finish photos and heading back to the hotel to get cleaned.  

RnR Never disappoints when it comes to the bling!!!


  1. This was a lot of fun. In my 41 years I have never run in an organized event. I can't wait to do it again,

  2. Way to go! I need to run some races just to wear the cute clothes like you.

  3. It was a great time and I can't believe that I'm going to say this...I can't wait to do another 10 friggin K!!!!

    Also, thank you so much for always being supportive & motivating. You are a rock star!

  4. Awesome job!! i considered signing up for that one, but didn't... might run into you at one of these races soon!

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  6. OMG you're dressed so colorfully and fun! And a double air shot at the finish? Amazing! Very nice bling too! So FLying Pig half has ONE hill? I was thinking the whole darn thing was hills. Not my favorite. Haha!

    1. There are some minor ones when you are crossing the bridges and stuff but there is the one BIG one but I think because I was having such fun I didn't realize how bad it was. The WHOLE city comes out to cheer the runners on. Check out my post on it, if you haven't

  7. Great job! I totally love all your race clothes! So colorful and fun!