Saturday, October 26, 2013

Diva Half Marathon

As many of you know the Diva Half Marathon 2012 was my very first half marathon.  It is still my PR but it was not can read about it HERE.  This year it was going to be my 9th half marathon in the past year.  After the fun I had at the Rock n Roll Philly half I knew I wanted to have fun with friends so when my friend Kim had concern that she wouldn't be able to run I told her I would run with her even if we walked the whole thing.  My other friend Lorena said she would stay with us as it was her first half and didn't want to do it alone.

I was up early and it was a little rainy but not too bad.  I picked up Darling and we headed to the park.  There were many of my friends running this race so we had a meet up before and most of us made the picture.

We headed to the start and pretty quick we were off.  We for sure started too far ahead to the planned 2:1 run:walk plan was out the window for the first 2 miles because we couldn't stop to walk as it was super crowded.  We were having fun anyway.  Thanks Jeff for the pictures.

Just after the mile 2 mark we headed out of the park, this was absolutely my favorite part of the race. As were were running the people ahead of us were heading back the other way so I got to see many friends and was just cheering and hugging people for 2 miles.  Then as we headed back we saw anyone who may have been behind us.....there was a moment that broke my heart a bit.  I saw my friend Jen who was doing her first half and her friends left her behind...she was so upset and I alms pulled her to come with us but that would have been wrong so I cheered and hugged her and told her she could do it.....I was upset about that the whole rest of the race.  I wish she would have just come with us from the beginning.  I know how hard a run can get if your not having a good time.

Once we hit the 4 mile mark every step was new for Kim and we were just having such a great time.

FYI Whoever put this sign out was an asshole and liar LOL

Around mile 9 is where I hit my wall last year.....I think Kim hit it too.  She started getting into her own head and told us to keep going but sorry lady that ain't happening.  I kept pushing a bit but not too much.  Around mile 10 I saw my friends Chris and Kym so getting those hugs and gummy bears was a nice boost.  We were all getting tired by this point and my feet were killing me.  We grabbed out tiaras and boas ( I still hate that part) and headed back into the park.

We made it around the corner and we saw the finish line......there were signs there for Lorena and Kim but we all missed them LOL.  We headed across the finish line got out medals.

I have no idea what was happening here.....LOL  But Kim was happy!

We did it!!

We had a bit of an after party where we aloo had some food and much needed fun.  Those who were still there took a finishing photo.  Loving all of these ladies and even though I am done doing Diva's I will always run with these woman!!!


  1. Even though I ran it alone I had a great time seeing everyone along the course and enjoyed the spectators signs and cheering support. I might not do it next year, either, but it holds a special place in my heart!

    1. With so many races to be run I am done with Diva. I just had to prove that I could do it and not feel like shit like last time LOL

  2. My pleasure Gigi...anything for my wife and her friends!

  3. LMAO about that sign! Great job and nice bling there!

  4. Great job!! I am done running Diva's, it was my first in 2011 and I also ran last year,but I didn't this time. Too expensive and a pretty boring route if you ask me.

    1. Agreed. This was my last one. I just had to go back to it because it kicked my ass last time so I needed to beat it so to speak :)