Saturday, September 7, 2013

Time to play catch up!!!

My last post was waaaaaaaaaaaay back in July OH EM GEE!!  I am sorry.  I honestly think it is because I was not in school for the past 8 weeks.  That and my running has been less than fun recently.  Here is a quick catch up post and I will write my next two or three right after.  My Rock n Roll Va. Beach recap and my 1,000 facebook fan giveaway.

1. I realized I never posted about the LGBT Pride 5 Mile run back in June.  Maybe it was because I was slightly disappointed about it.  Now anyone who knows me knows that one of my passions is LGBT rights so when I found out about this run I signed up the day it opened.  Bonus would be that I had never run in Central Park before and even though I have lived in NY usually within 2 hours of Manhattan I have only been to Central Park once ever.

Ok so why was I disappointed?  Well I expected a fabulous spectacle of a race.  It was nothing like that, it was just like any other.  One great part is that I went with my friend Darling and we had never gotten to hang out just us before.  We took the train in and then headed to the park.

We got a quick picture, hit the bathroom and dropped our stuff at the gear drop.  Then we headed to the start line.  Darling is much faster than me...with legs like that are you surprised??
We went to our corrals and waited for the start. Pretty quick we were off.

It was a bit too hot to take a lot of pictures but here are a few.  I wish I got a picture of my unicorn.  This is what I call Sheryl who is also fondly known as Bitchcakes.  I have followed her blog, we are facebook friends and yet have never met.  She ran past me at the halfway point but she was in the zone so I figured I would find her at the end  (PS - never found her)

It was hot and humid so I finished in just over an hour, not great but as I found out later Darling hurt her leg and didnt get to finish :(  I was expecting festivities at the end but this is all there was.....

So we took an after picture and left.

2. Glo Hard Or Glo Home - The same day as the LGBT Run was a local Run 2 Glo run.  I was excited because Gabby was coming up for it plus it was the very first 5k for my friend Fran.  There were a bunch of us going so it had to be fun!! We got to Belmont Raceway pretty early so we hung out and took pictures.

I am kidding that it was my entourage but in this picture you will find my massage therapist, tattoo artist and hairdresser (yes Fran is the one who makes my hair rainbow)

Fran getting "pinned" for her first 5k
It is the first time this was run so the organization was a bit off but I am sure it will get better :)  We headed under a bridge and had a bit of a dance party.  They also came around with paint to put all over ourselves......

I wish I could put a video here as Gabby took the funniest picture of my dancing to cheesy 80's music LOL

Ok so the course was dark....not too glowy at all so footing could be tough.  It was also kind of boring until we got to the bubbles......

We then ran to the finish, there was a clock but I do not know what it said.  This was one of those runs that are just for fun.  Plus surprise bling!!

Something I need to mention is that my friend Alicia broke her foot right before this race so she came and 2 other friends pushed her through the course.   It is people like this that make me love my local running community.

Before and After

Ok, that is enough for now.  I will post again in a few hours.....LOL


  1. I need to live near you. You do so many fun runs. I have always wanted to try a glow run. My daughter would love it, but it would be a bit too late for her.

  2. Let me know when you do this again, it looks awesome!

  3. I felt the samw way about the Pride Run this year, especially after hearing how amazing it was 2 years ago. . .but then again, I think it was too hot!

    That Glo Run looks awesome!

    1. It was super hot but also kind of boring...right? I hate to complain when a run is for a good cause but it could have been so fab!!!