Saturday, September 7, 2013

Rock N Roll Virginia Beach Recap

Ok so we all know that my last half marathon did not go well and I actually skipped the one I was supposed to do in July because of it.  I promised myself I would run smarter and come back better for this one.  Did that happen?  Yes and No.  I have not run as much as I should have because lets face it, it has been super hot and humid this summer.

Tom and I flew down to Norfolk on Friday.  We actually got to the airport early because there was a veteran returning home and our airport makes events out of it to welcome them home.

This is becoming a common sight LOL 
We landed, picked up the rental car and headed to the hotel.  We relaxed for a bit then met up with Danielle to walk to the expo.  The walk took us over a half hour so we decided that on race morning tom would drop us off.  There were shuttles but the schedule was not posted anywhere.  The expo was nice and well organized.

We headed back to the hotel to relax more and get some dinner.  We went to a pub for dinner but the food kind of sucked.  Saturday morning I realized I forgot my salt pills and Tom had forgotten some sort of fishing thing so we headed to the mall to see if we could find them.  No but we did find a classic car show that was fun and then we had lunch at one of my favorite things about the South. Waffle House :) MMMMM GRITS!  I tried to get to bed early because 5am comes quickly!!!  So I laid out my clothes and tried to sleep.

I never sleep well the night before a race so getting up is not that hard.  So I got dressed and headed down to meet Danielle.  OH EM GEE it was so humid and only 6am.  Tom dropped us close to the race so we hopped on a bathroom line and then headed to the start.

IT WAS SIX AM!!!!!  

And we are off.

The first 5k:  I did my whole run 4 min then walk 1 min ratio.  There was a 5k also running so the first 5k was super crowded.  I know most people don't like that but I did as it kept me at an easier pace.  I was neck and neck with the 2:45 pacer the whole time.

You know I love cheerleaders

5k down 16ish to go :)
The second 5k:  We went over a bridge at about mile 4 and at this point is when the lead runners were passing us going toward the finish....they were at about 11 miles!!!  AMAZING.  When looking at the map this part concerned me because it was just a long highway in one direction.  However it was pretty shady and we went past the Aquarium.  By this point I was walking much more than I was running.  It was so hot and humid and I decided that with a 4 hour time limit I would rather walk and not hate every second of it like in CT where I suffered the whole time.

The third 5k:  This part was first through some nice and shady streets and then through Camp Pendleton.  I was hoping to see some sexy men in uniforms but there were not any.  I did see a family that I saw at the beginning.  This man carried this flag THE ENTIRE THIRTEEN MILES!

While we were going through the military base the heat got bad for not just me.  Ambulances were starting to go buy regularly and not many of us were running at all.

I tried to be sure to run whenever I saw a photographer
*Any professional photos you see here I did purchase.

The last few miles:  We reached the wet sponge station - ALL GONE.  The volunteers were still there, thank you and they were dumping pitcherfuls of water on our heads.  We then got to the freezerpop station - ALL GONE.  I was just about done here but I had 2 more miles.  We went back over the bridge and then onto the boardwalk (Well in Virgina the boardwalk is cement) we could just barely see the finish line so I took a picture and decided I was going to run the last 3/4 of a mile.

The finish:  I was just about to the finish line and I heard my name.  My husband surprised me by coming to the finishline!  He never does and I told him he didn't have to for this one since he was there to fish.  The photographer got a picture of when I saw him.  I was beyond thrilled.

Seeing him really brought me out of the the heat fog that my brain was in and for the first time I remembered to do the hands up at the finishline I always wanted to do.

I grabbed a medal and Danielle was there waiting for me so we got a picture.

We hopped on the shuttle and headed back to the hotel.  After I showered Tom showed me he too a picture of me crossing the finishline.  HOLY COW my ass bounces like CRAZY when I run LMAO!!!  It is loud just warning you.

We relaxed for a bit and then went to dinner with Danielle's family.  I was a sleep by midnight LOL.  The next day we checked out and went to the aquarium which was a disappointing aquarium.  After that we had lunch and then went to an aviation museum which Tom loved.  I liked it but he loves old planes so he was thrilled.

All in all it was a fun trip and I am glad I did it.  Just 1 week until Philly!!


  1. Great job! Sounds like a fun time! My husband has taped me going across some finish lines, and I say the same thing about my ass!! LOL funny what us girls notice. You did marvelous, congrats!

  2. I need to start running more so that I can enter races and wear super cool outfits like you! Congrats!

  3. Sounds like fun race but sorry about the heat and humidity down in the South. It's no fun at all!

  4. COngrats!! It was such a great race, wish it wasnt so hot and humid though. Sorry we didnt meet up :(

    1. It is because we planed we need to just be surprised again :)

  5. I nominated you for a Sunshine Award! Go check it out here:

  6. Congrats! I'm so jealous of your medal. When I ran it 2 years ago, it was not as cool and the race was miserable HOT as well.

    1. Awwe thanks! I will not be doing this one again....I think I need to keep my half marathon season to fall through spring!!