Friday, September 20, 2013

Rock and Roll Philly Recap Part One = Team Corey

If you follow me on Facebook you have heard a lot about the fact that I was running the Rock and Roll Philly Half Marathon for an amazing cause.  What I posted is below.
                                   “WE WILL RUN UNTIL SHE RUNS WITH US”
In 2010, Corey and Christy made a pact deciding to get fit and train over the next year to run the Rock n Roll Half Marathon in Philadelphia, PA. 2 weeks later, at the start of her senior year of high school, Corey was in a horrible car accident sustaining serious brain injuries. Determined to help Corey with her long and slow recovery, Christy and her family put a team together to raise money. “We will run until she runs with us.” is our team's motto. Our first year, we had 12 runners. This year we have 45 runners. This is not a large, bureaucratic charity. It is a bunch of people making a difference in one girl's life. To date we have raised about $40,000,**** and every cent has gone directly to Corey's care. Corey is making huge strides in her recovery because these funds have given her access to therapy and equipment that would otherwise be untouchable. Every year my friends Brian and Christine run proudly with this team. They told me how they get to see Corey and her progress and about meeting amazing people on the team. As many of you know, I compete in several races per year. And this year they are letting me run with them. Please consider donating or joining the team to run with us. Every little bit helps. Thanks.
****Before the 2013 race

 I was so excited when I asked Christine if I could run this year and not just donate and she said "Of Course." So Saturday morning I headed to Christine and Brian's house and we headed down to Philly.  We got there with plenty of time for the expo and I finally met some teammates in person.
Philly or Bust!!
Seriously!! their kids won the genetic lottery!!!  Fast and gorgeous.....if they weren't so awesome I would hate them
After the expo we headed to the team dinner.  The tears started almost immediately when Corey WALKED into the dinner.  This may seem minor but for someone who has dealt with what she has it was AMAZING.                 
                                       (All party pictures have been "stolen" off of Facebook.)
We all listened as Corey read us a Thank you letter that she wrote herself.  For someone who suffered the brain injuries she has it is BEYOND anything one could imagine.  Again cue the tears......Corey and her family put together some very sweet gift bags for everyone.  Inside was a shirt with a drawing Corey did that is so cute.  Before the dinner was over we all put on our shirts to take a team picture.
Team Corey; 1st year there were 10 runners, 2nd year 18 runners, this year 26 and growing!!
After dinner I headed upstairs to my room to call Tom, set out my stuff for the morning and try to get some sleep.  Is it just me or do you love to sleep in hotels many pillows LOL
Before I went to sleep I was catching up on Face book and saw the following post.....yup more tears.
 We did it!!! Team Care for Corey raised $20,900 and watched Corey Marie Beattie walk into the dinner on her own! Incredible night, and tomorrow is going to be amazing!! Thanks to all of Team Care for Corey's will be with us every step of those 13.1 miles!
 Up Next....Part 2 = Race Day.


  1. Awesome! What a wonderful way to support such an amazing young lady!

    1. It really is I couldn't imagine being as strong as she is!

  2. I don't know how you held it together to run!

    1. I did see her along the course and I did tear up a bit then but she is so strong and her family is so positive you just can't help but to smile.

  3. That is awesome!! What a great cause to run for!! I would love to join you next year!

  4. Wow. I teared up just reading this. What a powerful experience to be a part of!