Friday, September 20, 2013

Rock and Roll Philly Recap Part One = Team Corey

If you follow me on Facebook you have heard a lot about the fact that I was running the Rock and Roll Philly Half Marathon for an amazing cause.  What I posted is below.
                                   “WE WILL RUN UNTIL SHE RUNS WITH US”
In 2010, Corey and Christy made a pact deciding to get fit and train over the next year to run the Rock n Roll Half Marathon in Philadelphia, PA. 2 weeks later, at the start of her senior year of high school, Corey was in a horrible car accident sustaining serious brain injuries. Determined to help Corey with her long and slow recovery, Christy and her family put a team together to raise money. “We will run until she runs with us.” is our team's motto. Our first year, we had 12 runners. This year we have 45 runners. This is not a large, bureaucratic charity. It is a bunch of people making a difference in one girl's life. To date we have raised about $40,000,**** and every cent has gone directly to Corey's care. Corey is making huge strides in her recovery because these funds have given her access to therapy and equipment that would otherwise be untouchable. Every year my friends Brian and Christine run proudly with this team. They told me how they get to see Corey and her progress and about meeting amazing people on the team. As many of you know, I compete in several races per year. And this year they are letting me run with them. Please consider donating or joining the team to run with us. Every little bit helps. Thanks.
****Before the 2013 race

 I was so excited when I asked Christine if I could run this year and not just donate and she said "Of Course." So Saturday morning I headed to Christine and Brian's house and we headed down to Philly.  We got there with plenty of time for the expo and I finally met some teammates in person.
Philly or Bust!!
Seriously!! their kids won the genetic lottery!!!  Fast and gorgeous.....if they weren't so awesome I would hate them
After the expo we headed to the team dinner.  The tears started almost immediately when Corey WALKED into the dinner.  This may seem minor but for someone who has dealt with what she has it was AMAZING.                 
                                       (All party pictures have been "stolen" off of Facebook.)
We all listened as Corey read us a Thank you letter that she wrote herself.  For someone who suffered the brain injuries she has it is BEYOND anything one could imagine.  Again cue the tears......Corey and her family put together some very sweet gift bags for everyone.  Inside was a shirt with a drawing Corey did that is so cute.  Before the dinner was over we all put on our shirts to take a team picture.
Team Corey; 1st year there were 10 runners, 2nd year 18 runners, this year 26 and growing!!
After dinner I headed upstairs to my room to call Tom, set out my stuff for the morning and try to get some sleep.  Is it just me or do you love to sleep in hotels many pillows LOL
Before I went to sleep I was catching up on Face book and saw the following post.....yup more tears.
 We did it!!! Team Care for Corey raised $20,900 and watched Corey Marie Beattie walk into the dinner on her own! Incredible night, and tomorrow is going to be amazing!! Thanks to all of Team Care for Corey's will be with us every step of those 13.1 miles!
 Up Next....Part 2 = Race Day.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Energybits review - FINALLY

Quite some time ago I entered a giveaway to try a new fueling option called Energybits.  I did not win but I was contacted by them to try them and do a review and giveaway.  As you all know I have been a bad blogger recently but I am FINALLY doing it!!!

As most of you know I have bad stomach issues when running.  (I am actually not running right now because I should not be far from the bathroom BOO)  Because of this I feel like I have a harder time with my longer runs.  I can sometimes use GU or something like that if I am doing a night run and I eat well all day.

So when I read what is in the energybits I was intrigued.  I hate vegetables and I know I do not get enough greens in my diet and these are very green LOL

So do you want to try Energybits?  They have been very generous to offer a trial to one of my readers.  Please enter the rafflecopter below.  A winner will be chosen before I leave for Philly for the half marathon.

Ok so first let me give you the specifics from the makers of Energybits.

Made from 100% organicallly grown spirulina algae and loaded with 40 nutrients, ENERGYbits® algae tabs have the highest concentration of protein in the world (64%) all for just one calorie per tab. Endorsed by the United Nations as the most nutritious food on earth, spirulina algae has been a favorite of Olympic gold medalists for decades and is a super food in every sense of the word, delivering instant and enduring energy to your brain and body.

Why Use ENERGYbits?
According to their website, ENERGYbits can be used for:
Increasing Energy
Increasing Endurance
Increasing Mental Vitality
High Protein Snack
Curbing Hunger
Meal Replacement
Balancing Blood Sugar
Lowering Blood Pressure
Reducing Fatigue  

ENERGYbits Health Benefits
Helps improve physical energy
Helps improve endurance
Helps reduce fatigue
Helps speed athletic recovery
Helps healing from brain concussions and reduces brain fog
Helps build muscle
Helps improve mental focus and clarity
Helps reduce anemia
Helps reduce blood pressure
Helps reduce cholesterol
Helps balance blood sugar
Provides natural nitric oxide
Provides most daily nutritional needs, especially greens
Provides high quality protein and nutrition on the run or on the road
Helps fight free radicals with high concentration of antioxidants
Helps balances all body functions – is 100% alkaline
Helps improve skin, hair, nails, bones and eye health
Helps build healthy blood, cell tissue and muscle
Helps improve mood
Helps remove hunger
Raw food, great for vegans or those who hate greens
Safe nutrition for anyone of any age, from children to seniors

Ok so now for my opinions.......

When I first got them I opened the little tin and stuck my nose to be honest it smelled like my fishtank.  I was actually OK with that because I knew they were swallowed like pills.  I just needed to wait for the best time to try them out.  I knew when that would be.  The final race of the summer series.  It was a 5 miler and at night so I was less worried about my belly.  About 15 minutes before we started I swallowed the 30 tablets.  I won't like I did gag a bit because I did taste the "green".  Another swig of water and I was fine.  Now my training has been lacking to say the least and when I have run I would do a 4min run/1min walk ratio.  I decided to push it and try a 9min run/1min walk ratio.  And you know I was able to hold that for the full 5 miles!!  It was hot and humid and yet it was not easy but I was able to hold that and I tied my 5 mile PR time which I had not been able to get to in over a year.  I was thrilled!!

I tried them again on a training run and was happy to last longer than I had been for awhile so I came home to buy some.  Now yes they are quite expensive but you get over 30 servings in the bag.  I did get an additional 20% off by using the discount code from my friends blog since she is an ambassador for the product.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Rock N Roll Virginia Beach Recap

Ok so we all know that my last half marathon did not go well and I actually skipped the one I was supposed to do in July because of it.  I promised myself I would run smarter and come back better for this one.  Did that happen?  Yes and No.  I have not run as much as I should have because lets face it, it has been super hot and humid this summer.

Tom and I flew down to Norfolk on Friday.  We actually got to the airport early because there was a veteran returning home and our airport makes events out of it to welcome them home.

This is becoming a common sight LOL 
We landed, picked up the rental car and headed to the hotel.  We relaxed for a bit then met up with Danielle to walk to the expo.  The walk took us over a half hour so we decided that on race morning tom would drop us off.  There were shuttles but the schedule was not posted anywhere.  The expo was nice and well organized.

We headed back to the hotel to relax more and get some dinner.  We went to a pub for dinner but the food kind of sucked.  Saturday morning I realized I forgot my salt pills and Tom had forgotten some sort of fishing thing so we headed to the mall to see if we could find them.  No but we did find a classic car show that was fun and then we had lunch at one of my favorite things about the South. Waffle House :) MMMMM GRITS!  I tried to get to bed early because 5am comes quickly!!!  So I laid out my clothes and tried to sleep.

I never sleep well the night before a race so getting up is not that hard.  So I got dressed and headed down to meet Danielle.  OH EM GEE it was so humid and only 6am.  Tom dropped us close to the race so we hopped on a bathroom line and then headed to the start.

IT WAS SIX AM!!!!!  

And we are off.

The first 5k:  I did my whole run 4 min then walk 1 min ratio.  There was a 5k also running so the first 5k was super crowded.  I know most people don't like that but I did as it kept me at an easier pace.  I was neck and neck with the 2:45 pacer the whole time.

You know I love cheerleaders

5k down 16ish to go :)
The second 5k:  We went over a bridge at about mile 4 and at this point is when the lead runners were passing us going toward the finish....they were at about 11 miles!!!  AMAZING.  When looking at the map this part concerned me because it was just a long highway in one direction.  However it was pretty shady and we went past the Aquarium.  By this point I was walking much more than I was running.  It was so hot and humid and I decided that with a 4 hour time limit I would rather walk and not hate every second of it like in CT where I suffered the whole time.

The third 5k:  This part was first through some nice and shady streets and then through Camp Pendleton.  I was hoping to see some sexy men in uniforms but there were not any.  I did see a family that I saw at the beginning.  This man carried this flag THE ENTIRE THIRTEEN MILES!

While we were going through the military base the heat got bad for not just me.  Ambulances were starting to go buy regularly and not many of us were running at all.

I tried to be sure to run whenever I saw a photographer
*Any professional photos you see here I did purchase.

The last few miles:  We reached the wet sponge station - ALL GONE.  The volunteers were still there, thank you and they were dumping pitcherfuls of water on our heads.  We then got to the freezerpop station - ALL GONE.  I was just about done here but I had 2 more miles.  We went back over the bridge and then onto the boardwalk (Well in Virgina the boardwalk is cement) we could just barely see the finish line so I took a picture and decided I was going to run the last 3/4 of a mile.

The finish:  I was just about to the finish line and I heard my name.  My husband surprised me by coming to the finishline!  He never does and I told him he didn't have to for this one since he was there to fish.  The photographer got a picture of when I saw him.  I was beyond thrilled.

Seeing him really brought me out of the the heat fog that my brain was in and for the first time I remembered to do the hands up at the finishline I always wanted to do.

I grabbed a medal and Danielle was there waiting for me so we got a picture.

We hopped on the shuttle and headed back to the hotel.  After I showered Tom showed me he too a picture of me crossing the finishline.  HOLY COW my ass bounces like CRAZY when I run LMAO!!!  It is loud just warning you.

We relaxed for a bit and then went to dinner with Danielle's family.  I was a sleep by midnight LOL.  The next day we checked out and went to the aquarium which was a disappointing aquarium.  After that we had lunch and then went to an aviation museum which Tom loved.  I liked it but he loves old planes so he was thrilled.

All in all it was a fun trip and I am glad I did it.  Just 1 week until Philly!!

August Catch up.

Ok so August was pretty quiet.  It was super hot so I for sure did not run as much as I should have with such a busy Fall half marathon schedule!!

1. The summer run series ended with a 5 miler at Jones Beach.  I tied my 5 miler PR to the exact second.  57:30.  I was pretty excited at first then of course I started being annoyed at myself with the why couldn't I kick it even ONE SECOND sooner?!?!?  I will always be my biggest enemy.

The sunset was pretty amazing even with a crappy phone pic

2.  The weekend of 8/17-8/18 I did my own version of a Ragnar training weekend.  I ran the Heart and Sole 5k Saturday morning.  I wanted to take it easy but I realize I only have 2 speeds, run and walk.....I need to figure out how to fix this.  That night I ran a 5 mile race in Hicksville.  It was really nice when we got there but the heat kicked in just after we started and got hot FAST.  So fast that I think I was drinking the water at the stops too fast so just past the half way point I threw up and then was I was waving to some spectators I stepped in a pot hole and twisted my ankle.  I walked it off a bit.  I kept it under hour but it was tough.

The next morning was the Dirty Sock trail 10k.  I love this one and was looking forward to running with my friend Colleen.  Alas, she was unable to make it so I was on my own.  It was a but warm but not as awful as it had been.  At one of the last water stops I saw a very familiar face and it took me a second but it was a local runner I follow on Instagram :).  My only real problem was as I was coming up on mile 6....IT WASNT MILE 6!!!  It was only mile 5!!!  UGH that made that last 1.25 miles even tougher!!  I finished just over a minute slower than last year and since I was on tired legs I was happy.  Danielle and I waited for Ronit to finish.  She had a huge cut on the bottom of her foot and this was her first 10k.  As she came out of the woods we ran her in and cheered.  I love the picture that the photographer got.  Not just because it is us but because this is what runners are......cheerleaders for each other at EVERY RACE.

Hrrrmmm...what else?  Oh I got a new car.  Time to get back to a beetle :)

One of the best parts of August is that I finally got back to a regular yoga practice.  I have been having fun taking pictures of my yoga pants.  I think I may have a tiedye problem.....

I really think my instagram is all tiedye and cats....LMAO!  I am @runningoncandy if you want to check it out LOL

Time to play catch up!!!

My last post was waaaaaaaaaaaay back in July OH EM GEE!!  I am sorry.  I honestly think it is because I was not in school for the past 8 weeks.  That and my running has been less than fun recently.  Here is a quick catch up post and I will write my next two or three right after.  My Rock n Roll Va. Beach recap and my 1,000 facebook fan giveaway.

1. I realized I never posted about the LGBT Pride 5 Mile run back in June.  Maybe it was because I was slightly disappointed about it.  Now anyone who knows me knows that one of my passions is LGBT rights so when I found out about this run I signed up the day it opened.  Bonus would be that I had never run in Central Park before and even though I have lived in NY usually within 2 hours of Manhattan I have only been to Central Park once ever.

Ok so why was I disappointed?  Well I expected a fabulous spectacle of a race.  It was nothing like that, it was just like any other.  One great part is that I went with my friend Darling and we had never gotten to hang out just us before.  We took the train in and then headed to the park.

We got a quick picture, hit the bathroom and dropped our stuff at the gear drop.  Then we headed to the start line.  Darling is much faster than me...with legs like that are you surprised??
We went to our corrals and waited for the start. Pretty quick we were off.

It was a bit too hot to take a lot of pictures but here are a few.  I wish I got a picture of my unicorn.  This is what I call Sheryl who is also fondly known as Bitchcakes.  I have followed her blog, we are facebook friends and yet have never met.  She ran past me at the halfway point but she was in the zone so I figured I would find her at the end  (PS - never found her)

It was hot and humid so I finished in just over an hour, not great but as I found out later Darling hurt her leg and didnt get to finish :(  I was expecting festivities at the end but this is all there was.....

So we took an after picture and left.

2. Glo Hard Or Glo Home - The same day as the LGBT Run was a local Run 2 Glo run.  I was excited because Gabby was coming up for it plus it was the very first 5k for my friend Fran.  There were a bunch of us going so it had to be fun!! We got to Belmont Raceway pretty early so we hung out and took pictures.

I am kidding that it was my entourage but in this picture you will find my massage therapist, tattoo artist and hairdresser (yes Fran is the one who makes my hair rainbow)

Fran getting "pinned" for her first 5k
It is the first time this was run so the organization was a bit off but I am sure it will get better :)  We headed under a bridge and had a bit of a dance party.  They also came around with paint to put all over ourselves......

I wish I could put a video here as Gabby took the funniest picture of my dancing to cheesy 80's music LOL

Ok so the course was dark....not too glowy at all so footing could be tough.  It was also kind of boring until we got to the bubbles......

We then ran to the finish, there was a clock but I do not know what it said.  This was one of those runs that are just for fun.  Plus surprise bling!!

Something I need to mention is that my friend Alicia broke her foot right before this race so she came and 2 other friends pushed her through the course.   It is people like this that make me love my local running community.

Before and After

Ok, that is enough for now.  I will post again in a few hours.....LOL