Saturday, July 20, 2013

The July recap!!!

I am sorry I have been MIA for a bit.  Let me see, what has been going on?

July 4th - I did the Oakdale Firecracker 5k.  This was my 4th or 5th 5k ever and I have done it every year since.  It is my favorite course around here.  It is flat and beautiful.  The only downfall is that it is always A MILLION DEGREES!!  This year I ran with my friend Danielle and we took it easy (well super easy for her and just not super pushing it for me)  We had a great time and for the first time she saw how fun it is to just ruin along and check out the sights.

July 7th - Second year running the Brooklyn Color run with my Motley Shues so of course it was a great time!!!

The next week I had off of work so my godmother and her grandson came up for a visit.  Poor CJ was sooooooooooo bored.  I don't miss being 13!!  They left on Thursday and that evening I left to go to Baltimore to hang out with Gabby.  Friday we went to the airport to pick up Moira first then to the Spy Museum in DC then back to the airport to pick up Alirio.  Saturday morning we went to meet Maggie at the Drenched 5k.  We were looking forward to a run where we got cooled off by water and foam!!!  It was so fun.  It is the first year so I am sure it will get better but my only 2 complaints are 1.  The runners didn't get let out in waves so we had to wait in line A LOT. and 2. They started the water balloon fight before everyone was finished because we had to wait on line for the slip and slide for almost an hour.  OH and I don't think it was a full 5k.  Other than that it was a blast!!!

There were 3 cool videos Alirio took but I just cant seem to get them to upload :)

I was supposed to come home late Sunday night but I missed my husband and felt like I had not seen him in a week so I switched my flight to noon.

This week as everyone knows has been BRUTAL with the heat so I have not run AT ALL. 

I went for a walk after work one night and that is it.  I feel horrible about it so I joined a gym near my work.  My plan is that I will go 2-3 nights a week after work.  Even if I just run in the treadmill then do a quick circuit around the machines it has to be done.  I have a 5k tomorrow in Plainview and there are only 3 more summer run series Monday nights left.  Monday is Caumsett which is a nice course.  A little hilly but nice.  I also have a groupon for a yoga place in Kings Park I have to use this week.  I need to get back to yoga so bad, I keep saying it but haven't done it.  I have been trying to get a grip on my eating too.  I actually turned down fro yo TWICE and have been trying to log again.  *fingerscrossed* I can shed some much needed weight!!

I am sorry again I have not been very regular with my posts but I do have some great ones coming.  Including my 1000 facebook fan giveaway!!  I have a bunch of cool things to give away!!!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Half Marathon Training & Summer Series

This is going to be a quick post.  Just to get you guys up to date but they don't really need full posts.

Jeff Galloway Half Marathon Training App. - Awhile back I bought 4 Jeff Galloway apps.  5k, 10k, 1.1 & 26.2.  I planned to use the 1st 3 to make my times better and also to have the 26.2 for *IF* I ever decide to do a full.  In theory the app is great.  It doesn't work great I will not lie.  It is the run/walk program and as the workouts go by the timing ends up being out of sync with the prompts to go from walk to run or vise versa.  I complained on the FB page and got immediate response.  Looks like I need to wait for an update as it is a know problem with the gps.  I still use it for the plan but have the gps off and rely on my watch for distance.

NYS Summer Run Series - So far there have bee 3 races of the series.  I have only done 1 and 3.  The first was a 5 miler at Heckscher Park.  It was hot and humid but I had good friends with me so I was happy.

As I was running around mile 2.5 I saw a girl in a crazy get up with a sign that said "Ask me why I am wearing this" Soooooooooo I had to ask her :).  Her name is Susan and we ran the rest of the race together.  I will be doing a whole post on her and why she was wearing the outfit is a wonderful story so stay tuned :)  I missed the second race as it was super humid and I was tired after a long weekend and the thought of one of the hardest 10ks out there was not a pleasant one.  I found out after that the course had to be cut to 5 miles due to damage still lingering from Super Storm Sandy.  The 3rd race was last night and it was supposed to be at Belmont Lake but again due to Sandy damage the park couldn't handle the about of runners/cars that come with the Summer Series so it was moved to Jones Beach.  It was not as hot as it has been but the humidity was crazy!!  89% according to the weather channel.  The run itself felt pretty good but the mosquitoes were OUT OF CONTROL!  There was a guy in front of me that had so many on his hat it looked like HAIR....We still have 5 more runs of the series, I will only be doing 4 of them.  The Hempsted Park one is just too far away and only a 4k.

Do you use any training plan apps?  Are there run series in your area?

Huma Gel Review and Giveaway

A while back my friend and fellow blogger Katie AKA From Ice Cream to Marathon did a review of Huma Gels and when I told her I am obsessed with Chia she asked me if I wanted to do a review/giveaway myself.  Heck YEAH!  A couple of days later I heard from them and I had a sample of each of the flavors within a day!  Needless to say I was super excited to try them!

Now, I don't us many gels/bars/drinks because my belly gets very upset when running if I use them.  So I was thrilled when I looked at the ingredients and I knew what they all were!!!!

Ok, so now to the review.  First I tried the Strawberry and it tasted just like strawberry jam.  I won't lie that was strange.  Don't get me wrong that is not bad but I was not sure what to expect and that was a nice surprise.  I wonder if it would be strange to put an energy gel on a piece of bread and peanut butter......YUM!!!

I took it before a planned 4mile run.  4 miles usually takes me about 45 minutes so perfect for a trial I thought.  Weeeellllllll my run was CRAP.  My entire body hurt as I was just getting back from injury so I made it about 2 miles and threw in the towel so I could not give a review of the gel with the exception of my belly did not get upset.

A few days later I was going out for another run so I grabbed the Apple gel.  I decided to start running first to see how it was going to go and use the gel if I knew I was going to go further than 2 miles.  After the first mile I knew I would make the 4 miles so I took the gel.  Ok so the taste on this one was not for me.  I figured it was going to taste kind of like apple sause since the other tasted like jam.  I didn't taste any apple but I did taste the cinnamon.  It was not bad per say but I didn't like it either.  Something I can say is that I had pep for the rest of my run and my belly did not get upset at all.

So overall I think these are great.  They are all natural and they work.  They are working on coming out with new flavors so I can't wait for them!!

I was given these gels free of charge in exchange for my review.  All opinions are mine alone :)

Do you want to try a sample pack of Huma Gels?  They are going to give one of my readers a set of gels to try!!!

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