Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Amica Iron Horse Half Marathon Recap

There are two reasons it has been so long before I did this recap.  1. Life is busy but mostly 2.  I had a shit race.  Ok so I am over it now but I am pretty sure this is not going to be a super detailed or long recap because I don't want to open the finally closed wounds.

So I signed up for this race on a whim one day....we all have those days when you just go on a race registration bender and just fill up that calender.  My friend Danielle also signed up so after the LIMA 5k on June 1st she picked me up and we headed up to Simsbury Ct.  I recently signed up for a Marriott credit card so I had a free room for us.  The ride up to packet pick up was fun.  The packet pickup was at a Ford dealership so needless to say no expo LOL.  A quick hotel check in and off to dinner.

Nice view from the hotel

We got back, laid out our running outfits for the next day and went to bed.  We were heading out early because the race was 15-20 min drive and we were not exactly sure how to get there.  On the way there we realized that the "Relatively Flat" description on the web site was a dirty LIE.  We got there parked super close to the race area and after some streaching we headed over to use the porto potties twice :)

There was a 5k, 10k and Half but if there were 2,000 runners total that is a lot. AND it was sold out.  It was crazy hot out and was not sure how I was going to be running (issue #1 already doubting myself before I even start) so I headed to the very back of the pack.

End of the pack and yet I can see the start line....CRAZY

I was across the starting line about the same time as some local 5k's LOL.  The course was very pretty I must say but not flat.  I tried to relax and take some pictures and enjoy the run but I think I already psyched my self out and it was tough from the get go.  It was super hot out but most of course was shady and there were volunteers with water guns along the course.

First runner to head back...so fast!!!

One of the only spectators I saw along the whole course.  She was so cute!!

Water guns!!!

Runners on the other side of the field
There were very VERY few spectators except at the intersection when you either head to the finish or you cross the start again for mile 8.  When I was coming up to this I really REALLY wanted to just cross the finish line and ask for a 10k medal and not a half marathon medal.  After this point I pretty much walked the rest of the way.  It was also around here where I started seeing all the people that were laying on the sides of the roads with IV's and the ambulances started going by on a regular basis.  They also started pulling people off the course.  There were not many of us left and the race workers were keeping a close eye on us.  It was very nice.  A bunch of guys on bikes riding back and forth offering rides, GU, water or any type of help.  They also told us that they had to take the clock down right at the 3 hour mark and that we might not make it.  Right about this point I passed my favorite person of the day.....there was a guy who stood outside for the WHOLE race with his hose and hosed us all down.  I think his hose and the water I kept dumping on my head I didn't pass out.  Funny thing is I always said I wouldn't dump water on me because I hate running in wet clothes LOL.  I have changed my view on that for sure!!!

They also changed the flag warning system to red and were stopping people from running and asking them to walk.  I was glad because that is when I made a couple of friends to walk the last 3 miles with and they were the best 3 miles.

We came around the corner for the last 1/4 of a mile and started to run.  There were still people there and the cheering was amazing and since were were almost last we knew it was JUST FOR US.  It was awesome.  Poor Danielle she was so worried about me hearing all the ambulances and I am usually done for a good 20 - 25 minutes by this point and she sent me a text but I didn't write back because I didn't realize it was her so I ignored it.  We crossed the finish line or what was left of it since they had taken it down already, got my medal and went for water and food.

I realized then that my allergies were out of control and that my throat was trying to close....so fun.  It hurt to eat and drink.  We headed back to the car and I took a few minutes to stretch out and take some pictures.  I posted these on Facebook and Instagram so you may have seen these but it is still crazy that you can SEE the heat and humidity!!!

When I looked up my results it was blank so I asked the race people via the facebook page if I would get a time and they told me no since I came in after the clock was taken down.  They said I had my medal so that proved I finished or something.  They didn't sound like they were being a jerk so I didn't get mad I was just disappointed.  I took a screen cap of my garmin upload and I was at least happy that my moving time was under 3 hours LOLOLOL I do not remember standing still for that long.  Just at the last water stop and for the hose guy.

I did check back a few days later and I did have results and I was NOT LAST!!!  Thank goodness there were 6 more people behind me!!! 

I made the realization what day that I need to step back from the half marathon distance for a bit so I decided to skip the half marathon in July that I was going to do with Danielle and Alicia.  I decided to try to follow an actual training program for the 12 weeks I have until the Rock n Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon.  I am not giving up I am just regrouping so I don't get hurt and don't give up because it is never fun again.

Have you ever had to step back and rethink your whole running outlook?


  1. After the last half I realized I didn't train properly and I really need to drink what I bring PLUS at the water stations to feel good at the finish line. Makes me glad I didn't get in NYC. I'm not ready yet.

    1. I drink at every station!! I hate carrying a bottle so I am glad when they are at every mile.

  2. Great recap! I'm glad you got your medal, and finally your time. It seems to all work out in the end!

    1. Thanks!! It is true I finished and was not on the side of the road with an IV like so many others.....

  3. Ooof, sounds like quite the race. Well, congrats on surviving lol and finishing... more than I could do, especially in that miserable weather!

  4. Sorry you had such a crappy race. :(
    I think that's amazing that you still finished though, I don't know if I could've done it in that heat! I think regrouping and waiting until the R&R to do another one is a good idea. I still think you rock. :)

  5. Way to power through under tough conditions!

  6. Great recap. Love your running outfit. Nice job getting through a challenging run.