Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Brooklyn Half Marathon Recap.

This one hurt and I think that maybe why it took so long to write the recap.  The Brooklyn half was 2 weeks after the Flying Pig and I was still hurting in the foot and hip so I only ran ONCE in the 2 weeks.  I knew that was not going to be in my best interests.  Knowing that pushed me back even another step mentally.  Many of the logistics for this race were a real pain in the ass, from the packet pick up to the parking on day of.....Luckily my friend Danielle said she would get my packet since I had work and school so I would never be able to get there.  Her husband also dropped us off the day of the race.

Well  I laid out my race day outfit the night before because I needed to be to Danielle by 5:15am so I was going to be getting up at 4:00. 

I picked almost the same outfit as the Flying Pig in hopes to have as good of a time.

Fueling, hydrating and relaxing in hopes to get to bed early.

Saturday morning I got dressed and headed out the door at 4:50.  I got the the light at the end of my neighborhood and it would not turn green in my direction....I sat there for 8 min before I just ran the light.  I then realized I forgot my garmin at home so I turned around and got it....so now I was totally behind schedule and was rushing and stressed.  Got to Danielle's and realized I forgot my water.  I also forgot my overnight oats but didn't notice that until we left her house....so now I was about to run 13.1 miles on an empty stomach.  More things to mess with my head.

We got to Prospect Park with plenty of time to spare which was good because we had a looooooog walk to our corrals.  On the way there I went to get my camera to start taking pictures and I left it in the truck....FOR FUCKS SAKE! 

Due to security being upped after Boston we had to be in our corrals 1/2 hour before the start time and we got 'locked' in.  Being that I am much slower than Danielle and her son we took a picture and then they left me in the second to last corral.


This part really was the last of my brain power.....I was just stuck in my head with my crappy thoughts for 50 minutes...30 min wait then a slooooooow 20 min walk to cross the start line.  The first half of the course was a few laps in the park.  I had no idea that it was going to be hilly.  The scenery was not bad, we passed a zoo and a dog park that had hundreds of dogs running around.  Not too may spectators in the park but when we got to the edges there were some. 

The one thing that was awesome was the weather......

Just past mile 7 we headed out of the park and onto Ocean Parkway.....it was around this time when my left foot and knee started to hurt.  I was done.  I sent a text to Danielle telling her to please wait for me after because in stead of going into Manhattan with my friends after I just wanted to go home.  I was walking quite a bit by this point.  Walking didn't hurt but I could only run a few feet before my ankle and knee started to hurt really bad.  I sent a text to Matt when I crossed the 15k mark to tell him I was not going to hang out so he didnt need to head to the finish line.  He said to make a left as I was right by his apartment but I was NOT quitting...I was going to finish no matter how ugly it was getting. 

They had a GU station and I grabbed one and took a little bit of one and I do think it helped but I didn't want to take a chance with one of those on an empty stomach as my belly gets all crazy when I run long in the first place.  Once I got close to Coney Island I tried to suck it up and run more.  There were more spectators and I just wanted to finish already.  Plus the photographers were becoming more common....

I was pretty much done.....

I bought some of these pictures so it is OK that I used a screen capture.....not stealing lol
We made one last turn then went up onto the boardwalk and crossed the finish line.  I was pretty surprised by what my garmin said was my finish time.  It was only about 4 minutes slower than my slowest half marathon time.....what?!?  That could not be right and I didn't see what the clock said and who knows if I would have even been able to do the math LOL.  I walked at least 5 miles of this race how the hell could that even happen??  I got my medal, got a finisher photo and headed into the medical tent for the very first time.

I swear I thought I was smiling....LOL

Packing shrink wrap to hold the ice in place....BRILLIANT.
After sitting for a few I was really getting hungry so I headed out of the medical tent and was shocked to see Toni from Running Loving Living FINALLY.  I say this because we live very close to each other and have run in so many small local races and have never met but at a race with 30k people we finally meet.

My friend Matt was right there too but I wanted food so I told him I would meet him at the end of the finisher's chute.  Toni and I walked to the end as she was looking for her friend too.  We got to the food....which I must say was PATHETIC!!  Apples and bags of pretzels....are you serious?!?!  I saw Danielle who was having a hard time finding her husband because security would not let him sit in his truck and wait for her and her son to finish.  She was freezing and they would not give her a mylar wrap as they were for "those who need them"...again WHAT?!?!?  She just ran 13.1 miles SHE NEEDED IT!  I was still iced up so I went to the medical tent and asked for one.  The first girl said no but another one said OK, good thing as I was feeling feisty....lol

Matt and I headed over to the subway to head back to his apt because he said he would drive me home and hang out for awhile anyway. YAY.  The wait for the ticket machine was quite long and same for a train but we finally got back to his place.  In the car I looked up my official time and holy cow I really did finish only 4 miles slower than my slowest half time.

I have embraced the fact that I am a slow runner but I want to stop getting slower LOL

I have a bunch more half marathons on my schedule for the next year so I hope they get better......how do you deal with a bad race?


  1. Congrats on your race, that's still a pretty awesome time, if I do say so. Just shake it off; you finished, you have a medal and you rock!

    1. Thank you! I am trying! I am hoping my half this weekend in CT will help me do that!

  2. I deal with a bad race or run by getting back out there ASAP!

    So cool that you got to meet Toni. I have been following her for a long time now also.

    1. I had a short run last week and then did a color run in Tampa this past weekend and it felt good....I hope to get out there again tonight and even after I get out of school tomorrow night....who ever thought it was a good idea to go back to school in the summer I could kick! lol

      I have a 5k this Saturday and a half marathon Sunday so I am hoping to cleanse all the bad juju :)

  3. Congrats girl! I hate that your leg was hurting though. Is it better now?
    I so know what you mean about embracing being a slower runner, but not wanting to get slower! Lol!

    1. It is better....hip is still all weird.....