Thursday, May 30, 2013

900 Facebook fan giveaway......

Ok so I recently hit 900 fans on Facebook WHAT?!?!  I am beyond thrilled at that, who knew when I started this blog less than a year ago that would happen.  I knew my friends would follow me but I have met so many new and interesting people through my page it is fantastic.

I told you I would have a give away at 900 fans and I decided that I wanted to giveaway things that represent me and things I like other than just running so I picked these two things....

I am a anglophile and love all things  I think it started in July of 1981 when I got up before dawn and went into my grandparents basement in Poughkeepsie, NY to watch the wedding of Charles and Di....perfection.  Thank goodness when Wills and Kate got married I had DVR so I was able to sleep in and I watched their wedding many - MANY times :)

And as for Super Heros, ever since I was a kid I mostly had guy friends and hung out with boys so I needed Wonder Woman to look up to as she held her own with all the men and was not just a companion.

Just a reminder....we are all wonder women.

Throwback Thursday.....5 year old Wonder Woman circa 1978

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  1. I am also an anglophile and lover of all superheroes. If I had to name one favorite, it would have to be Captain America though~!

  2. I do believe there is a picture of me in a very similar costume, but the plastic was printed with She-Ra's ensemble.

  3. I always had a thing for Underdog ;)

  4. My blog is Chunky Wonder Woman because I run in a WW costume. So, yeah, just one of my many fandoms.

    (I bought a print of the WW art that will be a giveaway from my blog in June.)

  5. Excellent!! I'm English and the only fancy dress I've ever worn is wonder woman - once when I was about 5 or 6 and once last year for a race!

  6. I LOVE that We are all Wonderwomen graphic. So cool! I would love to win the WW cup too.

  7. Love me some WonderWoman!! I sported my WW underoos when I was 5, pretty sure I rocked the heck out of them. ;)

    1. I had them as a kid too but I won't lie I got them again in my 20's LOL

  8. I loved Starskey & Hutch. Were they superhero's?