Thursday, May 30, 2013

900 Facebook fan giveaway......

Ok so I recently hit 900 fans on Facebook WHAT?!?!  I am beyond thrilled at that, who knew when I started this blog less than a year ago that would happen.  I knew my friends would follow me but I have met so many new and interesting people through my page it is fantastic.

I told you I would have a give away at 900 fans and I decided that I wanted to giveaway things that represent me and things I like other than just running so I picked these two things....

I am a anglophile and love all things  I think it started in July of 1981 when I got up before dawn and went into my grandparents basement in Poughkeepsie, NY to watch the wedding of Charles and Di....perfection.  Thank goodness when Wills and Kate got married I had DVR so I was able to sleep in and I watched their wedding many - MANY times :)

And as for Super Heros, ever since I was a kid I mostly had guy friends and hung out with boys so I needed Wonder Woman to look up to as she held her own with all the men and was not just a companion.

Just a reminder....we are all wonder women.

Throwback Thursday.....5 year old Wonder Woman circa 1978

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Brooklyn Half Marathon Recap.

This one hurt and I think that maybe why it took so long to write the recap.  The Brooklyn half was 2 weeks after the Flying Pig and I was still hurting in the foot and hip so I only ran ONCE in the 2 weeks.  I knew that was not going to be in my best interests.  Knowing that pushed me back even another step mentally.  Many of the logistics for this race were a real pain in the ass, from the packet pick up to the parking on day of.....Luckily my friend Danielle said she would get my packet since I had work and school so I would never be able to get there.  Her husband also dropped us off the day of the race.

Well  I laid out my race day outfit the night before because I needed to be to Danielle by 5:15am so I was going to be getting up at 4:00. 

I picked almost the same outfit as the Flying Pig in hopes to have as good of a time.

Fueling, hydrating and relaxing in hopes to get to bed early.

Saturday morning I got dressed and headed out the door at 4:50.  I got the the light at the end of my neighborhood and it would not turn green in my direction....I sat there for 8 min before I just ran the light.  I then realized I forgot my garmin at home so I turned around and got now I was totally behind schedule and was rushing and stressed.  Got to Danielle's and realized I forgot my water.  I also forgot my overnight oats but didn't notice that until we left her now I was about to run 13.1 miles on an empty stomach.  More things to mess with my head.

We got to Prospect Park with plenty of time to spare which was good because we had a looooooog walk to our corrals.  On the way there I went to get my camera to start taking pictures and I left it in the truck....FOR FUCKS SAKE! 

Due to security being upped after Boston we had to be in our corrals 1/2 hour before the start time and we got 'locked' in.  Being that I am much slower than Danielle and her son we took a picture and then they left me in the second to last corral.


This part really was the last of my brain power.....I was just stuck in my head with my crappy thoughts for 50 minutes...30 min wait then a slooooooow 20 min walk to cross the start line.  The first half of the course was a few laps in the park.  I had no idea that it was going to be hilly.  The scenery was not bad, we passed a zoo and a dog park that had hundreds of dogs running around.  Not too may spectators in the park but when we got to the edges there were some. 

The one thing that was awesome was the weather......

Just past mile 7 we headed out of the park and onto Ocean was around this time when my left foot and knee started to hurt.  I was done.  I sent a text to Danielle telling her to please wait for me after because in stead of going into Manhattan with my friends after I just wanted to go home.  I was walking quite a bit by this point.  Walking didn't hurt but I could only run a few feet before my ankle and knee started to hurt really bad.  I sent a text to Matt when I crossed the 15k mark to tell him I was not going to hang out so he didnt need to head to the finish line.  He said to make a left as I was right by his apartment but I was NOT quitting...I was going to finish no matter how ugly it was getting. 

They had a GU station and I grabbed one and took a little bit of one and I do think it helped but I didn't want to take a chance with one of those on an empty stomach as my belly gets all crazy when I run long in the first place.  Once I got close to Coney Island I tried to suck it up and run more.  There were more spectators and I just wanted to finish already.  Plus the photographers were becoming more common....

I was pretty much done.....

I bought some of these pictures so it is OK that I used a screen capture.....not stealing lol
We made one last turn then went up onto the boardwalk and crossed the finish line.  I was pretty surprised by what my garmin said was my finish time.  It was only about 4 minutes slower than my slowest half marathon time.....what?!?  That could not be right and I didn't see what the clock said and who knows if I would have even been able to do the math LOL.  I walked at least 5 miles of this race how the hell could that even happen??  I got my medal, got a finisher photo and headed into the medical tent for the very first time.

I swear I thought I was smiling....LOL

Packing shrink wrap to hold the ice in place....BRILLIANT.
After sitting for a few I was really getting hungry so I headed out of the medical tent and was shocked to see Toni from Running Loving Living FINALLY.  I say this because we live very close to each other and have run in so many small local races and have never met but at a race with 30k people we finally meet.

My friend Matt was right there too but I wanted food so I told him I would meet him at the end of the finisher's chute.  Toni and I walked to the end as she was looking for her friend too.  We got to the food....which I must say was PATHETIC!!  Apples and bags of pretzels....are you serious?!?!  I saw Danielle who was having a hard time finding her husband because security would not let him sit in his truck and wait for her and her son to finish.  She was freezing and they would not give her a mylar wrap as they were for "those who need them"...again WHAT?!?!?  She just ran 13.1 miles SHE NEEDED IT!  I was still iced up so I went to the medical tent and asked for one.  The first girl said no but another one said OK, good thing as I was feeling

Matt and I headed over to the subway to head back to his apt because he said he would drive me home and hang out for awhile anyway. YAY.  The wait for the ticket machine was quite long and same for a train but we finally got back to his place.  In the car I looked up my official time and holy cow I really did finish only 4 miles slower than my slowest half time.

I have embraced the fact that I am a slow runner but I want to stop getting slower LOL

I have a bunch more half marathons on my schedule for the next year so I hope they get do you deal with a bad race?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

2 Years + an awesome surprise.

Ok I know I should be doing the blog post about the Brooklyn Half and YES I will I promise!!  I just realized something today.  It was exactly 2 years ago TODAY that I completed my very first 5k!!  I have talked about it before but a quick recap....It was a Weight Watchers Walk It Challenge and I planned on walking but I also knew I needed someone to go with so Tom said he would.  And he did, I knew he would want to run and I told him that was fine to go ahead and I would see him at the finish.  Once we got started I decided I was going to run too....I jogged a little then walked then jogged ect.....I finished 44:40 but that was 122nd out of 834.  That made made me think "I can do this!!"  When I got home I signed up for 2 more.  One 2 weeks later and 1 on my birthday.  I set the goal right then that I was going to run the whole thing on my birthday which was 5 months later.  I ended up doing 30 races in 2011.

Start line 5/22/11
I have now run more than 100 races from 4ks to half marathons to Spartan races and color runs.  I am by no means fast and it is rarely pretty but even with a lot of physical (and mental) issues I have dealt with I have not given up and that is not usual for me.  I have always been the type of person who if I am not good at something right away I just give up.

My 38th Birthday 10/23/11 - First time (and maybe only) I ran the whole 5k.

Something else awesome that happened just 5 days ago was my friend Katie over at From Icecream to Marathon posted that she was named on the list of 100 Motivating Facebook pages.  I was super excited for her and when I clicked on the link to see if anymore of my blogging friends were on it and HOLY SHIT I was on it...WHAT?!?!?!?!?  I have no idea how it happened but thank you to Women Races for the honor!  To see the full list click Here

If you are a runner, when/why did you start?  What goals have you set for yourself?

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Flying Pig Half Marathon Actual Recap

We landed in Ohio late Friday night and Jeff and Becky picked us up and even though a lot of people thought it was strange we were going to visit and stay with people who we never met before but we had spent many hours playing the game with Jeff, Becky and their 2 daughters.  I feel like they may know me better than some people here in NY and I know for me from the second we got there it was like we knew each other forever.

Becky & Jeff <3

We stayed up late chatting and then got up kind of early Saturday to get breakfast and head to down town Cincinnati to the Expo.  The Expo was kind of amazing.  It was HUGE and so perfectly organized.

I got my bib and went through the vendors to get my shirt, I did have a detour when I saw armbands that will hold my iPhone 5 in the otterbox and it is hot pink. (I am bummed I didn't get the 13.1 sticker that was pig since you can only get it at the expo poop).  Got my shirt, poster, dufflebag and also got my bib activated.  After that we headed to the hotel to check me in.  I am not sure why but I got a 2 room suite and it was only $128 since I was there for the race.  The whole city LOVES this race and they treat the runners as such.

We then headed back to Jeff and Becky's to hang out for awhile because Jess's prom was that night and we wanted to see them off.  As you can see Jeff and Tom were thrilled with the kids getting ready for prom.

We then headed out to an AHMAZEING dinner of way too much food and I got dropped off at the hotel since it was close to the start line and I had to be there at 6am LOL. I laid out my stuff from the expo and my outfit for the next day.  I kept checking the weather all day in preparation for the next day, it was supposed to rain.

Race Swag!

Race day outfit with the awesome training shirt I bought a few months ago.
I had a hard time falling asleep because my belly was very full and of course I was excited for the race......

Why is 5am so damn early?!?!?
I need to be near the startline at 6am for my first ever official Half Fanatics photo so I left my room at 5:40....well I may have been on the 14th floor but there were 7 above me and only 3 elevators......I had to wait for the 7th or 8th one to get down....I missed the picture because it was 6:10 when I got there.  So I headed over to the start corrals and porto potties.

I was supposed to be in Corral F based upon expected finish time but I stayed in H because I heard the hills were super hard and I didn't want to be in anyone's way.  Only problem is Corral H was for the walkers.....Whatever I was just trying to have fun.  While I was waiting I met Riley, he was there running his first ever race.  He was just so excited I couldn't help but get excited too.  I wished him a great first race and off he went.

It took about 40 minutes to get across the start line but then I was off.  The crowds are out even in the rain and early hour.  From the beginning I was tired so I started with my run/walk pretty early on but I was busy taking pictures anyway.  Pretty early on we headed over the first bridge and into Kentucky.

We were not in Kentucky for very long, I think 2 miles or so before we headed back to Ohio but where were were in Kentucky was interesting to say the least.....

100th Marathon?!?!?  NICE!

They DO exist LOL

Fire Throwers


Who knew you could buy kinky.....

Once we crossed back into Ohio we headed into downtown Cincinnati and there were fantastic crowds.  This was the 4-6 mile part of the run and that is always when I feel the best and this was no different plus the crowd support is always a great motivator.

My favorite sign ever

We were heading to mile 5 and crossing over the lead runners at mile 10-11!!!

I love Spiderman and a cheesehead one is even better.....I didn't even notice Riley until I downloaded this picture LOL
After we got through the dowtown area we started up the hills into Eden Park.  I ran as much as I could the whole run/walk thing went out the window awhile before because I felt good and just kept running.  Once we got up into Eden Park the scenery was beautiful.  I stopped to take some pictures and I heard my name....It was Riley.  I took a couple more pics and we went on running together.  We had a lot of fun, he thought I was 30...bless his heart LOL

You see how far uphill we had to run here......we crossed that bridge!!!

I put my camera away at this point because we were just running and chatting so I was missing all the good pictures anyway.  I found out Riley had never run a race before and he wasn't even in town for it just at the last minute a friend wasn't running so he ran in his place. When we hit 11 miles or so the rain started but we just didn't care we were almost done.  We turned a corner and I pointed out the Finish "Swine" (best race ever) to Riley and his face lit up like a kid on Christmas.  I told him to go for it and he took off.  I had hoped to find him again after but with 33 THOUSAND runners the finish area was hectic.  The Finish Swine for the marathoners was next to us and there were people finishing that at the same time....YIKES! 

I got through the finish area and then just started to head back to the was a loooong 1 mile walk and yes uphill and it was raining pretty hard now.  After I got back to the hotel I took finish pictures and Tom, Jeff & Becky came and got me.  I checked out and we headed out to eat.

According to my Garmin the course was 1/4 mile too long.....
 I have to say the Flying Pig was all around the best race I have done so far.....everything about the weekend was perfect.  Even the rain didn't ruin anything.  I waited for the pictures to get posted and I copied these....I did also order them so I do not feel like I am posting stolen goods here LOL  I did pose for an official finisher photo but it is not on the site so I guess it didn't come out.

I can't wait to do it again!!!