Monday, April 15, 2013

So what happened AFTER the April Fools Half.....

I decided to go online and see what I was going to have to do after the Flying Pig to sign up to be a Half Fanatic.  I rechecked the criteria list and I realized that I was already eligible!!!  2 half marathons in 2 weeks qualified me!!  WooT!!  So I sent my email and by the end of the day........

Half Fanatic #3932 (Neptune)
Of course I then started planning on how to up my level.  So I need to do 8-11 half marathons in 365 days.  So I registered for a few more.  I have 3 under my belt including the Diva so at this year's Diva I will now hit 7 with what I have on the schedule so I need to find 1 more....maybe I will add more in the fall and winter because if I take last year's Diva off I can fit more before 3/23/14 and maybe even hit a higher I do not think I want to run a half marathon in the summer.

Heck maybe I can even jump a bunch of levels and do 2 in 1 weekend


  1. WAW!!! That's a lot of running...My hat off to you :)

  2. REALLY! You are a running animal! That's awesome!

  3. That is pretty awesome. Not anything that I would want to try, but YOU GO, GIRL!

  4. That is amazing! You are a wonder woman! And an awful lot of running!
    I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger award today! Go check it out on my page:

  5. WOW GiGi you are amazing!!! I am not sure my body could handle that many halfs so close together

    1. Awwe thanks. I think the slow and steady helps me....and lets see if I do survive LOL