Saturday, April 27, 2013

Glad I went.....

So you all know I have been having hip and shin issues so when I woke up today and they were killing me I almost bailed on my 4 mile race today.  I just signed up last minute because it was pretty much in my back yard.......My cats we so cute a cuddly so why get out of bed?  I knew I would be mad at myself if I didn't go so I got dressed and headed out.  It was such a nice day today and I got to hang with so fellow Motley Shues and a bunch of Team Chris runners.  You should check out  Team Chris.

Seeing them made me forget I was hurting and I just enjoyed the day.  We started out right at 9:30 to start the 4 mile loop.  I had never run this but I live in the area so I knew there were going to be some hills....not too bad but noticeable. 

Starting off

I felt pretty good but when I hit the first mile at about 9:45 I knew I was in  I decided not to do my 4:1 run walk thing after a few tries because I just didn't want to....I figured I would walk if and when I needed to once the hills in mile 3 started.  They weren't that bad but I did walk through the water stops and my neuromas started hurting rally bad around mile 3.  At one point I saw my fellow Motley Shue not too far in front of me and thought HOLY S$%T I am flying today (She is super fast) but then remembered she was sick and could hardly breathe LOL.  It was pretty hot out there but it felt good after the cold winter running we have had this year.  Finished pretty much my 4 mile average at 43:45.

Not as cute at the end LMAO

I did hang around for awards or raffles I just came home to shower and get ready to go to the outlets with Matthias.  I had actually never went to the Deer Park outlets to shop, a 5k and some movies but that was it LOL.  Something strange happened while there.  I went into It's Sugar the amazeballs candy store and didnt but anything ?!?!?!?  WHAT????  Too bad I couldn't say that about the Coach store....but in my defense they gave me a 50% any handbag coupon when I walked in the door....

Isn't she pretty <3

I was wondering out loud when I became obsessed with Coach and Matthias said it was when I passed 35 and that is about when it happened LMAO!!!

I have a 5k tomorrow then I will just do one or two short runs this week because I have the flying pig half marathon next weekend.

What do you do when you wake up and just don't feel like doing something?

Friday, April 26, 2013

Double Header

This weekend is going to be my first double header weekend of the year.  Most of you know that I usually run races every Saturday and Sunday from March/April - December.  This is how I keep my motivation up to keep running.  This year I decided to run bigger races and cut back on the smaller local races. I am nervous about this weekend .  Not because of the races per say, it is just a 4 miler Saturday and a 5k on Sunday but because I finally found a shoe that helps keep my neuromas under a bit of control.  Nothing makes running harder than feet that hurt IMO.  I started running with Newton Gravitys.  I think what helps is the "nubs" on the metatarsal area of the shoe. They have kept my feet mostly pain free during a bunch of short runs and the last two half marathons.

Bright colors are just a bonus

But with every good statement there is always a "BUT" right?  So my but is that ever since I changed to these shoes my hip hurts after running (bursitis I think), I have shin splints and what seems to be periformis  (sp?) syndrome in my butt (basically a pain in the butt).  I looked at the bottom of the shoes and they are worn much more on the outer side so it is pretty obvious that I am under-pronating which would cause these issues.  I think I may also do that to avoid the pain in my feet from the neuromas.

Well I have been stretching, foam rolling and using my stick before and after each run but the hip and shin splints still suck.  I am going to a chiropractor that is also a runner on Monday for a evaluation and I am SSSSOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!  I just want to run pain free just that too much to ask?  I want to just be sore and out of breath not hurting if that makes sense.  Who knew running was so never seemed this hard as a kid.

My best friends lately.

How do you deal with running pains?  I have had a lot of pain since day 1 and I actually think my stubbornness may have actually helped keep me at it to try and prove that it can't make me quit.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


The winners of my giveaway have been chosen!!!  I will contact the winners in order via email and they can choose which item they would like as a prize.  Congrats to them all!!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


After the tragedy in Boston last week there have been an amazing outpouring of "Runner Unity" with lots of people heading out to run to show their support for Boston.  There is a blogger called Pavement Runner who took it upon himself to set up runs across the county for #BostonStrong.  He had a listing of 123 cities from all over the world that had an organized run.  I was so happy to find one near me #BostonStrongLI.  I immediately clicked the link and joined the Facebook group and sent it out over my RoC page, the Motley Shue page and to all my local running friends.  This run was organized by Constance Korol who blogs over at Active On Long Island.  I got home from work and it was nice and warm so I put on shorts and a tshirt.  WELL by the time we got to the Massapequa trail I was FREEEEEEEEZING!!! I met up with a couple of other Motley Shues and we headed over.  There was a very 26.2 second moment of silence and some picture taking and we were off for our 4 mile run.

Group Photo #BostonStrongLI

#BostonStrong Motley Shues Edition
Danielle ran slow with me and can I just say it was great having someone to run with.  I know she truly didn't mind running slow with me so I felt OK with our 12 min pace.  I can't go faster than that and chat LOL.  There were a few more runs on Long Island and that is awesome!  Runners are the best people ever :)

Was there a #BostonStrong run in your area yesterday?

Saturday, April 20, 2013

700 Facebook fan give away!!!

I had made a promise on my Facebook page that if I hit 700 fans I would have a give away and here it is.  I didn't want to take as long as I did last time LOL.  I wasn't sure what I was going to give away since last time I had a give away I gave away Running On Candy Bondi Bands.  So I collected a few things that I have accumulated over the past few months.  A few things I got from the 2 months I got Bulu Boxes and there were things I would never use, some things are from race bags and raffles.  Plus of course more Running on Candy Bondi Bands LOL.  So I will do what I have seen done a bunch of other blogs I follow.  I will list the items here and then set up a rafflecopter giveaway and then I will email each winner down the line and they chose which one they want and then I move to the next winner..... Sound good?


Of course there had to be some Running on Candy bands.... 2 are up for grabs.  I am not sure what colors I have left but I will give the winners choices.

Pink lock laces and a Razz Clif Shot Gel

A Sample of KT Tape

A $15.00 gift card to Road ID

For some reason I just can NOT get the following 2 pictures to be straight....sorry.

A bunch of stuff from Bulu Boxes.

$50 gift card to iTrain.  I am not even sure how it works but I got it in a Bulu Box

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sometimes I just have to laugh at myself.....

I am tired of it taking 45min - an hour to get to the running trail in is only a couple of miles away but with only 1 way in and rush hour it is not fun to get there.  So I decided to hit up a trail that is much closer.....I was not too sure how to get to it but I knew to park in Stop n Shop in Woodbury.....Well I got there fast and got out of my car but I did not see a path anywhere....I crossed the street because I knew heading north was tough trails that head into Stillwell Woods.....I love a run there called Rob's run but I did not have trail shoes on.....well guess what south was not any better.  I accidentally ended up on a mountain bike path LOL. 

How I did not break an ankle still amazes me.....
I took it slow to not fall and somehow I ended up out on Woodbury Rd.  Super busy at 5:30....I ran down and back a bit and of course hit every red light along the way LOL.  Got back into the woods and got back to the parking lot at 2.4 miles....after waiting (I am not exaggerating either) 3 minutes for the light to change I just went back and forth in the parking lot until I hit 2.26 to finish my run for Boston. 

Not fast and not pretty but I was able to run so I am grateful
Where did you get your Run for Boston done?  How did it go?  How are you doing emotionally?  It has been so crazy......

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I wasn't sure if I was going to do a post about what happened in Boston.  I still have not really wrapped my head around it.  I was watching the elite runners in the morning on the live feed and a few hours later when I went online to look up some people I know in real life and in the blogging world and see how they did when I saw something completely different.  I was in shock as was everyone else.  I headed over to Facebook to check on people and everyone I know was OK.  I can't say that for other facebook/blogging friends and my heart is breaking for them.  My phone started going crazy not too long after that with people checking on me which is so sweet but I will never qualify for Boston and *if* by some strange turn of events I was running a marathon ANY marathon you would for sure know about it because I would not let you forget it!!

I will say the one thing that did change for the better is that ever since I started running in 2011 I have never really thought of myself as a runner.  Why?  Maybe because I am slow, maybe because I do not have the drive to train for a full marathon.  Maybe because I don't really love to run.  I love how I feel when I am done and I love the friends I have made along the way and I love that I push through and have accomplished things I never would have thought I could.  But now I am proud to say I am a runner.

Monday, April 15, 2013

So what happened AFTER the April Fools Half.....

I decided to go online and see what I was going to have to do after the Flying Pig to sign up to be a Half Fanatic.  I rechecked the criteria list and I realized that I was already eligible!!!  2 half marathons in 2 weeks qualified me!!  WooT!!  So I sent my email and by the end of the day........

Half Fanatic #3932 (Neptune)
Of course I then started planning on how to up my level.  So I need to do 8-11 half marathons in 365 days.  So I registered for a few more.  I have 3 under my belt including the Diva so at this year's Diva I will now hit 7 with what I have on the schedule so I need to find 1 more....maybe I will add more in the fall and winter because if I take last year's Diva off I can fit more before 3/23/14 and maybe even hit a higher I do not think I want to run a half marathon in the summer.

Heck maybe I can even jump a bunch of levels and do 2 in 1 weekend

Saturday, April 13, 2013

April Fools Half Marathon.

I do not know why it took me so long to get this blog post started.  This week I just have not been able to focus on anything.  Better late than never, right?

Well a few months ago I decided I wanted to become a half fanatic this year and to do so I was going to do 3 half marathons in 60 days.  I already had the Flying Pig on the schedule for 5/5 so I started looking for others.  I had heard from my friend Danielle that the AllState half in Queens was a good one so I registered for that and then I found on in Atlantic City and it was called the April Fools half.  My friend Gina is an April Fools baby and she had started running and said she wanted to do a half marathon so I called her and asked her if she would want to do it and that I would register her as her birthday gift.  She was hesitant but said yes.  So I registered for the 2 races. 

March 23rd was the AllState half and you can read about it HERE.  I was nervous about the April Fools race because I was suffering shin splints so I was not able to run much in the 2 weeks between the races.  A couple of days before the race I just decided I would walk most of the race to keep my legs as pain free as possible.

Well Saturday I met up with Gina and her husband Julio and we headed down to Atlantic City.  We got there really quick and checked into the hotel.  We were not staying at the Revel because when I had made the reservations it was before the Revel was chosen as the race hotel.  We were only about 1 mile from the Revel so it was not a big deal.  We walked down to the Revel to get our packets for the race.  I was bummed because there was no expo.  So we just grabbed our stuff and headed back to our hotel. 

My shins were killing me and Julio wanted to relax so he and I stayed at the hotel and Gina went down to the beach to read for awhile...she was crazy because it was FREEZING!!  I did a lot of stretching and watched some TV.  When Gina got back we decided to go get food.  We didn't want to eat in a casino so we drove out of the strip area and can I tell you it is not easy to find food NOT in a casino!  The first place we found was full so we were turned away.  We found a different place and had dinner.  I think it is good that the food was only OK for me so I didn't overeat because I was hungry and if I am hungry when I start eating I can not stop when full only when sick.  We headed back tot he hotel set all our race stuff out and went to bed by 11.

I am a sleep to the last second girl so I slept until 6:45 even though Gina was up at 6.  So when I was getting dressed she headed downstairs for coffee.  At 7:20ish I headed down to meet here.  Of course I couldn't find her, I thought maybe she went to check out the sunrise off the boardwalk so I started out.  I was happy I wore my warmer jacket as soon as I was was so cold!  Got to the boardwalk and no Gina....I started down to the race and was so bummed that I lost her. 

I got down to the race area and just waited and hoped I would see her and after about 10 min I did.  Thank goodness.  We stretched and shook off our nerves.

We lined up towards the back since Gina didn't know what to expect and I was thinking I would be walking a lot.  Just as we started but were walking to cross the start line I turned to say one last "Good Luck" to Gina but she was gone.  I figured she just took off running.  I decided to try to run the first mile as I did in Queens and then do the 4 min run / 1 min walk method as long as I could.

Our first 4 miles were along the boardwalk.  It was so much smoother than I expected but I did keep moving from left to right just to avoid running with any type of pitch for an extended period of time.  I did stop to take some pictures too.

Love this building!

It is MY STORE!!  LOL I love Sugar!

Brazillian runners...I took this for Fabiana

Leaving Atlantic City

I was afraid I was falling back very far so I took a picture behind me to see how many people were there.
 I was going slow and steady but I was feeling pretty good.  My shins were not bothering me, my lower back was a bit but nothing too bad.  Just past the 3.5 mile the lead runners started passing us going the other way....YIKES!  I knew that my friend and fellow blogger Stefanie who also writes Silk and Tofu was going to be passing me soon.  She lives near me and runs many of the local races and she is so fast....if she is running she is winning!!  She even won the Diva half last year!  Not just age group...she WINS! 

First runner coming back.  If he is the person who won he did it in 1:03?!?!?  WHAT?!?!?

Soon after I saw the tiny speed racer!!  Floating while eating did she do that?!?!

Not too far after this we went off the boardwalk and onto the streets until the half way point.  Once we were on the streets my shins started to twinge but I just tried to stay where the road was flattest.  Once the crowd of runners heading back in the other direction I started to look for Gina.  I realized at that moment A LOT of people who run half marathons are 5 foot tall brunettes LOL.  One good thing is it took my mind off my running so I actually just ran for a bit instead of the run/walk.  I even saw Spiderman.......

Hey Half Fanatic....Spiderman is chasing you!

And then right behind Wonder Woman I found the half way point. 
I was pretty bummed I didn't see Gina but I just kept running and found my favorite spectator ever.....

Hey Mister Cutest Dog in the World.
I just kept running along when I felt someone grab my arm.....and what do I see heading in the other direction.....

Dramatic Re-enactment LOL

I was so confused......How did I get in front of her???  Well we said good luck and see you at the finish and both went on running.  I was tired but still feeling pretty good so I just kept on and picture taking.

We then got back up onto the Boardwalk and boy did the Revel look VERY VERY far away!!!

I am not going to lie I knew I still had about 5 or so miles to go but it knocked me down a I just kept trying to have fun, I was out of tissues by this point...I hate that LOL.  SO I just kept taking pictures and moving forward.

You know I had to represent the Derby :)

Back onto the strip

Finish line is around the bend.....

Only signs I saw the whole race just before the finish.....but they were good!
Just after this I packed my camera away and headed for the finish.  Just before the finish I saw Julio and threw my jacket to him and he was taking pictures.

Just .1 mile to go......

I ran through the finish and got my medal and I felt pretty good....slow and steady helped my feet and legs but of course hurt my time..... 2:45 but I was upright so I can not complain!!!!  I grabbed water and headed over to Julio and waited for Gina.  One thing she had said she wanted way back before I got hurt was to cross the finish line together so I gave my stuff to Julio and we waited for her.

Here she comes....
So I went to run in with her but she took off and I was already tightening up so there was no way I could keep up LOL  I wish the professional sight was not such shit and I could find those pictures but they are having technical issues.

We took some more pictures and headed back to the hotel.  I don't even know if they had food or anything other than water at the finish because I couldn't find anything.

Julio and Gina

We showered and tried to find food.....we could not find anything in Atlantic City because after a race I need breakfast foods.  Finally we headed down the highway and found a diner in a different town.  The food was AMAZING so it was a good choice.

Got home did some more stretching but all in all I felt pretty good.  Sore but good.  I was asleep by 9pm.

This post is for sure long enough so the next post will have the surprise I got the next day......