Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Motley Shues....running with the wrong crowd.

As many of you already know from my "Why I started to run" post I did my first 5k on a whim when I saw a 5k walk advertised at my Weight Watchers meeting a week or so after I started going to meetings.  Almost right away my friend Fabiana from work and my long time friend Matthias were joining me at the races and soon my friend Lisa, Laura and Keith were joining us too.  Kind of as a joke I mentioned that we should have a team name and I am pretty sure it was Laura who came up with the names Wrong Crowd or Motley Shues so I just combined them and Motley Shues....running with the wrong crowd was born.

The original three Me, Matthias and Fabiana
Lisa, Me, Keith, Laura and Fabiana
It is really REALLY hard to become a Motley Shue.....HAHA  Really all you have to do is want to be one and have the intention to maybe run with us one day.  Some members are much more active than others on our Facebook page but everyone is welcome.  We have the whole spectrum; walkers, part time runners, tri-athletes and ultra marathoners.  There no age restriction either.

Not even all of us but here we are before the 2012 NY Color Run
Most of us are local runners here on Long Island but we have members as far away as Canada!  I know most of "The Shues" consider me the leader but I am just the one who is the most annoying trying to plan things and I do the most races so I am always trying to get people to join me :)  There is no leader we are just a group of people who like to get sweaty together :)

Over the next few weeks I am going to post mini bios of some of the Motley Shues so you can get to know each of us and learn more about this super fun group of people.  But for now here are just some pics of the members. They are not in any type of order.....

We even have shirts.....

Joanne and I at the Dirty Sock 10k

Spartan After Photo...beyond fun!

6:30a, Jones Beach....start of Ocean to Sound 50 mile relay

The youngest and probably cutest Shues out there.

Chris, Me, Kym, Darling, Brian and Lisa

My 38th goal was to run the whole 5k and for the first time I did :)

2011 Mud Run

2012 Mud Run

Laura, MaryKate, Me, Aurora, Lisa, Matt and Manda

2011 Mud Run

Me, Forrest Gump and Super Girl

We Run in Nor'Easters

Gina and me at her 1st 5k

Fabiana, Adam, Me & Laura

Sole Sisters

Fabiana, Me, Keith, Laura and Danielle

Bob, Me & Adam

2012 Mud Run

Rosalita, Nicole, Me and Christine

Tom, Jessica, Gina and Me

Lorena, Purple and Me

Me & Rob...his first and only 5k but we both got medals

Luxy and Amy


Spartan Ropes

Nadia, Fabiana and Me

2012 Color Run

Spartan 2012

Finish Line of Ocean to Sound 50 mile Realy

Chris and Gina

Gabby, Alirio and Me
Danielle during a 50k

Linda during the Key West Ragnar - check out the pic next to her!!!

So do you have a running group of friends?  Do you just race together or run regularly?  The Shues are going to hopefully start weekly-ish runs together but all the plan so far have been snowed on LMAO!


  1. So far I'm an honorary member, but I'm definitely running the LIMA 5k with you guys!! (And if I need a tattoo to be a member I'm screwed, for now!)

    1. Like I said to be a member you just have to want to be :) And we are excited you are there :)

  2. Fantastic photos! I really hope to get a crew going too. I am doing the Color Run or Color Me Rad for sure. I am also doing the Zooma in Cape Cod and hoping for at least one mud run too. You are an inspiration!

    1. Awwwe thank you! Running with friends really makes it so much more fun!! Color Runs and Mud runs especially since they are really just about the fun and not your time/performance. I will be doing Color Me Rad in Philly and the Color Run in NYC again this year! There is also a Glow Run here on Long Island that I will be doing!

  3. Love this!! I have a group of friends that run and love doing races with them. Look forwar dto hanging with your Crue, ASAP!!!! CAn I join???!!!